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  1. They were removed from the PGA SS after they sold out.
  2. Got a email about extending the warranty on my SX500 but no tracking number. Looking at my account it shows a new serial number SX500 (must be close to shipping). I ordered on August 18 with loyalty pricing. They must be catching up on orders if they can assign a unit to my account.
  3. Titleist 816H1, 23 degree head with adapter (no ferrule) and headcover. Head is in very good shape as shown in the pictures with a clean topline (flash shows everything). If you want the full resolution photos let me know and I can email those separately. Adapter was direct from Titleist (since I pulled the shaft that came with the club for my new hybrid). Looking for $SOLD OBO shipped in a Medium Flat Rate Box within the US via USPS (shipping is 12 dollars alone). 4 Iomic iXx 2.3 grips I purchased from the IomicUSA site directly. I did not use them and still in the packaging. As
  4. I have Starpro Pro surface in my basement (16 x 8) and really like it. It may be a little slower (closer to public course speeds) but you easily chip on the material since it more like grass (distance from the bottom mat and the ball resetting on the surface). The spec sheet states you can use sand to get the speed up but in the basement that was not a option. I think I saw a post with someone that actually used sand indoors to make the surface have a faster speed. I know Starpro can send you samples to get a idea of the material not sure about your other option.
  5. I added a 28 degree hybrid two years ago to my bag. It was one of the best moves (two woods and 2 hybrids). I always joke that my bag has a bunch of headcovers. However, on those 185 yard par 3, it is perfect club. Just need to play the clubs that give you the best chance to score. If more hybrids does that, then it makes complete sense.
  6. As mentioned the key is to learn the typical releases and be near a computer. The new system seems better in locking a item in your cart while you check out. If you see something like a bag you want,you need to buy that and then go back and get other items. I like to get some items and use them (I will game the new hybrid headcover I got today) and sell off the one I have used the last two years.
  7. Used Titleist 915D2, 9.5 Degrees, with a Rogue Silver 60 110MSI Stiff. Plays standard length with a standard grip. The grip has not been used much but still ages sitting in my basement (since I did not use the shaft and used my MT-6 instead). Head shows normal wear from the 2 season of use (replaced the 915 with a 917). Headcover has seen limited use but does have a small hole/mark that can be seen in the picture. Asking SOLD including shipping in the Cont. US. If you want full size pictures, let me know.
  8. Cleaning out putters I am not using. Selling my 36in. Dual Balance Futura X5 that has been to the Scotty Cameron Custom shop this year. Putter has a new Black Dual Balance Grip, Top Line Dot, Jackpot Johnny Face Stamp and weights have Jackpot Johnny Stamp. Looking over the putter it has very little wear. I did see a small mark on the top inner part of the flange extending from the face (very hard to get a picture). Comes with a Black Jackpot Johnny headcover. Looking for 350 shipped within the US. Will include the stock headcover also. If you want higher resolution photos, they can be
  9. I was planning to leave these irons in Myrtle Beach but plans changed. Therefore, I need to get them out of my basement. I purchased the irons new 2012 with C Taper shafts. After a fitting at Oceanside, I found Modus3 Tour 120S a better fit for me. Therefore, I pulled the C Tapers and moved to Modus3 shafts. 5 iron measures 38.5. As the pictures show, I am not the best a getting the ferrules flat but irons played great for 2 years until I got the TMB currently used. I did regrip 6 to PW with Iomic grips but the 4/5 irons have Z Cords (I would suggest replacing). The 9 Iron has a small
  10. Moved to more woods/hybrids a couple years ago. First iron is 6 iron then 24 and 27 degree Hybrids plus 21 and 16.5 fairway woods. I have been become much better from 180 to 220 into greens with the change.
  11. I need to clean out the basement with my recent purchases. One set is going to Myrtle Beach and my other bag is set for the year. All clubs could use a new grip. All items are OBO. All items include shipping in the US (extra cost to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii) 1. Rogue Silver 60S, 110 MSI with Titleist Adapter that play 45 inches in a Titleist Driver Head. Order a Rogue Black and Silver but determined the Black works the best. 70 dollars shipped or OBO. Would be willing to trade the shaft for a Rogue Black 70S or 60S. 2. Titleist 913FD, 15 Degree with Project X 7C3 at standard length
  12. I found the following works great at keeping a nice set of distance gaps. It did take a little work get gaps set correctly between the clubs. 4W - 16.5 7W - 21 4h - 24 5h - 27 (increased loft to fill the gap between 4h and 6 iron) 6 iron
  13. I increased went with a 16.5 degree 3 wood and then filled the gap to my 4H with a 21 degree 7 Wood. Gave me a nice in between club that became one of my favorites.
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