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  1. They look great, but I just can’t bring myself to play Cobra for some reason.
  2. I would like to see a side view of Tiger’s grind. It looks like the high bounce angle on the leading edge is because it is “killed” and the heel is ground to get the leading edge to sit low to the ground when opened.
  3. Kind of partial to that grind. I have wanted Vokey to put out a P grind wedge but it isn’t going to happen.
  4. Have a Callaway Apex 3 iron with a 2 iron shaft in it. Works well for me.
  5. Cartersville, GA, You can search for him on Google or Facebook for the details. He was very responsive and accommodating. His rate isn’t cheap but it was worth every penny to get the GEARS analysis done.
  6. Very interesting placement of the weights. Will be interested to see how they perform.
  7. I saw Mike and he is just a good dude.
  8. Haha very funny. Actually had everything to do with the direction my pelvis was moving during the takeaway. I was early extending on the takeaway and I had no choice but to swing down steeply. My club path was 2 degrees left of my shoulders at impact, so I was being penalized for having a square to path relationship with the club face. There is NO way that gets picked up on video or a pressure mat. The compensating moves would only allow for a bleeding fade. Could not properly draw the ball at all. Now that we understand the real cause of the issue I know exactly what needs to be done to improve. With GEARS we could measure exactly how the drills and feelings addressed the problem. Like I said, I have worked with two very reputable instructors and neither of them could figure it out.
  9. I like DL3 but his on air debut was not a success for all of the reasons cited above. If CBS did not have Jim Nantz and Dottie Pepper they would be the equivalent of the old ABC crew in golf broadcasting. NBC is the lead dog and it isn't currently close.
  10. I have a tungsten carbide wedding ring with a comfort fit (beveled edges) and never take it off. Once you get used to it being there, it will have no impact on the way a golf club feels in your hand. Been married for 23 years and have never taken off my ring to play golf.
  11. Tried on a pair the other day and really liked the way they fit. Will order a pair soon so I can make sure I get the correct size.
  12. Those fairway woods look pretty dang good. Too bad I have a bunch of money in the shafts in my M5's or I would seriously consider these.
  13. Amen to that. I have been asking someone who is on Ping's consulting staff if any new releases have been coming but he does not have any info that he can share.
  14. If you guys ever have a chance to work with Shawn Webb or Mike Granato to get a GEARS analysis of your swing, by all means do it! I saw Mike this past Saturday and was blown away with what he was able to show me about MY swing and how the things I was doing was causing a shot pattern I did not like. I am a +3 handicap, but had a straight left miss that was driving me nuts. Nobody, including a current Top 25 instructor and another one who is has a very hot name in the golfing world right now, has been able to figure out what was causing that miss. Awesome, awesome stuff.
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