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  1. TPC Champions early yesterday morning. Insane amount of sprinkler and hand watering going on in the fairways during the round due to the heat. I'm guessing it will continue all week due to the forecast. It looked like the first group off a few ahead of us was having to wait on maintenance on every single hole, even on the last few holes. Greens were in beautiful condition as usual. This course always plays crazy wet and long in the summer mornings, far worse than any other I frequent. I know that going in, but this time it was at the point that it detracted from the round for me.
  2. I can't speak to Canyon Gate specifically, but I've experienced other Club Corp clubs where they had way too many members for an 18 hole golf course, to the point that prime tee times were hard to get, and it just seemed like they wanted to wring every dollar out of the membership rather than improve the experience. I'm sure there are clubs in their network where the membership isn't bursting at the seams, but you should investigate the specific situation before joining. Most member-owned clubs are careful about capping their membership to avoid overcrowding, slow rounds, etc.
  3. For me it's either the absolute first tee time of the day that Sunday or don't play at all. Too many slow, clueless, drunk, once-per-year golfer types that day.
  4. Copper Canyon this morning, Lake & Mountain nines. Wow...beautiful conditions all around. Greens were slower than what I experienced at Legacy yesterday, but rolled smoother and were receptive to approach shots. Fairways on Lake were absolutely perfect, on Mountain there were a few very small browned but not bare spots, they were fine to hit off of. Tees perfect, bunkers perfect, everything was nicely detailed and well kept. Fairways were still firm and the ball was rolling even though wet from irrigation. Rough was cut very short. Pace was 3:30 as a foursome and I paid about $
  5. Ranger at a course that wants its policies strictly enforced.
  6. My TGJ subscription that I've had for 2 years is up for renewal and I'm on the fence about renewing. It is obviously a high quality publication, but only about half of the articles appeal to me, Linksoul clothes are not my style at all so the Linksoul cash has no value to me (you used to be able to use it on Linksoul-logoed Snell balls but it looks like they stopped that), I'm usually 2-3 issues behind in reading it, and the price is the price.
  7. Legacy this morning. Greens were great, no blemishes and fast once they dried out. Fairways were very wet as to be expected, some patchy areas but most of the fairways were in good condition. I did end up in one greenside bunker on the front nine that was basically concrete. Finished in 3:40 even though one of the randos in my group would not stop bitching literally every 2 minutes the entire round about having to wait on the people in front of us, he even complained to the ranger about it and I'm pretty sure hit into them at least twice. I finally found someone more impatient than
  8. For me it was just luck. My first eagle (3 on a par 5) came back in the 1990s a few years after I started playing. I was pretty terrible back then, usually shooting around 105-110, but just happened to hit an 8-iron decent enough to roll it into the cup for my third shot on a par 5. That being said, I've had the flip side of this luck. I've probably played in excess of 2,500 rounds in my life, the last 1,500 of those shooting in the 70s-low 80s, but have never had a hole in one. I've probably had 6 or 7 more eagles since that first one, all on par 4's, and all of which were in that
  9. Saw this story come out today on Eagle Mountain "course renovations" https://clubandresortbusiness.com/renovation-project-at-eagle-mountain-gc-focused-on-enhancing-turf-and-bunkers/
  10. Dobson Ranch early this morning. Fairways weren't good in general, patchy tufts of grass alternating with water-saturated bare dirt on many holes. Greens were in good condition and quicker than the last time I played there a month or so ago. Pace 4 hours. Course and range were packed.
  11. You said the course has some interesting variety, which helps. If it were pancake flat and the same length and design hole over and over back and forth I probably would pass on it. Otherwise I'd be OK with it if it was the closest option to home, cheaper than alternatives, and the course was at least 5,600 yards or so from the tips.
  12. Aguila this morning. Some fairways have numerous "transitional" small burnt out areas. Course is playing firm with hardly any wet spots even for early AM. Greens were a bit slower than they had been in recent weeks but were in nice condition and were holding shots. They are being aerated this coming week. Pace was slow for early morning at 4:15, some group of turds that teed off about 6:16 had at least 2 open holes ahead of them most of the time.
  13. If you end up in Morris county, you might want to look into Rockaway River CC also. Has a good sized range and short game area, pool, paddle tennis, regular tennis, etc. No idea what the current membership costs are as my familiarity with the club was a long time ago.
  14. I have simple tastes in golf and don't need name-brand course architecture or mango-scented cold towels to enjoy a round on vacation. In fact, when I travel, I tend to seek out the lower-end, walkable, "locals" courses instead of the pricey resort cartball courses. Almost all of my vacation golf costs under $100 per round, with the majority of it under $75 per round. I've only spent more than $150 on a round of golf at a resort or public course maybe three times in my life. 2 out of 3 times it wasn't worth it. The time that it was worth it (and was only a little over $150) was Fall
  15. I played TPC Champions this morning and echo the comments about the great conditions. Couldn't really nitpick anything other than the typical early AM wetness. I'll be playing there a lot this summer.
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