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  1. Yes. I stopped wearing button-down long-sleeve shirts to the office a few years ago and now wear golf polos for basically everything except yard work/house repairs and a few fancy occasions with the Mrs. per year. I tend to wear the newest/best condition/less flashy ones to the office. Pre-COVID I would go straight from my desk to the course many evenings.
  2. I've never owned a pair of black shorts. Always figured they would be too hot here in the Phoenix sun and would fade easily.
  3. Papago this morning. Greens seemed slower than usual, seemed like some weren't cut, and others that were cut had lots of chunks of wet clippings all over them. Maybe the greens mower guy had a rough night or something. Very reasonable hole locations today, though. The large tree just past the fairway bunker on the right of #12 is gone now, not sure why. It used to block out second shots to the green when you hit your tee shot right into the dirt.
  4. Foretees has a lottery system that helps with this. Everyone puts in their tee time requests for a certain day, and then a few days ahead (or whatever the pro shop sets it to) it will do an automated lottery drawing/assignment. I believe it can be set up to either draw at random or do a weighted lottery where someone who didn't get their choice of time on the last draw has an increased chance of getting it over another group on the current draw. The weighted lottery helps solve the issue of people complaining that the same group always gets the same prime tee time. People entering the lottery
  5. I don't think I could ever join one of these corporate-owned Club Corp, Arcis, etc. clubs. The tee sheets at the ones in my area are just as packed as those at average public courses, even pre-COVID, and the conditions aren't that much better. There is no transparency in how things are run or how decisions are made. Everything is about packing in more new members and squeezing out more profit. I just don't see the point in it. I would either join a member-owned club or none at all. Even when I was at a struggling member-owned club, they had limitations on number of golf members and what categ
  6. A good option to consider for someone living in the Lehigh Valley, but it's probably an hour and 20 minutes each way for the OP living in Ambler, plus turnpike tolls, and not a realistic option for him with so many other clubs nearby. Travel time and gas/car wear and tear should factor into anyone's club decision for sure.
  7. I'll add, as a person who plays a zillion rounds per year with the majority of them as a single paired with randoms, that if you play early in the day during peak hours, other people almost always seem to completely understand and expect that their twosome or threesome is going to get paired with a single(s) and are 100% fine with it. Particularly on the muni and lower priced courses. It's only been later in the day that I've experienced some people, always less experienced golfers and/or "bro" types, weirded out or hesitant to have a single join their group. To the point that the
  8. I played Sterling Grove this past week. Frankly, the greens were not my cup of tea whatsoever and I didn't enjoy the course. Simple as that. I just thought they were goofy and even though you could putt from the aprons much of the time, a lot of them were just brutal in their rejection of approach shots from certain angles (like major false fronts), or had hole locations that due to the ridges/contours require a level of skill that most amateur golfers don't have. Everything else was great; excellent conditions all around, friendly/helpful staff, great range setup/location, pace w
  9. ...because you can't get a tee time there on a weekend morning so you have to go somewhere else, lol. I got to play there this morning as I found an opening on the tee sheet last night after 8 days of checking and getting zilch. The foursome behind my group didn't even bother to show up. Everything on the course was great except a lot of fresh unfixed ballmarks from the groups ahead.
  10. Agreed. Maybe it's because I'm not some golf architecture wokester, but I don't think Talking Stick North should even crack the top 10 in any list of best public courses in AZ. I'd probably rate it somewhere in the low 20s. Sure, they did a good job with the most bland piece of land for golf ever, but still...
  11. Papago this morning. Very difficult hole locations, almost every single one of them was like 5 feet from the edge of the green. Felt like I was hitting the ball great but scored average. Conditions were good, nothing to complain about.
  12. Early afternoon round at the 500 Club. Didn't really enjoy it as much as usual despite being a beautiful day as I seemed to hit every drive a foot off the fairway onto the bare hardpan rough. Ground was extremely firm throughout the fairways and rough. The greens held shots, though. Bunkers were a mess probably because they had no rakes out, which surprises me because they follow zero pandemic precautions otherwise. lol. Finished in 4:05 which surprised me as I was prepared for the worst with a PM tee time. Had a group of bros ahead of us that were consistently a hole behind though
  13. That's still slow. lol. But then again, during winter I generally refuse to play any course after the first hour or so of tee times of the day.
  14. 2020 was my personal record by far, and I've been playing since the mid 1990s. I will just say it was over 200 rounds.
  15. I know of a course in AZ where in summer they always start everyone on #10, because holes #1, #2, and #3 play directly into the blinding, rising sun for the first hour or so of tee times that time of year. Most of the demand for tee times at that course in the summer is very early in the morning. The rest of the year, they start everyone on #1 as there isn't anywhere near as much demand for crack-of-dawn tee times, the first tee time is later due to colder weather, and by the time the big "wave" of morning play starts the sun is high in the sky. Otherwise I am familiar with some co
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