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  1. I get it, I guess I was asking if club champion extended the clubs and adjusted the SW's. Love how solid those clubs feel.
  2. What swingweight were they built to and did you adjust when extended? Thanks
  3. Not mandatory, helps keep the shaft centered when drying.
  4. AVGUY, your elbow issues are probably from the PX shafts, they can be very harsh on joints. I developed pretty severe "golfers elbow" which is tendinitis in the left elbow (right handed). Never had it with DG, or the original rifles. Changed to PX and had it after the first season. Switched to Modus 120 and it went away.
  5. You aew correct on the 4 dots and conforming groove stamp. Had the same irons, great clubs...
  6. What was the other set up that beat these.. just curious... killer set up!
  7. X-ALL SOLD Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype blades, 3 - PW, Heads only. These are the "..R.. V" model which denote High Bounce and conforming grooves. These have been by babies for a long time and have been kept well! No browning or major dings, normal chatter from play. Specs: Iron, loft, lie 3, 21, 60.5 7, 35, 62.5 4, 24, 61 8, 39, 63 5, 27, 61.5 9, 43, 63.5 6, 31, 62 PW, 47, 64 I call this 1 up, but depends whose std you look at. These irons are buttery soft to hit and are surprisingly forgiving. This iron has also been named the RAZR MB and the MB-1. Only the Proto's
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