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  1. What often isn't mentioned in these discussions is that as a generation, millennials will likely inherit record amounts of wealth from their boomer parents, more than any past generational transfer adjusting for inflation.
  2. The clubs I am most familiar with went from hungry for new members and at 70% or less of golfing member capacity in 2019 to full or near full right now. No waiting lists yet that I've heard. I've also heard some griping about trouble getting weekend morning tee times, and one club that used to not have tee times at all, has them now.
  3. Ken McDonald is actually an excellent value for what they are charging right now, and was in nice shape after overseed when I played it a few weeks ago. For $44 I wouldn't be upset if I didn't finish. Dobson's layout is better than Kenny Mac IMO but $83 for a round you might not finish there is a bit spendy for what it is. Rolling Hills is a short course, par 62, something like 3800 yards. San Marcos is a pretty blah course but not a bad value in winter for $55. AZ Grand is a hot steaming piece of garbage, forget it.
  4. Yes, my last club (member-owned equity club) had a disciplinary committee consisting of one board member and 4 regular members appointed by the board. The club rule book laid out a disciplinary process based on the type of violation. For certain situations involving extreme violations (for example, loud, belligerent, drunk member sexually harassed the wait staff) and habitual minor offenders (like the 10th time someone complained and the staff told you that you need to tuck your shirt in on the golf course), the process dictated that the disciplinary committee would meet and make a decision on what the "punishment" would be. The "punishments" usually ranged from temporary suspension of clubhouse and/or golf privileges (for the untucked shirt guy) to immediate expulsion (for the drunk sexual harasser). Minor violations would be handled by club management and documented until they were repeated enough to rise to disciplinary committee intervention. The disciplinary committee only had to get involved with anything maybe a small handful of times per year on average.
  5. Pueblo El Mirage is definitely in my bottom 10 due to perpetually bad conditions and awful routing through the trailer park despite some decent holes along the way. But my #1 worst course in the Valley is Great Eagle, you may have played that on your "Argonne69's Goat Track Tour" a couple years ago. Even worse conditions on an even worse routing through a crappier trailer park. Except for that one hole along Bell Road they keep looking decent to fool everybody...
  6. To qualify for Basic Med you need to have previously obtained a 3rd class or better FAA medical that was valid after 7/14/06. Sounds like the OP doesn't have that.
  7. I'd suggest reading/posting on a forum like www.pilotsofamerica.com, which is geared towards recreational pilots. AOPA also has some good resources online for an aspiring recreational pilot. If you are Ok with certain restrictions, you could go the "Sport Pilot" route which does not require a medical exam so long as you have a valid driver's license. A Private Pilot rating will require at least a third class FAA medical. If you've had any history, no matter how long ago, of alcohol/drug abuse, DUI's, documented mental health/depression/anxiety issues, basically forget going the third class or higher route for a medical unless you want to burn up a ridiculous amount of time and cash in the process. 70 is definitely not too old to start. If you have the time and money to schedule multiple lessons per week, you'd have no problem knocking out a private pilot or sport pilot rating in a couple months. Before you should start, you should consider if your end goal is to own your own airplane, join a flying club, rent a plane, etc. and make sure your preferred option is feasible in your geographic location. Many flight schools offer a discounted "discovery flight" where you go up for 30-60 minutes with an instructor and you can see how you like it.
  8. Played Encanto this morning, my first time post-overseed. Wasn't impressed with this year's overseed job even by "value course" standards. Seemed really thin, especially in the last 50 yards or so of each fairway particularly on the front nine. Had a lot of near-bare dirt lies. Greens were in nice shape, speeds were about normal for this course. Rough has gone dormant and they have it cut down to almost fairway height. Good for roll, but it will be total hardpan in a couple months. Pace under 3.5 hours for an early round. Also there were two used condoms laying next to the back tee box on #1.
  9. I played Kenny Mac last weekend. See my post on page 24 of this thread. It's in good enough condition. 6 weeks past overseed the rule of thumb for what? "Normal" winter conditions? Sounds way excessive unless one is a total unreasonable stickler who expects absolute perfection. I mean, maybe if you are paying $250 to play Troon North or something you might want to wait 6 weeks? Otherwise on the lower end of the spectrum there is zero reason to wait that long to play a course. I played numerous courses a week out of overseed this fall, and besides the greens being a little slow, conditions were fine enough to play an enjoyable round.
