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  1. If the gap is big enough to shim drywall mesh works great.
  2. .355 tip collared .750 long and .545 OD Golfworks BB0009 is perfect replacement.
  3. Ping G30 Driver 12* Hiskei Wave Shaft. Great combination.
  4. The weight is in backwards. Take the plastic stop out of the end of the beam turn weight 180 degrees reinstall plastic stop in end of beam.
  5. Should be somewhere between 302 and 307 grams
  6. USPS keep package dimension 48" x 6" x 6" or less.
  7. Try Jim Y at Golfworks email golfworks@golfworks.com
  8. Another vote for Callaway Apex
  9. GolfWorks B0009 .355 taper tip and has a collar
  10. Glad the resolution is positive. You are well on your way to becoming a counterfeit identifying expert.
  11. Predominantly use my gap wedge for full swing shots so use same shaft as irons. Use KBS HiRev 2.0 in sand and lob wedge .
  12. Look, feel, and performance are key. I will get used to whatever sound it makes.
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