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  1. i normally did have hands away in backswing and when coming into the the ball they went out toward the ball, which is causing my flip i believe and coming up on the ball too early. i know it's prob lowpoint control. watched something on one pro say to get hands to come more in and not to chase down the line as that would give you shanks and heel shots. even little pitch shots in my living room i'm just hitting a portion of the ball and skulling it.
  2. I always hit thin shorts....iron and woods. Barely get a groove sometime Prob raising my arms up coming into and through ball with extension or something. Would a thought possibly be as simple as saying to myself as "hit with top or topline" of the club, or any other suggestions?
  3. I would assume the Blue, but would love to go through the actual fitting for something more accurate. Great opportunity.
  4. 1. City and State? St. Louis, Mo 2. Handicap? 7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Current Iron setup? Bridgestone J40 dpc 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying new irons? looks, soft feel 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? yes
  5. I am having an issue hitting full shots. I get the typical hump/early release and thus standing up/out of shots and hitting generally thin shots, even with driver. I really don't have any issue hitting a stinger type, hard punch shot, but just can't get into same position with full swing. i am so ball focused, i sometimes really don't feel much follow through, maybe because i don't even try to thinking i would be more off balanced. any suggestions? thanks
  6. I was watching txg video on a fitting and they say older clubs past 5 years old are using old technology. I currently have j40 pocket cavities .I was wondering if I am missing anything with the newer clubs? I am digging the srixon 585 though. What am I missing with my older set? Is it mostly just the Springer hotter faces of new?
  7. For me it was the Scratch EZ-1 irons. bigger than expected and not as nice and soft feeling as the reviews claimed.
  8. Have they ever come up with a Driver fitting shaft optimizer?
  9. thanks for the suggestion. i will look for them. currently my golf galaxy doesn't even have the st plus hybrid(or at least doesn't say so online).
  10. I got the st190 just a couple months ago mainly due to great deal on it, but also the fact from a thread asking about balls hit lower on the face that this driver works out pretty good on low hit shots, which tends to be my tendency. haven't hit it much at all yet though. the st200 has a 12 gram back weight, while the 190 is only 5 grams. would bumping that up to the 12 give a sim moi as the 200 perhaps by doing that and give slightly more forgiveness to the 190?
  11. Filled out the questionnaire for the free grip. tried to predict it would determine the ST plus hybrid but it came back sonar tour and two others. Will they (golf galaxy) likely give any grip I would want or think i'd be limited to what it recommends?
  12. Thanks, and I will look at them, but even finding those suggestions pricewise about same as the plus 4. looking for less expensive alternative with sim feel.
  13. I've seen a thread like this several years back, but looking for updated suggestions. I do like the feel of the golfpride mcc plus 4 grips, but like others say, i am looking for a price effective alternative. Any suggestions? How bad or what difference really is there in the ebay cheap versions that advertise it as the mcc? Currently i have Lamkin Z5 grips. Like them ok, but do like the plus4 better....maybe because it is a tad softer. Thanks,
  14. what is it that didn't work with the 190 for you? was the st200 that much better in distance perhaps? just curious. picked up an st190 for 1/3 price of the st200...only had chance once to hit on course and i do like it better than my old cobra f8. for the price i guess i couldn't beat it, but just wonder how much better the 200 could be? mizuno talks about raising moi so I'm almost thinking of just adding about 6 grams to the current backweight to bring it to what mizuno has in the 200 and see if that does much. Thanks
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