  10. It's supposed to reopen soon but I think it's been delayed. They overseeded the course last month, repaved the parking lot, etc. but they have no web presence or tee time booking engine yet it appears. I thought I saw two carts out on the course the other day but couldn't tell if they were playing or not. This new ownership group took over this past spring after the idiot before only had it a little over a year until getting foreclosed on after accomplishing basically nothing the entire time. It was closed for all of 2020 and he missed out on probably the best year for golf course owners in 20 years. I wish the new owners good luck, that little course has good bones but the entire property has had a ridiculous amount of deferred maintenance for many years.
  11. I should also mention that while I don't spend much time or play much in the east valley (Tempe/Chandler/Gilbert/Mesa etc.), there are also numerous "value" courses there where you can get a halfway decent round for $75 or less. Ken McDonald, Dobson Ranch, Viewpoint, Painted Mountain, Western Skies, Toka Sticks, Bear Creek, etc.
  12. For the City of Phoenix courses, once you get a login name/password, you just go online to the course's booking engine and a single can book into any open tee time whether it's just 1 spot open or 2-3-4 spots open. You can also just show up and hope to get out, but before doing that you should call and make sure there isn't an tournament/outing going on that has the place closed to everyone else. I know at least Aguila/Cave Creek/Encanto don't penalize anyone for no-shows or short-shows, so there are often open spots for a single literally at the last minute as people will book for 4 people and only show up with 3, or just completely no-show.
  13. Wigwam as you mentioned (they have an AZ resident rate that you can book 10 days out that is reasonable), Sun City/Sun City West courses (there are 8+ full length ones), Tres Rios, Sundance, Palmbrook, Sun City CC, Union Hills, Palm Valley, Coldwater, 500 Club, Copper Canyon, Hillcrest, etc. Once again, these courses are basic golf with mostly forgettable architecture, but usually in decent condition. I can give this disclaimer 5 times but someone will still come along and say they are boring dumps and to be avoided...but to those people, I say, show me what else you would suggest for under $75? Plus the usual Phoenix muni options - GCU, Cave Creek, Aguila et al.
  14. Lower your standards in terms of course layout/design/conditioning. Ignore anything with a Scottsdale address. Plenty of "value" golf in the far west valley (west of where Loop 101 runs north-south through Peoria/Glendale) for $75 or less. Figure out when the booking windows open and pounce on the tee sheet then. If you are the type of person who waits until the last minute to make plans, you will be left with the scraps. That all being said, the increase in pricing is disappointing, and yes, they are pricing the regular working person out of golf. I can't believe how many people are willing to spend $125+ on a round of golf, and it's not all tourists or snowbirds.
  15. Some of the regulars that always get the earliest weekend times at the city courses that I've met are software developer/engineer/IT types...Intel employees etc...I would not be surprised if they developed a bot to book those times before any human can get them, like what happened in LA. You also have small groups/traveling leagues of several foursomes that qualify as an "outing", they make arrangements in advance of the 9-day window and can get early times blocked off for themselves. Personally I have given up on bothering with the PHX city courses on weekends, it is exhausting, too much of a headache of staying up late, checking, re-checking, re-checking in the following days and praying something opens up.
  16. Kenny Mac this morning. For being only about 10-11 days out of overseed, I was happy and impressed that the fairways were somewhat firm and not drenched. Fairways did have some small spots where the overseed didn't take. The Bermuda rough is starting its winter slumber. Greens were what I'd call "average" speed for this caliber of course, smooth roll but a lot of grass clippings on them. They seemed to pick all the tough hole locations today; either close to the outer perimeters or on ridges. The greenside bunkers I was in were in great condition. This course really needs a rated set of tees between white and red, and a set even shorter than red, but I've complained about that before on here. Pace was under 4 hours. No CPO, carts could go in the fairways. $35 to walk. When I walk this course, I pray there is a single in a cart in the foursome to give me a ride from 9 green to 10 tee and 16 green to 17 tee.
  17. If it looked like new, I'd take it without thinking twice. When I worked at a private club years ago, picked the range and ran the balls through the cleaning machine, I was specifically instructed by the boss to remove and "dispose" of any non-range balls that came into the mix, as one of the holes paralleled the range and many slices ended up on it. The club bought good quality range balls and wanted them to all be uniform. So I figure if I take the ProV1, I could be doing someone a favor...
  18. Tough area for private golf unless you are loaded and/or well connected. If I were in your shoes (limited budget, want something close, don't know anybody), I'd get a membership to the Bucks Club which is semi-private. I used to have a friend that had that membership and he had no problem getting the tee times he wanted since he got to book before the general public. However, looking at their website, their memberships is sold out for 2022, so forget that. Thanks COVID! The only other private clubs within 30 minutes or so that are not already on the list you mentioned are possibly Old York Road CC and Talamore (forget Jericho and Lookaway, those are big bucks.) I know just about zilch about Old York Road and Talamore other than that they exist. Indian Valley is probably 30-35 minutes but I heard they are on a wait list, great practice facility though. If you are willing to drive 40 minutes, Steel Club in Hellertown would probably otherwise meet your criteria, but 40 minutes is a long drive for a club you want to use often.
