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  1. Also, there is nothing at all wrong with playing ready golf in almost all amateur tournaments. Including big qualifiers for the NCGA, SCGA, and USGA. In fact, most of them encourage it. and totally agree with b.helts: Walk ... S L O W W W W L L L L Y Y Y Y Y.
  2. You just… Adjust. You need to expect it, Kelvin. The overwhelming majority of your tournament rounds will be played at a much slower pace than your regular rounds with your buddies -- especially if you tend to play quickly. acknowledging that means that YOU are the one that needs to make changes in competitive golf, not others. You only control yourself, buddy, not them.
  3. Completely disagree. The site is far better than the previous version. I would go so far as to say I like it better than the original.
  4. I very much appreciate his golf game. I couldn't stand his "damaging my brand" comment. That was just beyond the pale to me. Be a human being for god sake.
  5. Obee

    2020 US Open

    I just don't see a couple of the big signs of steroid use: acne and a noticeable increase in head size.
  6. Obee

    2020 US Open

    One guy was under par -- and he won by 6 shots. That "takes off some of the shine for you"?
  7. First off: Remember that you are not alone. Truly let that sink in. Lots of golfers have experienced this over the years. That, all by itself, should help you. But there's more to it than just that. Paging @Jim Waldron
  8. Loved this Open. I love when the pros have to really grind on every putt and how 4 footers are not gimmes.
  9. I disagree. i love three of the four majors for their unique challenges.
  10. Hey! I just walked six rounds in five days at Bandon, and I was fresh as a daisy the entire time!
  11. Every time I think I can't play some of my best golf, I remember that Tom Watson almost won THE Open when he was almost 60 years old...
  12. I definitely need to come back to this. The journey to our best golf is an interesting one. Thank you so much for sharing this. It's late and I have a tournament tomorrow morning early. And I may have had four or five cocktails…
  13. Son, we need to talk ... I think I can shoot 59. In fact it would not surprise me if one day in the next five years I shot 59 at Victoria. If you think by "acceptance," I am accepting that I am no longer capable of my best golf, you have it all wrong. I'm a better player today than I ever was when I hit it 40 yards farther and was never injured.
  14. Are you new here? This has been my journey for 10+ years. I share my tournament experience and growth with others. We talk about playing our best "under the gun," and support each other, etc. Epiphanies are rare in life. If you were looking for one here, I don't know what to tell you.
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