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  1. Considering their condition, I might guess 1991-1993. Might you know what's on the shaft bands?
  2. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. If you compare the distance by loft, are they really different? I'm very much in the older irons camp. My newest set that gets regular play is from 2005, others are from 1992, and I'm about to reshaft a 1983 set of Golden Rams for regular use.
  4. I dimly remember hearing of tip bending issues with the original PX shafts. Am I remembering correctly, or mixing and matching my memories a bit? Considering Kim Braly's preferences on tip reinforcement, it sounds reasonable, but not positive on the memory. And, it could account for some of the RP vs TT difference. I had a set of the originals back in the day, they definitely felt different than the set I've got in one of my Mizuno sets now.
  5. Something I didn't see mentioned above.... the twisting also causes a loss of ballspeed. Less twisting, less ball speed loss on off center hits. With apologies if it's been stated and I just missed it.
  6. Yes, Hisashi Kunie, and Hiroki Iwao are the two names I remember. Hope I'm not butchering their names. I wonder if they each have a warehouse for their clubs. LOL
  7. I love that some of the Hansberger family have posted in PGS. Not exactly a revelation, considering my Ram bias. I'm also impressed with the collections of the Japanese members of PGS. Very impressed.
  8. Exactly. It's definitely not the grooves; early tests with grooveless club faces showed an increase in spin. It's the structural integrity of the clubface (not perfect, best term I could come up with while prepping for meeting) that determines the spin, along with the obvious friction. As you hit shots, the clubface develops micropits and defects. Tom Wishon posted several times that hitting the clubface with a bit of blasting with aluminum oxide, or similar, should refresh the club, if you feel the need. Of course, it'll damage any chrome finish that might be in play.
  9. Love seeing Ram Tour Grind posts. If you're inclined to use the original standard lofts, the lofts that are mentioned on the first page appear to be those for the Frequency Matched Golden Rams. They largely match what I was given when I got my first set of Golden Rams, which were Frequency Matched models. The Vibration Matched and 1980 Tour Grinds may have been slightly weaker. Possibly the "20-30-50" lofts for 2i/5i/PW that were seen with the FG-17, but they could be a degree weaker. I'm reshafting my Vibration Matched Golden Rams, will be setting them to 17-20-2
  10. It wasn't that long ago, there was a greater number of posts here. The first WRX software update chased a lot of the classic folders membership, who didn't want to deal with it. It's something I don't quite understand, but I have serious nerd tendencies; I'm not a good yardstick.
  11. A good bet would be the classic lofts of the Wilson 78 Staff Tour Blades or FG-17s, which are 20-23-26 for 2i thru 4i, and 4* from there to a 50* PW. They could be 1* stronger in the short irons but I wouldn't bet on it.
  12. If you go a bit farther back, their specs were lighter than 130g, but its because the raw shafts were two inches shorter.
  13. I'm probably not a good source for ideas as I rather like DGS. I'm only switching away from it to go graphite before I'm absolutely forced to.
  14. Not sure I quite fit into the "seasoned players" category, but I'll add my two cents anyway. I'm not a fan of modern distance irons, for various reasons, but I see where some aspects may actually work well for those who swing slower than they once did. The loft gaps don't appeal to me, making the short irons 5*, while bunching the longer clubs in the set, seems silly to me. For someone with slower swings, those 5* gaps may work better than it would for someone like me, and they may not, or likely not, be using the tighter spaced longer irons, anyway. Not a fan of the
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