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  1. 100% I really found this out when I was using my Mizuno MS-11s. I switched to a ball (U Tri Extra Spin) that gave me a club and a half, maybe even two clubs, more distance with irons. I tried it with my Golden Rams, it was different. It was spin rates. The Golden Rams didn't spin as much as the Mizunos, and flew lower than the Mizunos, in spite of having more loft. The combination of lower spin with the higher flight gave me that distance bump. What it really means is that launch conditions aren't something native to only drivers. We tend to focus on drivers, but it's in play for everything. (optimums have different requirements, of course)
  2. Taking a little liberty by adding this to the wtf mix. Song is from 78, but video made in 1980
  3. That spin of the wound balls is the only real difference between them and the modern ball, if you remove the comparative lack of durability from the equation. When I found those HT-100s several years ago, it turned out they were fairly new. I was able to compare them directly against modern balls, and they compared very favorably. Off the tee on equivalent contact, there was a 4-6 yard difference in carry. The trick was having to change the equipment to allow for the greater spin rate. You had to work at it to get them to roll out like the Chrome+ or TP Black/TP Red I was playing at the time. And even then, it was iffy. That tends to follow the results of the ball tests that were done in the early 2000s. There really wasn't much difference. Phil can say he gained 30 yards off the tee as much as he wants, the driving distance stat says differently. Side note: I also mixed and matched drivers during that time; Fast 12 LS was the most used driver. My tee game distances were fairly similar from round to round, regardless of Adams vs Ping Zing vs HT100 vs Chrome+. I found it all very interesting. FWIW, I was around 110mph at the time, not quite Tour level, but not "avg amateur" either.
  4. The groove rule already gave us bifurcation, even if it is for a limited duration, through the end of 2023...
  5. Who said this should be a wholesale change?? Amateur baseball and softball players aren't required to use wood bats, yet MLB players are. Enforce the change for top levels comps, much as has been done with the groove rule for the past 11-12 seasons.
  6. I tend to agree with the sentiment, but I don't believe it's the distance that's killing the game. It's the relative lack of penalty for swinging out of your shoes that exists now. I know a lot about that in my own game. LOL Faldo has mentioned something along these lines, saying that tee game skill has been largely removed from the game. In times past, the natural self-limiting aspect to increased distance took care of itself, but that has all but disappeared. That lack of curve could be answered with a largish drop in the MOI limit. Remember how few pros used the SLDR, because they couldn't control it? Going to that level, or even a bit less, would get the job done IMHO. Some have pointed to the ball as the source of the "straightness," but those same balls were in the hands of pros who wouldn't play the SLDR due to the lack of control. Couple random thoughts in the middle of general ledger cutoff day...
  7. Back in the early golf forums days, there was discussion that *some* of the old Firestick shafts were actually tapered with a .342 tip diameter. It sounds as though you may have a set like this. I have a set of 70s Golden Ram iron clubheads that are similar to what you're seeing, I'm unable to get .355 shafts in the hosel. I'm guessing these were also .342. In tapered wood shafts, it seems they helped control the flex with the tip; regular were .277 tip while stiff were .294. Perhaps this is something along those lines? Purely a random guess. <shrug>
  8. I tend to look at MOI for forgiveness, and C Dimension for aligning with strike tendencies. It brings up something we don't always see discussed, how MOI and CG location work together. If you have a forgiving club, but your tendencies have you hitting the ball farther from the CG than a less forgiving club, you could see the two clubs appear opposite to what the MOI indicates in forgiveness terms. It's why the ISI didn't work for me. My primary miss has always been heelside, the ISI has a higher C-Dim... yeah, not so wonderful a combo. And blah blah blah
  9. This has been running along in my background processor for a few days... Back when I was playing my ISI set, I had a three week period where I was hitting my irons an extra club or more. Ridiculous distances for an out of shape 50something. At first, I wondered if I was seeing fliers, as some of the shots were out of the rough, but it was consistent for those three weeks from every lie, including tee. My contact pattern was a little higher on the face, but that was pretty normal for me, especially then. That distance disappeared after about three weeks to a month. I've wondered off and on if I was seeing that spin phenomenon. As I was thinking back to it, I remembered I switched golfballs around the time it disappeared. It might have been when I ran out of my stash of Chrome+ and moved to something else that I no longer remember; it's all speculation at that point. But, it seems logical that my clubs and choice of ball put me in that flier-no-flier extra distance zone, and my ball change may have helped move me out of it. I tried replicating it at 2nd Swing, but couldn't. Harder to hit higher on the face with mats. <shrug> I'm sure they thought I was yet another guy with a delusional distance outlook. LOL (it was also the session where my Golden Rams shined as a control club)
  10. There's a theory from Dave Tutelman that I've been using, as I work my way into the graphite world... As a nod to full club MOI, his suggestion is to take one third of the shaft weight reduction and add it back to the clubhead. I've dumbed that down for my own use, with the not quite accurate 2g = 1 swingweight point "rule of thumb" that we've all heard for decades. So, D2 with DGS300 at 130g, when installing 105g shafts into those clubs, I would be looking at 8.3g added per clubhead, which I translate to an extra 4 swingweight points. I lead taped those clubs to D7. For the MP20 HMB 2 iron I picked up with Steelfiber i95, I went to D8, may go another point higher. posted with apologies for those who are seeing me bring this up for the 39th time...
  11. i've noticed it easier to turn over my Original One. My assumption it has something to do with the CG being considerably closer to the shaft, just due to the difference between 275cc to 307cc and Death Star size.
  12. I just *have to* bring up, again, that my longest drive of the past five seasons, not cart path aided, was with a Zing Blonde laminate (green dot fwiw) with KT-M shaft. Yes, I had to do it. LOL
  13. 100% repeat, but I think this video is one of the best ever (and I really like the song), so I'm sharing it again
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