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  1. If you are re-shafting with .355 taper tip shafts use Golfworks BB9083 Collared Ferrule (comes with tip spacer). If using a .370 parallel tip shaft use Golfworks BB9084 Collared Ferrule. I personally prefer using the BB9083 (without installing spacer) on parallel tip shafts. It is a tighter fit. Put a dab of epoxy inside the ferrule before installing.
  2. They are fake. Look no further than the T300.
  3. Use a .355 taper tip shaft and Golfworks BB9108 collared ferrule and you are in business.
  4. Have had auction transactions with ksouth9 and tee2green. Have been extremely pleased with price and prompt shipping. Would definitely purchase again.
  5. If you've trying to figure length it is really the BBTG (bottom bore to ground) measurement you need to know.
  6. Fairway Jockey has just cut a deal with Hogan to offer their club heads. https://thegolfwire.com/fairway-jockey-ben-hogan-golf/
  7. Have made a couple of purchases from CPO, both clubs were rated as "Good". Was pleasantly surprised, both were easily in "Very Good" condition.
  8. If the gap is big enough to shim drywall mesh works great.
  9. .355 tip collared .750 long and .545 OD Golfworks BB0009 is perfect replacement.
  10. Ping G30 Driver 12* Hiskei Wave Shaft. Great combination.
  11. The weight is in backwards. Take the plastic stop out of the end of the beam turn weight 180 degrees reinstall plastic stop in end of beam.
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