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  1. went with t-100 because I've always played traditional lofts and these haven't given me any reason to change that. Pretty high launching but still can hit knock downs when need be
  2. the t-100 are worth the wait, best irons I've ever hit
  3. Guess it would come down to how often you need a 3-wood to hit par 5's in 2, if you never need it then crank the degrees down
  4. how often are you needing to hit 3 wood over 280? If it's a tee shot you caa just swing smooth w/ driver and take a easy 20-30 yards off it
  5. all you need to know is the vokey crew was part of the design process and they're amazing, variable from heel to toe
  6. That's why I have the Tsi2 for my 5-wood. Can get the loft dialed into the course you play the most and use it as a par 5 weapon, nice compact head as well. Tsi3 is amazing off the tee
  7. thanks for the heads up on tgw, just ordered one and actually hoping it's the black version
  8. Might be worth calling Titleist (or having the fitter call them) to see what the hold up is, could be that they were in stock at the fitting but 4-5 weeks later when everything else was ready to go they were backordered MP-4, and the t-100 are awesome. Really nice turf interaction and look like blades at address but I can get away with slightly mis-hit shots noticeably better, pretty much exactly what I want from a iron. Not as pure a feel from flushed shots but it's plenty good enough for me. Haven't noticed any significant difference in ball flight or workability but I don't usually try to work the ball a lot unless I have to (gimmie a straight ball all day long), can hit knock downs to stay out of the wind just fine
  9. wow I wonder why I got mine quicker then you since it's the same order, maybe you went with grips that aren't available?
  10. mizuno mp-4 to t-100 haven't had the t-100 long but they're a great replacement for blades so far, that little bit more forgiveness on mis-hit shots while still feeling great and looking blade-like at address (you can just see the back of the club with 3 and 4 iron at address tho, personally I like it cause confidence booster)
  11. the shaft is gunna make more of a difference then the head nowadays
  12. They arrived! ~4 weeks total, t-100 heads with x-100 tour issue So nice, man these are pretty irons
  13. tofur99

    Tsi3 driver

    yeah ordered mine with +4g along with the tensei white raw 85g, definitely the heaviest feeling modern driver I've ever swung which is what I was looking for.
  14. yeah I'm running the tensei raw white 85g in Tsi driver 3-wood and 5-wood with +4g in the heads, absolutely love how it feels but I've always been a sucker for heavy clubs so other's mileage may vary
  15. that's what I was told about the heads a week or two ago and now they're headed my way, the supply chain crisis is real
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