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  1. I wish more folks would pay attention to this
  2. I would think 3w tipping, but it gives you some tuning options if you're between flexes.
  3. They've actually helped show it exists, but its been largely ignored in the narrative. And, it's at lower speeds than generally discussed, lower than most swing a driver. If you look at the test data as the clubhead speeds get lower, you'll see the ballspeed gap narrows, until you get to the wedge test, where some of the softest balls actually show greater ballspeed. 115mph swings losing speed and distance with softer balls is nothing new; there's been plenty of anecdotal evidence of that on golf forums, going back to the original buzz about the Precept Lady (which he
  4. NRJyzr

    Sub 70 Clubs

    If you call or email, you may be able to get the KBS 120 for your utility.
  5. Voted for 510TP for something from that list, but would also submit the TiSI, or more accurately, the TiSI Tec, as a choice. If I could have a write-in candidate, I would go quite a way off script.... Goldwin XL. Provided I would be allowed to have the hosel modified a bit, to go a little deeper into the clubhead to avoid some of the issues with that separate hosel. I loved the Goldwin driver I bought in the late 90s.
  6. Tells you something about the supposed lack of distance of wound balls.
  7. Side note: swing looks fine to me I used to practically live at 2nd Swing. I can't even count the number of things I've bought there. LOL
  8. Minnetonka location? or Minneapolis? Making an assumption based on your ID. Hope you enjoy the new toys.
  9. The Cleveland Huntington Beach putters are pretty awesome. I was looking at buying an EVNROLL a few years ago, walked out with a Huntington Beach #1.
  10. It's a pretty simple adjustment. It's not much different than the adjustment we had to make going from the 90s drivers to "kitchen appliances on a stick" in the early 2000s.
  11. That 0.75° delta is something I was taught way back in the early days of golf forums, on the old GEA. It was from info that came from Ping, to those poster(s) mentioning it on forums. I've assumed that was the genesis of the switch to ¾° lie changes between color codes, but that's really just speculation. I also think Karsten was gone from the company when that change was made. Another of the fun things was the lie angle adjustments Ping used to make when adding or subtracting length. It is probably why they did away with it a few short years ago.
  12. Not exactly true. Ping adjusts the standard lie angle of every one of their designs. The reason they do this is so that you can take your color code fitting with Set X and apply it to Set Y. The Ping Eye2 black dot lie angle for a 5 iron was 61* (actually 60.7*). The Zing, Zing2, and ISI irons all created a greater toe droop effect in the swing, so their black dot lie for a 5 iron was approx. one degree more upright (don't have the to-the-decimal number) than the Eye2/Eye2+. When Ping went to the i3, which didn't have that knob at the toe, and a more traditional ho
  13. It *is* quite a bit of loose speculation and extrapolation, on my part. I think I failed at trying to show just how speculative I was being. LOL Probably should have just said "I dunno" (or not mentioned them)
  14. The shaft that is probably closest to DGS is the i95 tapered. The i95 stiff profile is *very* close to DGS. The i110 has a stiffer mid and lower section, and has a higher balance point, so swingweight can be an issue. Recoil 110 is softer tipped, unless you spring for Recoil Proto. The problem in going from DGS to i95 stiff is the weight reduction. It's a healthy decrease per shaft. Everyone is different, there's no way to know how that will affect you. I'm not sure about the MMT stiff. The 125 TX is based on DGX100, and based on that, it makes sense that the 125
  15. That average has continued to creep longer in the last 20 years, as Tour Players also chase distance. It's now a bit over 44.5" on average, but seems to be under 45" yet.
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