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  1. I had the complete opposite experience. Got my T200’s out on the course today (AMT Black S300). I found them very easy to hit with excellent turf interaction. I didn’t find the sound to be annoying at all. When compared to my T100S I would rate some differences as: - Easier to get the 4 & 5 iron up in the air vs the T100S - Easier to take divots with the T100S - Definitely seeing more spin in the T100S - 5 to 7 yards more with the T200’s across the board Overall these are a winner in my book. I will need to get more rounds in but so far I was very impressed.
  2. I’m with KennyP. Its about the art of the game and the gamesmanship (including the public display) is part of the game. I disagree with using the Belichick “orator” argument, it misses the point. He was actually a master at the press conference. Never displaying emotion, never revealing anything. That was part of the game. The whole tattoo question was a good example of a softball question that was a perfect opportunity to shine. Would you get a tattoo if you win? “Oh well i have to ask my wife”…..really?? At the end of the day its not really going to matter given the reality of the playing field.
  3. He had no fire at all. Nothing witty, just "Well yeah I didnt see the cheese heads" and " its windy" Get fired up man.......maybe something like: "What did you learn about your players today?" Response: "Well they are complete studs. Bryson was launching 330 in the air, Patty Ice was chillin in an Igloo, Brooksie will win every match and by the way we are doing all of this for America and T-Dub"
  4. Stricker’s press conferences are pretty useless.
  5. "He's a ball striker"............
  6. Damn it now i have to get these also. T100S check. Gen 3 P790 check.
  7. Yeah for some reason I just couldn't ever get comfortable with them. Kind of the same issue with the i500s
  8. I'll take anything over the 770's at this point.........happy to go blind purchase on the new 790's
  9. Its still 2 hours a head of pace from a round at Pebble..ha
  10. They are made of blue baby otter skin. The rarest of all the pants.
  11. Brady - "I'm playing with the leader of the Packers....I think" LOL
  12. Phil is my hero. How much fun is he having right now. Amazing.
  13. ARog is gonna love the thin air In Denver........
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