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  1. Well, back to square one. Played yesterday and the pain was awful. So depressed. Finally gave in and got a prescription for a narcotic for when I have a big round/tournament and now going in for a consult on nerve ablation/surgery.
  2. I had the injection on Thursday and played golf on Friday and today. I am mostly pain-free. Shot a couple 74s in tough windy conditions, and I've been shooting 78 to 82. Was hitting driver 210 and GW 80 yards. Flew a GW 105 today, which is about what I should hit it when I'm healthy. So pleased. Feel like I might be able to compete regionally and nationally as a senior, as long as I get these shots on the semi regular.
  3. Dude, that is great to hear. I had the injection yesterday, and I am already pain-free this morning. Crazy. Doctor said I could golf today, no problem. Going to give it a go.
  4. I have drastically changed my golf swing over the last 5 to 7 years to accommodate for horrible back issues. But now even my new swing causes me major problems during the cool months here in Southern California. Just had an outpatient procedure today: an epidural steroid injection in my lumbar spine. I just can't imagine not playing golf…
  5. And for me, it was right away. In fact, my goal when playing golf was to be able to control the ball and make it do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Shoot for the stars and you might get there. And if you don't, maybe you land at the moon....
  6. Yeah, that's a good way of thinking about it. If you can't make consistent center-face contact, you can't hit "shots" reliably. And owning the bottom of your swing = center-face contact, more or less.
  7. That's great golf. What course, Smoky? Do you compete regionally/nationally? You a former pro?
  8. With driver for sure. But driver is only one (important) part of the game.
  9. Your points are all valid. Just don't overreach with them.
  10. In general, I agree with you. But that's only because the puck is on the ground, like the ball is. It's simply an easier transition for them.
  11. That's a horrible picture of Ruth, by the way. Totally staged and not at all the way he usually finished. And I'm one of the guys saying the swings are quite similar. Also, Ruth definitely was not a "flying elbow" guy at all, Kept his back elbow relatively close to his body the whole swing, for the most part. Plenty of grainy old video of his swing. He also had an incredible forward movement to his pre-swing. He was an unreal baseball player. Would have been a Hall of Famer as a pitcher had he stayed a pitcher. Sidebar: Anyone who doesn't think he is at/near the very to
  12. I am/was both. The two swings are similar -- especially for a line-drive, opposite-field hitter like I was.
  13. I have always been a stubborn "trial and error" guy when it comes to learning new things. Like to figure them out by myself. For me, I started out by moving the ball way forward in my stance but also employed a "super forward press." That allowed me to square up the club and hit the ball relatively straight. I realized, though, that I was doing it "wrong," so I gradually was able to move the ball back and back and back until it was near the center of my stance. All of this, was of course, accompanied by many different grip changes and experiments. Finally settled on pla
  14. Yup, That was my journey also. Took me about a year of serious commitment. And you are so correct about learning to "stay inside the ball."
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