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  1. Obee

    Crazy Fast

    Just found out that the same guy just won the full Club Championship for all ages. I think he's 62 years old.
  2. That's an interesting take, but it doesn't really hold up, I don't think, because if everything is shut down (restaurants, etc.), what does it matter that someone comes in from out of town and plays golf outside and then goes home? I guess it would reduce the amount of people traveling/flying from region to region who are willing to lie about the reason for their stays at hotels, etc. Definitely not easy...
  3. Very, very sorry to hear this. As someone who takes the pandemic quite seriously, I still firmly believe that golf and virtually all outdoor recreation should not only be allowed, but encouraged -- with whatever safety protocols are deemed scientifically necessary on an activity-by-activity basis.
  4. Love it! God I wish I could play. Another back procedure tomorrow. Fingers crossed....
  5. It was simultaneously tongue-in-cheek and not.
  6. Let's get her to keep the clubhead outside her hands a bit longer on her early takeaway ....
  7. Yes, I knew there was a term for this, as I'd read it in an analysis of the phenomenon before. Just couldn't remember it. Thank you.
  8. Dude! I absolutely love hearing stuff like this. I simply can't play golf anymore. Looking like surgery is in my near future. Seriously considering going all-in on a short game/putting/mental game business. There's nothing I like more than helping others play their best golf.
  9. Yes! Finally a "stats guy" who gets that closer isn't ALWAYS better. I can think of many, many, many holes where you simply don't want to be in the a bunker with a 50 yard shot to a tough pin, so take one or two less clubs on your lay-up and leave a 65 to 100 yard shot so the bunker is NOT EVEN IN PLAY on your lay-up. And that's just one example. Others are for players with glaring weaknesses in their "1/2 shot" game. Guys who can take four or five to get down from 40 yards, but who have no problem hitting a full wedge. These people exist. I play with a few of them. And most stats
  10. Obee

    Crazy Fast

    Ahhh yes, "The Babe." Such a fun course. Some very quirky, interesting holes. Definitely need to control your golf ball there, both off the tee and into the greens. Have had some nice rounds there over the years. My buddy is senior club champ at Industry. Almost never shoots more than 75. Won the senior club championship there by 16(!!) shots.
  11. I used my 6* Cleveland for the last year and a half and loved it. I would switch to my 56 14* for longer shots.
  12. Listen, dude. No one, and I mean no one, likes playing with a guy who (regularly or fairly regularly) has silent, go off by himself steamers. It's uncomfortable for others and super narcissistic. And, like Getitdaily said: I know this because I used to be you. Stop it. edited: Actually, your opponents -- if you were to play competitive golf -- love that sh*t. LOL
  13. First off, do whatever you want to do, obviously. Second, what is your standard of play? Are you around/below scratch? Regarding competitive golf itself? A large part of the (potential) immense joy of tournament golf is in learning to play well over time. For the vast majority of people who decide to compete, uncomfortableness and (initially) poor(er) play is the norm. But trust me, with a plan and with repetition, one can play even better during competitive golf than one does in casual rounds. And the joys can be immense.
  14. Of course that's true, although the guy capable of shooting the 62 on Tour will make cuts, for sure. It's just that he will miss far more cuts than the other guy. It would be nice if GHIN allowed more freedom to fiddle with one's scoring data. When comparing oneself to a pro, the only way you can do that is to take your scoring AVERAGE versus the course RATING and you would have a pretty good idea. For instance: Player 1, a "club player": +1.0, traveling tournament index. Scoring average, all rounds, 73.6. Average course rating of courses played
  15. Ahhhh. Gotcha. Yes, I thought you meant after the change to the world system.
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