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  1. Good question. Launch monitors are currently outside my nerd zone for the most part ?
  2. The MOI as measured by GolfWorks... S55 MOI is 12.9, i210 is 14.957. That CG of the i210 is fairly high, though. Can see where it could be an issue for some players.
  3. Most/all of the GO guys were Golfonline EF refugees that went to GEA, and helped to moderate it. They started up GO after a rift with Pingboy, who was the guy who started GEA. Some of the guys participated in both, WitchDoctor being the most active, such as I remember it. Mr Radetsky was notably not one of those who would come back. I never cared much for GO, in part because a couple of the guys would visit GEA by creating multiple IDs and trying to cause problems.
  4. I've mentioned reshaft jobs that I've had in the works, things are shifting a bit in that arena. With my wife having a new job, and now having sold our cabin/getaway place, I've been playing more golf this year. The elbows and wrists are not taking to it quite as well as they did 10 years ago. I've put my Golden Rams with NV105 graphite back in my bag, along with the Scratch 53* I reshafted with Steelfiber 125. Now need to pick a set for the RIP Tour 115's. Thinking of also picking up a set of Steelfibers for a third set of irons, though not settled on that. Ultimat
  5. It'll never happen, but I wouldn't mind. I'm probably repeating myself in this thread, but you could accomplish about the same thing by just reducing MOI to no more than 3300, or maybe 3000. Remember how almost no one played the SLDR on tour because control was an issue? Its MOI is about 3200-3300. ?
  6. I've done this in the last couple years with driver. Interestingly, it's happened twice, which might seem odd... Several years ago, I bought a Fast 12 LS (9.5*). I tried it for a while, but didn't find it as low spin as it was touted in the forums. Set it aside, played with other drivers, the usual drill. ? Last year, was noticing I was spinning the ball less than I had been, looking over my driver parade (still have most of those I've bought), and remembered the Fast 12 LS and how spin was the reason for its banishing. Took it on the course, discovered it gave me
  7. Right now, I've been playing my Cobra Fly-Z+, with an XCaliber Tour 7.5 in TS flex, at 44". I'd tipped the shaft a bit, but don't remember how much. Put it in the bag on a lark, I'd been fighting a bit with my King LTD. Saw immediate results with the Fly-Z+, started hitting the ball distances I'd hadn't been seeing for a couple years. Earlier this season, was playing the FG Tour ball, the driver was set at 8.5* or 9* (similar with the Snell MTB Black, as well). When I'd gotten through the FG Tours, I switched to the Duo Professional. Due to the lower spin, lower launch, and ge
  8. Completely agree. He may have improved, but 91% wasn't attainable with conventional putting. IMHO of course. ?
  9. It's exactly as @baloo said, you can use any modern ball with persimmon. The new balls are softer than the rocks of Olde that were cracking so many clubheads. Edited to add: Louisville Golf had this question included in their FAQ for years, it's the primary source for my above comment. That said, I tend to use the softer models, like the Duo Pro, or the softer models of premium balls, like ZStar or TP5, over the X models of each. Just prefer the feel. All those years of playing Maxfli solid core wound balls left an imprint, I guess. ?
  10. I don't think it's the armlock that's improved his putting, at least not on its own; he's been doing that for a fair bit of time, and his putting stats have not always been good since switching to that method. I think it's the other aspects of his putting practice, the speed measures, the slope examinations, all of it. Putting has long been described by some as an art, I think hes showing it can be done effectively with pure science.
  11. 2nd Swing has a set of BeCu Eye2, 1-SW, never been hit, listed on their website for the low low price of $3,667.99. Disclaimer: not affiliated with 2nd Swing, other than as an occasional customer
  12. It's in a story on the WRX home page, "inside the bag of Bryson DeChambeau." His lofts are pretty jacked. 4i @ 18° 5i @ 22° 6i @ 25° 7i @ 29° 8i @ 33° 9i @ 37° P @ 42° G @ 47° (A S @ 52° L @ 58°
  13. It's an interesting video. ? If Tour Players were forced to play with Clubs of Olde, I think it's fair to say their average distance would decrease. I also think it wouldn't be as drastic as we see here, because they would adjust. There are lovely videos out there of Mr Fowler hitting persimmon on TrackMan, or Mr D. Johnson hitting Jack's driver for 318 yds, in spite of not actually "going after it." Point being, they would adjust. There would be a limit to how much adjustment could be made, but I firmly believe it would be better than we see in this video.
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