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  1. 2019. To overcome both the physical and personal issues that Tiger has faced over the past decade shows just how much determination he has. Falling so far from grace would have ended most people.
  2. 354 yard par 4 in one. It was downhill and severely downwind.
  3. There can't be anything in my peripheral vision while putting. I will walk 30 feet to move a leaf that'd never come close to my line.
  4. Definite toss up between these and the Apex pro. Why are these decisions always so difficult?
  5. Love the irons - always good to see someone using an older classic.
  6. [quote name='Hateto3Putt' timestamp='1342976939' post='5327718'] What's wrong with your "old" irons? IMO, 6 year old irons for a college student are just fine. When you get old like many of us, you can buy just about any club you want,... my irons are 4 years old with no chance of being replaced anytime soon. My putter is old enough to drive. Don't buy into the "hot" hype. [/quote][quote name='Hateto3Putt' timestamp='1342976939' post='5327718'] What's wrong with your "old" irons? IMO, 6 year old irons for a college student are just fine. When you get old like many of us, you can buy
  7. Hi, It seems a little strange asking this as a year or so ago I was hardcore into the golf equipment scene and everything that comes with it. However I had unfortunately burnt myself out on golf and had to dedicate my time to more pressing matters (College). I am in great need of purchasing a new set of irons as I have had my current set for around 6 years but the problem is that I have not got a clue on what is "hot" and which irons are approaching release. The only set which I have got my eye on is the upcoming Mizzy MP 64's Any recommendations and advice is appreciated guys.
  8. [quote name='kjo257' timestamp='1305426175' post='3234582'] [quote name='chiguy' timestamp='1305410403' post='3234039'] I think I just changed my mind about getting a pair of Trues. Those look great!! [/quote] Me likey. The black shoe is sweet. [/quote] +1 will be getting a pair of the black/whites for the winter
  9. [quote name='hckymeyer' timestamp='1305421522' post='3234386'] Yes it can be done. Mine is at Putter Lounge right now getting a candy white finish with a black oxide face. [/quote] Make sure to post pics when its done, im interested in the end result.
  10. [quote name='MSUgolfer' timestamp='1305420871' post='3234360'] can you do this to a stainless steel studio select Cameron? If so whats the name of it and where do you find it? Thanks [/quote] you probably could but frankly i think itd look shocking. The day Scotty moves to ghosting his putters will be a sad day for golf.
  11. [quote name='txcountrylawyer' timestamp='1305340508' post='3232366'] If you have read even a few of the books about the Man, you will find out he was of the longest drivers on the tour before his accident and retained the ability even late in his career to move the ball long when he wanted to hit it big. In one of the books, the story is told about Hogan, Palmer and Archer playing together at the Masters. It was stated Hogan was getting annoyed with the loud noise being made by Palmer's fans after he hit his drives. On one of the back nine holes, I think it was 15 a huge roar went up afte
  12. [quote name='stiffdogg06' timestamp='1305195059' post='3227018'] I will stretch at home for about 15 mins. Drive to the range with my seat heater on to warm up my back to make it easier to stretch. Buy a large bucket (75) of balls. Swing two wedges at the same time just to loosen up a little bit more. Start from my 56°, and then skip a club after that, 56° PW, 8i, 6i, 22° Hybrid, Driver. And then work back down to 3w, 5i, 7i, 9i, Gap wedge. I take each ball and pretend I am on a hole of a local golf course. I try to get the same mentality as I would have on the course. Start from behind th
  13. Just wondering what all you guys routine is at the range. How many balls you get / how long does it take you to hit them and do you have any weird habits that you do while at the range. For me i get 150 balls usually, it takes me around an hour to hit them (maybe a little longer if im messing around) and i always check out peoples bags on the way to finding a spot to hit from :)
  14. [quote name='cmyers' timestamp='1305168257' post='3226579'] No not really, especially when they claim to bomb it 330 and I'm MAYBE 15-20 behind them! [quote name='RRFireblade' timestamp='1305166208' post='3226468'] "I very seldom get any [b]self claimed[/b] long hitter to get it by me more than 20-30 " Does that mean you wouldn't consider that person (+20/30yards = ~300) long or noticeably longer than you? [/quote] [/quote] Still that would make them a long hitter compared to you therefore their statement about being long would be correct... yes?
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