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  1. Good buddy and his friend made it through at Rustic. Such a great track. I have a qualifier on Thursday at Tukwet, Champions. My partner better play well or we have no chance. Hopefully I can make a birdie or two somewhere. And pick him up if he makes some bogeys. Course will play Long and soft. 68 should get in. We are both in our 50's.
  2. Played the LA City Senior. Great field this year. After a 2nd in 2018 and win in 2019, (no tournament in 2020), I went to defend my title and ... Shot 81 and WD'd. Back is just horrible. Felt tight warming up and after starting par, par, I pushed my tee shot down the tree line and hit a tree, leaving me 185. Took out my 5-wood to hit a big slice around a tree, and my back spasmed and my entire mid-right back seized. I turned to my cart mate and said, "I think this is going to be a short day for me." I struggled the next couple holes then went to my "step through" swing and limped in. This is just going to be my life going forward. I can finish some tournaments feeling decent, and others ... I just can't. Going to get even tougher as the weather gets cooler here in SoCal. Probably won't play much competitive golf this fall/winter. Will try to keep my putter and short game sharp, at least. Next year I turn 55 in August. Hope to have a couple/few decent years of play in me as regional/national senior, but it's not looking too promising.
  3. To get a scratch? Play 3x times a week. Or more. To stay there, once a week is fine. I can't compete against top ams in my age bracket, but I can maintain scratch there.
  4. No, I am separating the two. A 6520-yard golf course with four par-5's and a par of 72--with three of the par fives being under 500 yards--is not really a par 72. That is all. Changing rating and slope would be separate. But they are connected.
  5. I would actually be OK with all courses being rated a bit more easily. The game has actually gotten easier for those who are good at it. Probably 1 1/2 strokes different would be about right. Change the par five distance to 500 yards. That alone would change par on many, many golf courses. And if we start to change par, then the ratings will follow.
  6. 6300 at 70.2 and 131 is NOT an easy course. That course has got to be a blast to play unless it's a tricked-up, contrived mess -- which some of those kinds of courses are! LOL
  7. Here's what I believe you will find: Play the short course -- and as long as the slope is also low (120 or less?) -- I believe you will find that your scores are all clustered much more so than on a longer course with a high slope. In other words, the variability of your scores on a short, easy, (low slope) course will be very small. Take a course of 5900 yards with a par of 71 and a rating of 68.4 and a slope of 117. You are probably going to shoot a virtually all of your scores in a 66 to 75 window with very, very few scores much above 76 or so (7.6 above the course rating). But on a course like my old home course, 7190, 75.7/148, you will, as a 1, shoot scores in the high 80's or even the low 90's -- especially certain times of the year. An 88, for instance, is a differential of 12.3. Can you imagine shooting 81 on a 5900 yard golf course with a rating of 68.4 and a slope of 117? Assuming you weren't injured or something? I agree with @isaacbm that our lowest differentials are usually (but not always) on longer, tougher courses. However, I believe that the slope/rating system performs well in the final analysis because we shoot tighter groupings closer to our handicap on easier/shorter courses. In my younger years when I was longer (265 to 275ish), virtually all of my "best differentials" were on longer, tougher courses, too. 66 - 69 on 74.5 to 77.0 rated courses where I shot 7 to 9 below the course rating. But I've shot 64 - 66 on short courses in the 66 to 70 rating area many times, so not as low, but much more frequent, if that makes sense. My index ends up being the same no matter where I play because I shoot more scores below the rating on an easy course, they just aren't as low as some of the scores I shoot on tougher, longer courses. But it all balances out. I'll try to dig up some of my own data from other the years if I can find it. I'm unemployed right now, so I got nothing but time!
  8. @isaacbm I'd like to see some data on this. Scores from real golfers on courses with golfer handicaps and course ratings/slopes all over the map. My guess is that the rating/slope "system" will hold up relatively well and we will see scores fall into place nicely on a bell curve as adjusted for rating/slope, regardless of the length of the course.
  9. It's been pretty much a lost year for me. 54 years old, back horrible, not really playing much. Next year in August I turn 55, so at least I have big senior stuff to look forward to if I can figure out my back issues. Going to try to play the LA County Senior Am (50+) at Lakewood next week, Tuesday and Wednesday. Big field, but only 15 or so scratch seniors, the rest are handicap guys. That's followed by the LA City Senior Am at Harding and Wilson (at Griffith Park) where I am defending champ. Always a good field of 30 to 50 top to solid seniors from SoCal in that one. Looking forward to it if my back holds up. Right now, I can play 10 - 15 holes mostly pain free and then ... who knows. Playing two days in a row very difficult now. Three has become nearly impossible.
  10. Golf has always affected my self esteem. It does so less now. Much less, actually. But definitely I'm a "Yes" over the years. Having it assume (closer to) its rightful place in my life the last 5 or so years has helped me to actually play my best "pressure" (whatever that means) golf ever in my late 40's and into my 50's.
  11. Not at all! You just don't count a "putt" as a "putt" when it's not really a "putt"! In other words: If you use your putter from six-inches off the green, do not count that as a putt. It's not, it's an "up and down" or "scramble" opportunity regardless of whether you use an L-Wedge, a hybrid, or a putter. Just do not count it as a putt if you are not on the green.
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