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  1. I don't post that much so sorry this topic has been hashed and rehashed. My group plays for significant cash and as much as I love AC/DC, I don't want to hear it when I'm trying to pipe one on a tight fairway.................
  2. The wrong answer is "I'm a 7 but haven't been playing much"....LOL
  3. It’s happened in the last two years. The guys who hate it are those that like to gamble; the music lovers, not so much.
  4. Any of you noticed this? At my club a bunch of golfers are playing loud music while they play. I yelled at a group to turn it down on a hold adjacent to where we were playing and got the Bronx salute. What’s the point of playing loud music while playing a game that requires ultimate concentration?
  5. I wouldn't matter. A lot of the tees are so far back that I couldn't hit it to the landing area. For example, I played Shinnecock and for grins went to look at the very back tees. There's no way I could clear the gunch on many of the holes.
  6. The police report said they were traveling at a high rate of speed. “They”?? Sheriff Alex Villanueva said that seeing how far the SUV traveled off the road, “I would say they were going at a relatively greater speed than normal.” Did Wood’s professional liar agent and fixer Mark Steinberg step in. “They” implies another passenger.
  7. He’s obsessed with monster bombs off the tee. At his age he should know that he hits it plenty far without coming out of his shoes. He needs to dial it back and score.
  8. I had lips like that once. A guy in high school beat the hell out of me.
  9. I watched the whole thing. I didn't learn much of anything new except it confirmed what I knew for years, Bryant Gumbel is a total jerk with a major chip on his shoulder.
  10. Not sure but your clubface is shut by several degrees at address. This can restrict your turn plus cause other problems.
  11. It can depend on what type of grass you hit off of. In NJ where I live on lush bent grass fairways I'm a digger. In Florida on bermuda, I'm a picker...........or so it all appears to be.
  12. Depends on the shot; what many greats do is for high shots; high finish above the head, medium high shots, head level, low shots, shoulder level. Tiger Woods recently said this is what his Dad taught him to do.
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