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  1. I didn't say he hit it 321, that was the length of the hole.
  2. Though there's not *really* a need to respond, I feel a need to add a comment anyway When I was younger, in my early days of golf forum participation, I discovered I had a bit of length. I had no perspective for comparison, only what I read online on the forum I'd joined. I swung around 111mph with driver in my early days, mentioning it as a comparative. Then I started meeting other golf forum nerds. First guy I met, quite a bit longer than me, even carried my tee shot by 50 yds. With a 3w. Meet another guy, he's about same length, low single digit. And anothe
  3. Ability to score isn't relevant in this discussion, its just about speed, swing and golfball. I've encountered players who meet this sort of profile that you are doubting. Its always surprising when you see a guy airmail a green from 195 with an 8 iron (Mizuno MS-11, if it matters). Maybe you just need to play with former or current hockey players. You haven't truly lived until you see a 12 year old hockey player hit a 260 yd drive with a smooth swing....
  4. Thats the nice thing about working with steel shafts. No problem pulling them.
  5. With that info.... I'd probably think about 1" tipping, maybe 2". I have to admit, I'm kind of guessing a bit. If you're making it 44" or longer, 1" should be enough (I think). Going shorter, which would require a fair bit of lead tape, I might think about 2". If you can leave it longer, and choke up in testing, that might be good, leaves you with room to go for more tipping, or just retrimming the length. Or, if you have more than one shaft, a backup is handy. Hope I'm not leading you down the path to nowhere.
  6. X200 is merely 3g heavier than X100, it's otherwise the same shaft, structurally. In theory, it would mean its a couple cpm stiffer than X100. If you would tip X100, I would say you could tip X200 a quarter inch to half inch less. Pretty small difference. ZZ Lite shafts have been rumored to be the old True Temper Extralite shaft, in X100 flex, but IMHO they don't play the same as Dynamic Gold X100; i think they play a bit softer. That said, I don't think you can use iron shaft flex to determine driver/wood shafts flex choice. Not everyone has the same gap between their irons s
  7. Definitely. When I was testing the Roo grip, I played in a drizzle for two or three holes. My ability to grip the club (sw) that had the Roo was improved in the light rain. Because the leather grips are expensive, I'd recommend testing with one or two to start.
  8. Another leather option is GripMaster grips. I'm choosing to go with GripMaster, and with the Roo grip, their tackiest. FWIW.
  9. If i may jump in.... Depends on how tacky you like. The Microperf grip is the tackiest in the Best Grips lineup. They have a couple other options that are a bit less tacky. Also, if you use grips with added tape layers to build them up a bit, Best Grips tend to be a slightly larger, with less taper; their standard size would suit you. Its due to something they call "Pro Taper." If you like standard size Lamkin or Pure Grips, the undersized versions might be your choice. I went with undersize for my test grips on that advice, it turned out to be a good choice.
  10. It's in the WRX bylaws.... it is *always* the club's fault. I vote for the new bag, and depending on whether you walk, use a pushcart, or ride, I say go big. Maybe not size, but with the figurative bells and whistles. I really like the idea of the leather grips mentioned by OsnolaKinard. If you play in higher humidity, or in damp conditions, they are simply awesome.
  11. Adding to this.... I didn't realize the USGA added an adjustment for those who have low number of scores. I had a 10 after three scores, but it was reduced to 8 thru this adjustment (-2). My 77 actually would give me a 7.1, but there's a -1 adjustment for only four scores. Looks like the adjustments are removed once I get 7 scores recorded. Which should be soon. Fun with handicapping!
  12. Been wondering what would happen to my handicap index after my Men's Club event last weekend. I found out just now. My 77 has earned me a 6.1 hdcp index. How wonderful. LOL Will be interesting seeing how I play this weekend, have another event coming up Saturday
  13. I do the same with hybrids. Part of the reason is continuity with irons, part is that iron shafts can be found at heavier weights, which I prefer.
  14. Tipping depends on who is giving you the info, and what you're trying to accomplish in terms of flex. When they still existed as a distinct company, Dynacraft used to suggest tipping DG wood shafts 1" for standard bore installations, and no tipping it was a bore thru install. I've tended to stick with those instructions over the years. Where it gets more complex is what flex you're trying to accomplish. One reason for this is the change in the 90s to the shaft trimming instructions for DG wood shafts. And, the switch from tapered wood shafts to parallel wood shafts i
  15. The best source would be ShotLink data, what they've actually done on the course. Requires a subscription, I believe, which is a bit of a stumbling block.
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