  19. The first time I joined a club back in the 2000s, my main motivating factor was tee time availbility and pace of play. Where I lived, at that time every single public course in the area had weekday twilight league play that completely closed the course to non-participants. On the weekends, it was near impossible to get an early morning tee time that would get you a round played in 4 hours or less, by the afternoon most courses were running at a 5+ hour pace. This was in the Tiger boom years. Since I was only available to play either weekday evenings or weekends, unless I joined a club, I wouldn't get to play much golf. By joining, I boosted my annual round count from probably around 30 to 100+. Also went from typically shooting in the 90s for the previous 5 years to generally shooting low-mid 80s within a year of joining, I chose the particular club I did for a few reasons. First was it's proximity to home and work. It was about 10 minutes from home, and coming from work it was in the same direction as home. Second, it had a course that was easily walkable, with no walking restrictions (carry or push anytime, no charge). Third, while it was nothing amazing architecturally, it was solid and I could see myself being happy playing it several times per week. Fourth, the club had a very relaxed atmosphere compared to the other clubs in town. Those other clubs seemed really "stuffy' to me, particularly to a guy in his 20s, and they were the kinds of places where you needed multiple sponsors which I didn't have as I was fairly new in town and was neither part of the local elite nor some kind of local business mover and shaker. 2 of the 3 other clubs also required caddies if you wanted to walk, which I really couldn't afford at the time, and having been a country club caddie all through high school and college, I knew most of them were just "bag carriers" and added little value to the round on one's home course other than to make old rich guys feel like old rich guys.
  20. For question #1...there is only one public golf course in Flagstaff and it's not great. Sedona/Oak Creek have two good public courses, Oakcreek CC and Sedona Golf Resort. Sedona GR has better views (both have nice red rock views) but Oakcreek CC is the better golf course and usually in better condition in my opinion. For question #2, I think it will come down to how busy the course is/what the pace of play is like. If it's on more than a 4:15 pace and you tee off at 1pm in the end of November, you probably won't get it all in. I haven't played there a lot, but my experience has been that Quintero does not play fast, and for what they charge I would want to be certain of getting the whole round in.
  21. The club in the northeast that I have a non-resident membership at with has made no guest play changes since the beginning of COVID other than briefly prohibiting it in spring 2020, and increasing the fees $5 for 2021. There are 9-hole and 18-hole guest rates for both accompanied and unaccompanied guests. I look at the tee sheet pretty regularly and I'd say it's very rare for a guest to go more than 18 holes on the same day. If OP's club wants to reduce guest rounds in general, they could get rid of the replay rate and charge full rate for a second 18 the same day, but this may just cause a decrease in afternoon guest rounds when the course is probably least busy anyway. My place already only allows one accompanied guest in a foursome and no unaccompanied guests on weekends before 10am, and has a max 6x per year rule per guest not including the big M-G tournament.
  22. I have a hard enough time on the rare occasions I have to drive a crew cab pickup in the city or in a crowded parking lot, I can't imagine driving an RV that size with a car towed behind cross-country...feel like I'd hit something in the first 10 minutes.
  23. I play often with a 1 or 2 index guy in his early 70s who averages probably 225 of the tee and likes to play from 5,900-6,100 yards. He's been playing golf his whole life, won all kinds of local amateur tournaments back in the 1970s and 1980s, etc. He makes a ridiculous amount of putts, the wear on his iron faces is the size of a dime over the sweet spot, good bunker player, and pretty much never has to take a penalty stroke. He fully embraces modern equipment and plays fitted game improvement irons and hybrids with senior shafts along with a driver and 3-wood. If he has any weakness in terms of scoring, he sometimes likes to take "shortcuts" off the tee that don't always pan out if he hits a tree, etc. and he occasionally will flub a chip shot off a tight lie.
  24. When I wanted to play a lot of golf at my preferred time and at a good pace, but none of the local private options made any sense for me, I got an annual pass to a semi-private course where "members" could make tee times 3 days before the general public. Most of the other "members" didn't like to play on the days of the week and times I liked to, so I basically got the tee times I wanted 100% of the time and never had a round over 4 hours. If I couldn't have access to tee times before the general public, I wouldn't have done it. Even when I was a member at fully-private, member-owned clubs, I cared zero about the non-golf social aspects of the club, the pool, etc. and rarely ate in the restaurant much beyond covering the food minimum with post-round burgers and salads.
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