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  1. Need to reshaft for someone as it has sentimental value. .350 or .335 ?
  2. 3 2XL UA golf shirts worn very little. 40 for all 3 shipped
  3. 2 ball sleeves 9 V1X and 4 V1 . 26 balls total. Shipped ****SOLD*****
  4. Good morning guys, I am not real board active yet as I am working to bring 350Milled.com back into the picture. Thought I may give a little history for the record. I was a customer of Chip's clubmaker business (he's still the best in my mind here) for a few years. We became friends and started talking putters, collecting, the market at the time. We were off and on talking about a putter line for his business. We talked about some of the nicer lines and availability/pricing. I don't think Chip really saw a standout for his business (correct me Chip is that's a wrong impression). He called me one day and said why not start a putter company ourselves. At the time, the 350 gram 009 with custom stamps was an on fire desire of many putter junkies but were hard to get AND that price was up there. We wanted to bring a USA one piece milled putter to the market with the option of customers having their stamp design done at a great price point. We toyed with names a good bit. Chip liked C&L, I liked 350 Milled. So we used both basically. I did register and have owned the 350milled URL since February 2007. On a handshake only, we made a nice investment in our idea. It took off and did well by word of mouth. My wife had fought kidney disease for years and was on dialysis (she passed in 2016) Over the years with that going on, I would be the first to say I didn't have the time for the putter business toward the end of our partnership. Toward the end of C&L in 2014 ish, Chip was doing more than his share of the business. We made the decision to basically stop operating C&L/350Milled. I kept the 350milled name, Chip started his new venture with Black Lab. He's expanded his line of putters and offers great putters and as always I'm sure awesome customer service Just as we started on a handshake, we parted ways the same way - we agreed on asset values and I kept the 350milled name. This year I decided to bring back 350milled on my own. I'm in the process of getting the website back up, have been selling some putters (built or heads only for the DIY guys) on a limited basis. I have some 303 mallets and anser/Newport style heads I am handling myself right now. I have more of the same heads in carbon/stainless, Carbon flownecks, and carbon/stainless Anser2/NP2 style on the way. Still milled like they were in 2007. I won't be doing welds and custom stuff other than stamping to start so I can keep an attractive price point. There are some great options putter wise today, Chip has a nice expanded line of heads, you want custom go see LaMont - it's been cool to see his growth from the days we started right here on Golfwrx back in 2007. Hope you all had a nice Christmas. Lee
  5. Barely used. 209 shipped with headcover. ZCOM is regular tipped 1 inch. Playa at 44 7/8 No trades
  6. Barely used. 219 shipped with headcover. ZCOM is regular tipped 1 inch. Playa at 44 7/8 No trades
  7. Used gamer or refinish. Reliating as ‘buyer’ disappeared. Worn out origina grip. No trades. 50 shipped
  8. Used gamer or refinish. Reliating as ‘buyer’ disappeared. Worn out origina grip. No trades. 50 shipped
  9. Gamer or Refinish. Original length/shaft and worn out grip. No headcover. No trades. 55 shipped
  10. What is everyone using that owns them today? Mine is getting replaced due to Age. I will only be using for Putters. Considering Mitchell, Golf Mechanix, True Blue etc Experience with todays machines appreciated.
  11. I’m going totally stealth on mine. Not a marking anywhere
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