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  1. try a mmt mitsubishi 90 parallel iron shaft. Have one in a 19 hybrid its great.
  2. Why not take the yardage from your favorite club ie say 7 iron and figure out what you want your gaps to be and bend. Then the loft does not matter as long as it hits your gap number. You could also take your favorite iron and get it moi ed and set up your moi for all irons. Then you could bend loft to fit desired gaps. Would make a nice set.
  3. National has the best practice facility in the city. There are some good young players. Course is in very good shape. I have been a member for 17 yrs
  4. I think people run into trouble when they think hinge and hold means hold the lead arm.If you hinge and then hold the initial angle while letting the lead arm swing all is good.
  5. I used Jerry Heiser in Iowa to build my last set of PXG irons. I had him moi the set to my specs and he did a great job. Reasonably priced good job. 319-404-5294
  6. Gallery is great if you can get on. They use to have a stay and play but I think they changed ownership and made wholesale changes in policy.
  7. Air blue painters tape and bramptons water based solvent. Easy on easy off
  8. jth3333


    Stick with yoir dual tp. I have bought way too many different hybrids only to come back to the dual tp.
  9. Get an auditor moi scale. Moi your favorite iron and start there. Decide if you want 1/2 inch increments or 3/8 inch.Dependent upon shaft choice and flex. I retro moi’d my first set at 1/2 inch with lead tape. The second set I had bulit with 3/8 inch increments. Same shafts both cases. I have an auditor. Technically I believe you start with a light club and add weight until it feels good and consistent.Then continue to add weight until it changes performance for you.
  10. I have both 301 and baby blades. I am playing PXG
  11. Bramptons air over blue painters tape. On and off very easy. Can even make rotational adjustments later with air if need be. Stays put no trouble.
  12. I use med tours. Use the alignment aid
  13. Check the dirt line after a few shots. Should be,parallel to the grooves.
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