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  1. My Original One currently has an NV75 in it, and a couple months ago, I put a Motore Speeder 6.2 in it for a few weeks. Might play around with a Phenom NL next. Old school
  2. Once hickory gave way to steel, and the muscleback irons were being put into play, it seems lofts crept forward about a club or so. That's also what created the "Pitching Iron."
  3. A discussion on Schwarzeneggerian cinema is not what I expected when I clicked on this thread...
  4. They could be Muirfields or VIPs. The signature stamp on the muscle suggests Muirfields, the TF1991 suggests VIP. Adding all that together, I wonder if they were a Personal Model that someone spent big money on, back in the early 90s. MacGregor's Personal program was well known, in their day. You could get anything, if you wanted to spend the money.
  5. It's an interesting irony. I think it's closer to say that 460cc drivers are an aid to those who have difficulty making contact with a more reasonably sized clubhead.
  6. I probably wouldn't call the 430 a mini, but I'm detecting the aroma of your culinary efforts. I've always found it interesting that the SLDR 430 is more forgiving than the SLDR 460...
  7. Seems a good time to share a bit more profile data. I included the now gone RIP Tour, and threw in KBS Tour stiff for the heck of it.
  8. The potential issue with the older heads is they were produced with earlier design concepts. It's surprising how many older clubheads were made with a higher CG in an attempt to provide results for higher speed/trajectory players. Which is no bueno. The clubhead designers now better understand what creates low spin. The 300 Mini design, and that of the Original One before it, benefit from that understanding. and blah blah blah
  9. Both of those are listed on their website under the Contact Us page, as of 2 minutes ago. I think it's as good a bet as any.
  10. As I was posting that data above, I wondered if perhaps some of the "feels stiff to flex" comments could be based on those who have tried i95 Stiff, and happen to be sensitive to butt flex more than other profiles of the shaft? It's an off the cuff SWAG theory, but wanted to toss it out there. I also recognize that 36" reading for i95 stiff could be aberrational.
  11. The Wishon Shaft Profile data shows the i95 Stiff is very close to DGS300. And, the i95 Regular is close to DGR. Here's the data I've picked up over the years:
  12. That's a surprise. It used to be a bit higher, as I remember. If you do give that a go, good luck. (if you don't, still wishing you good luck, LOL)
  13. One of my friends is about the same size, and only a year or two younger, I get to see it all the time. He's actually trying to take a bit off because control is an issue for him with the longer sticks. The senior comment is great. LOL What's fun to watch sometimes, and maybe it's a Minnesota thing, is the distance I see from hockey players. They're always in the upper tier in their age groups. PS I'm missing my age 56 distance, and I'm only 58.
  14. I'm surprised someone hasn't already chimed in to say you must be exaggerating, or even lying, because they've never played with anyone at their local public course who hits the ball like that. FWIW, I'm not doubting you. I thought it might be obvious, but figured I'd better be even more obvious.
  15. It's hard to quantify, but I'd say slightly less. It's still at or near the top for spin, and it still sticks like velcro. They did fix the ballspeed issue, where the v1 was a bit slower than most others. But if higher spin hurts one's game, v2 isn't going to be appreciably different that way. As a pointless example that won't really help: Was playing a scramble yesterday. Had a 70 yd wedge shot to a green. Hit a partial 53* that's my usual shot for that distance, the ball hit and sat down within a couple feet. The hardest part for me at the moment when putting these in play is adapting to the feel, especially in October Minnesota temperatures. I've been playing Duo Pro and Chrome Soft, both of which are considerably softer. It's not that the KSig is firm, just firmer than what I've been playing.
  16. I set aside the first iteration for the same reason. Kept it primarily for Classic rounds with persimmons or laminates. Might do the same thing with the v2 I just bought...
  17. Of currently available products, the Cobra RF forged or RF Protos would fit what you're looking for, at 0.64 mm. The Sub70 649 Tours have slightly less offset than the Cobras, 0.5 mm, and have the benefit of being close to half the price. If you want the godfather of no offset blades, and don't mind weaker lofts and older sets, I would suggest looking for Tommy Armour 986 Tours. They are legendary for their lack of offset. They may actually have onset. They were produced from 1986-1995, not the easiest to find, but there are sets out there. The lofts are such that they have a 50* PW which makes most folks back away these days, LOL. Adding an image of a 986 Tour clubhead at address. The carpet fibers obscure the leading edge slightly, but it should give you an idea.
  18. Afraid NV105 are in the same place as the RIP Tours, long discontinued. The new NV95 are promising, but they're parallel...
  19. If the RIP 90s are like the 115s, F3 in Recoil isn't going to get it done. The RIP Tours are a flex stiffer than rated. I have RIP Tour 115 R in a set of irons, they're stiffer than the NV105 S I have in another set.
  20. A few things to unpack in your post... First, current clubs. Rifle 5.5 is essentially Stiff flex. It's a softer stiff than DGS300, but it was still regarded as "stiff" in its day. Distance isn't a great determinant for necessary flex, but based on your post, it sounds like you need to drop down a bit. In looking at new shafts, with the aches and pains you've described, some form of vibration reduction seems a good choice. Graphite is a good option. Sensicore has been set aside, but True Temper has a replacement in the VSS they're using in the Elevate shafts. And there are the ProSoft inserts as an option. IMHO graphite is the best choice, but I say that not having hit the Elevate shafts. Shaft weight is a big variable. You may need a softer flex, but it doesn't necessarily mean you need a lighter shaft. Flex and weight are sometimes tied together, but they shouldn't be in all cases. The Rifle 5.5 was around 124-125g, dropping to some of the lighter weight graphite options may or may not be an issue for you. Going from 120something grams to 80g is a big change. This is where a good fitter comes in. A proper fitting job will explore all of these variables. What works for others may or may not work for you. Distance loss comes to us all. Father Time is the undefeated champion, after all.
  21. An interesting story about Jack and the MacGregor ball... Years ago, when 2nd Swing stores were in their initial incarnation, and expanding around the country, I would visit several of the stores to check out the assorted toys. Especially the older blades. At the store in Burnsville, MN, there happened to be an older gentleman working there. Had several conversations with him over a year or two. He was a retired MacGregor tour rep. Enjoyed telling stories about worming for MacGregor, still had a velvet cushioned box that contained samples of clubheads available in the Personal Program. One day, we were talking about something or another, and the golf ball came up. I brought up the common line of thought about Jack and the ball, he won in spite of it, etc. He got a sly little smile on his face and told me about a trip he'd made to the Titleist ball plant. Was being given a tour of the manufacturing process, watching product in varying stages, all the fun. He sees balls coming through the stamping line, getting the logo and number. The balls are being stamped "MacGregor" however, not Titleist. He asked about it, was told these were balls being made for Jack. I found that very interesting.
  22. Amusingly, if you search on ebay, there's a Dynacraft 1030 8 iron CB head out there. Not sure I should be posting ebay links, so I'll just reference it. Disclaimer: not my listing, and I have no affiliation with seller
  23. There have been a couple examples of cast 1020 / 1025 / 1030 clubheads in the component world. I have a set of Purefit blades that are cast 1020, and Dynacraft had 1030 CB and Blade clubheads for sale a decade and a half ago, before their merger/acquisition with/by Hireko. Likely problematic finding examples of either now, if one were looking to perform a comparative test.
  24. I have several extra sets of irons, a couple of which are head-only. I use these as test subjects for shafts. Some still have the shafts I was testing five years ago. I found the extra sets especially helpful when exploring the world of graphite iron shafts.
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