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  1. FairwayFred hits the nail on the head. PXG is being branded as a premium product and carries a premium price. I have built four sets of the PXG 311 irons now and have had the opportunity to test them on Trackman. I will say that they are a fine feeling iron and are very forgiving. The question is if they are worth 'that' much more money. The players that I have built the set for swear by them, but I put a lot of time into the sets and dial them in. From what I have seen, they are being marketed towards the big money in private clubs that want the status. I could not discern a big enough difference myself to pay 2x-3x the going rate for other big name brands. The black heads are even more! I have done one set of the black and while they do look great, the coloring on the bottom will come off eventually similar to the bottom of a driver.
  2. Love the PING Glide, but up close out of the sand I still use my PING Tour Gorge 60 SS.. Cant miss with it......
  3. The best technical info, classifieds and cool pics from the events! Best..... site........ ever.......... for a golf addict like myself!!! Thanks!
  4. The Nome putter performs well but I wasnt too keen on the aesthetics of it, but the new color combo looks great and I will tell you that the True Roll is the real deal. Spent some time this weekend with a few of the Scottsdale TR models and that technology WORKS and the feel is waaayyyy better.. This should be an amazing putter with this new NOME TR head...
  5. For me it would be Pebble Beach, to extract a little revenge on hole #18. I had the opportunity to play it once with some friends, and I had a really great round going (at least for me) until the last hole. Our caddie told me to take aim at the tree in the center of the fairway and let her rip, so I did...... Unfortunate as it was, I hit the drive of the day only to come to rest directly at the base of the tree!! I tell you it was not 2" from the base of it. If I went back there and hit 100 more shots, I could not do that again. There was absolutely no shot but to bump it out and play from there, but we had some money on the line and I thought I could cut one around it... Not the case.... That ball is somewhere in the bottom of the bay now! Would love to be able to go back and play this course on the Opti-shot with my buddies!!
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