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  1. @Barfolomew I actually love your advice. It's how I played the game when I started. I wanted to be able to hit every shot a Tour Pro could, and I practiced and played with that in mind.
  2. I get what he's saying, because I do it that way myself. The first number I always get is the flag number. Then I dig into my tool belt and determine how I'm going to get the ball to arrive at the final target -- which may or may not be that final number. I may laser the pin at 153 to a back-right pin with water right, but my final target is 147, four paces left of the pin, with the ball landing at 140. But I do always factor in the final number to the pin first and then everything flows from there.
  3. Definitely not true for everyone and not how I've played the game forever (Not at all saying my way is the "right way," by the way). I have a "stop it fast" shot and a "chase it a bit" shot. Examples would be: 1) 105 yards to a front-right pin with a firm green: Perfect "full" GW for me that flies 102 to 105. Hit it good and I stop it quickly and have an easy birdie putt. 2) 105 yards to a middle-left or back-left pin with a firm green: This is a 92 - 95-yard carry low-draw 56 for me with a 6 - 10 yard skip and then a left turn and a sit-down by the hole. I love this shot and has been a true weapon for me over the years. I would not hit that shot to a front-right pin with firms greens in a million years. Bottom line: I can definitely control whether a ball comes in low and releases or comes in high and stops more quickly (assuming I'm healthy and can fully release). Another benefit of playing golf that way: Much more creative and fun -- for me.
  4. I am about to go there right now. going to ditch my 3-wood and either add another hybrid or a 62* low bounce.
  5. I answered the question. I said, "B, and it's not even close," did I not?
  6. I'm rare in this way, I think, but I usually will make a drastic grip/alignment/ball-position change. Very rare for me to not be able to fix my contact immediately if I do that.
  7. B and it's not even close. My swing almost never feels "out of sync." I know that when it happens, it's usually only 3 to 6 holes before I can fix it. Never more than one round.
  8. I don't focus on any part of the ball The ball just gets in the way of my move. The ball is completely immaterial and might as well be a beach ball.
  9. Spatchcocking looks like it's might be the new way we will cook our birds. Makes so much sense ...
  10. I am below scratch when healthy. I play 5, 6, 7 hybrid in these: I win.
  11. Yes you can. My putting really took off when I fully and completely committed to the claw on all putts of all lengths. If I can hit a 100 foot putt with the claw, so can you. The key is in what the claw does for your putting stroke: If done properly, it makes you hit the ball with your trunk/torso/chest/arm "triangle," and not with your wrists/forearms, etc. Once you realize that therein lies the key to more consistent putting, you will start to be able to putt very long putts with the claw. The key is in learning to control distance with your stroke length and not with more "hit."
  12. Please keep us updated. And feel free to reach out to me via PM.
  13. Putting IS a separate game. And it's both challenging and fun.
  14. Dude. You have no idea how happy that makes me to hear. Thank you for that.
  15. I'm a 0 whether I play from 7200 or "the senior tees," though I'm much, much more consistent from 6000 to 6500 (meaning that my "throwaway" rounds will be within a couple/few strokes of the course rating from up tees. From back tees, I can still shot the course rating or under, but my bad rounds might be 10 over the course rating.
  16. It is nice and green. But it also plays kind of slow and soggy. The greens look fantastic but they are very bumpy. Totally "Meh."
  17. Back feeling decent today. Going to play Soboba. Will report back with a shot-by-shot of how far each drive went and what I had into each hole, etc.
  18. I would work backwards. Take your SW and go to 80 - 90 yards and do nothing but learn to flight your ball down and learn to hit wedges close. Once you can do that, you can move onto other clubs.
  19. Agree completely, but I do think the mental part starts to get lower cap ams frequently on lower rated courses. They make two birdies in a row on back-to-back 340 yard par 4's and now the third in a row, regardless of the hole and regardless of how long the putt is, now becomes a putt for "3 birdies in a row" instead of just a putt. And if they make the third? Forget about ever making a 4th in a row for a 2-cap whose personal, one-time record is 4 in a row. That 12-footer has almost no chance of going in because they're just not comfortable making 4 in a row. Once a lowish cap gets to a couple under, most have a very, very difficult time getting deeper and/or staying there -- regardless of the rating of the golf course. Right?
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