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  1. 16 or 17 pars in a row many times. 33 bogey-free 6 birdies in a row
  2. Length off the tee. I'm too young (53) to hit it as short as I do. Need to get on a fitness program. I'd be a +4 if I just hit is 275 and was (mostly) pain-free.
  3. Two main things I wish they would adjust on their testing: 1) Have a 100mph swing speed in there. Only testing at 115mph and 85mph is just ... a miss on their part. 2) Set up the robot for an "average" driver swing (maybe 1 - 2 degrees "down" angle of attack?) and then set up another robot with a more "spinny," "pinchy" AOA. Lots of amateurs have poor AOA with driver (me included), and I'd like to see numbers with significantly "sub-optimal" AOA. My guess is that the results would be quite different, but I certainly don't know that for sure.
  4. There's another site out there that does some real nice testing of golf balls. You can google 2020 "The Best Golf Balls" for the study. Good stuff. Softer IS slower.
  5. By whom? I've also seen the data that soft is slow -- with the driver. Soft can fly longer with irons (especially short clubs like full 8i through wedges), but I do believe the soft balls are slower/shorter than the best tour balls with driver. Digging up some data ....
  6. "Cleaning up the low hanging fruit." I like that, and it make total sense. Much easier for many 14 'cappers to learn a new pitch shot technique and putting routine than it is for them to overhaul driver, even though learning to hit it long(er) and straight(er) is often the best thing they can do for their games. That said, I would love to eventually see some real amateur data on angles/in-between shots and what they mean for the 8 - 20 'capper. Angles and half-shots matter very little to Tour pros because: They're incredibly talented They play in consistently immaculate
  7. It's all over the map, but yes, most scratch/below guys, as they enter their 50's start playing most of their golf from 6400 to 6900 yards. But plenty of golf still played at 6900 to 7200 in tournaments and invitationals, etc. Plenty of seniors, for instance, play in County and City ams and USGA qualifiers that are tipped out and tough. Also top invitationals, etc.
  8. So I'm the proverbial "235-yard driver" that the OP speaks about. I can definitely still break par on a 6800+ yard course, but those rounds are getting fewer and farther in between. And I'm a nobody. Just a good scratch/below amateur golfer who has been competing for a long time. I carry driver 225 to 235. All in distance of 245 max at sea level. My average drive if I were to do the whole "2 measured holes per round" would probably be just below 240 yards. It's curious to me that people out there think that someone as short as I am can't break par on a long/very long golf course. B
  9. What is the deal with this "230 yard driver breaking par" question? How does it apply? I have quite a bit of insight here, but the goal posts keep moving and I'm wondering what the statement/question is/was, And how it even pertains to this whole thread.
  10. YES! God I hate either/or thinking. As with anything complex, there's always a continuum. Long and straight are BOTH important. It's just that long is more important than straight--when it comes to (most) tee shots. That's not that tough to agree to. Perhaps what the guy who keeps arguing really wants everyone to agree to is this: "Sometimes it's better to be short and straight on a hole than long and crooked." And that's ALSO something that's pretty easy to agree with ....
  11. First (relatively) pain-free round of golf in 9 months. Bogey-free 2-under 70. Hitting it 235 max with driver. 7h is 140 club. Wow.
  12. Dude. So great to read this!!!
  13. A buddy put it together. It's at 45.5 inches. This is my first go, so we'll see how it works. I have a bunch of additional weights I can mess with also. I usually prefer D2 or D3 in my drivers.
  14. Obee

    Well, I did it....

    195 grams, I think. Buddy put it together for me.
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