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  1. Called my Head Pro and asked him a question on availability on a M4. He told me TM had shipped the remaining stock and from the factory there was very limited availability. Calloway just dropped the pricing any timeframe from TD?
  2. The WITB we deserve.... Such a cool bag - what are under the headcovers? The head covers are from Sun Mountain.
  3. I’ve been looking for a new set up to add a bit of distance and accuracy in my iron game. I got fit and here is the outcome. New setup Taylormade Black P790 with Vokey SM7 Black 54S and 58D Pure Grips logo down with Accra iSeries shafts Going the extra inch - custom color: Black on Black And of course you have to have the shafts pured.
  4. I would recommend you get a great fitter first. My last set was 4 years ago and I just spent the last 4 months with three fitters to review their fitting method and input. 90% was the shafts 10% heads. I wanted a particular head shaft combination but it just wouldn’t perform based on me. To my chagrin the winner is Black TM 790’s with Accra 70i shaft 5 - AW with Vokey 54S and 58D Accra 80i
  5. I have played Titleist golf balls since the 100 and 90 Professional days. For what’s it worth this an exceptional ball. It’s not a Pro V or a Tour Soft. As compared to a Pro V it has less side spin and is more likely to go straight (very difficult to work the ball without major club face or swing path manipulation). As compared to a Tour Soft it does play different. Off a 8 iron, the carry is about the same (both 1/3 club longer that the Pro V) but the roll out is totally different. The Tour Soft rolls out 3 to 4 yards. The Pro V maybe 1 yard, the AVX rolls out a yard or 2. AVX 1. Goes straight (difficulty to work the ball) 2. A bit longer than a Pro V 3. A players ball on the greens. Pro V 1. Workable 2. Great around the greens - very predictable. Tour Soft. 1. Very durable 2. Great distance 3. Great value for its playability around the greens.
  6. 2004 Scotty Futura - I can not remember the last time it missed a put that mattered. I can not say the same about myself though.
  7. I purchased a Zepp sensor and downloaded the App and found it to be a nice swing training aid. I recommend it to a few of my PGA Teaching Professionals and kids on my high school golf team. On Monday they scammed me and now I'm upset and want the golfing community to know as not to get involved these guys. If you purchase their products the self life is very short. The Zepp 1 was only out a short time and the company launches Zepp 2. The technology is the same with the addition of a course mode with Zepp 2. They could have did a software update to Zepp 1 and be done with it. I asked if I could upgrade and their answer was - No! Great customer service - down $150 - my GolfWRX friends stay away! @Zepplabs is a rip off. Go Cubs
  8. He started to switched the summer of his Junior year in High School. He played both for a while and switched for his Senior golf season.
  9. Miss Wie you do not understand how bad you are playing. The very "fine line" is 13 shots. Your camp is not telling you the truth. The only one who knows what is going on is Nike. They know they spent $10,000,000.00 on a "sure bet" to find out your camp is wacked and so are you. I hope the person who inked your deal still has a job.
  10. Michelle Wie Honolulu, Hawaii Position Total Hole Today T92 +11 F +11 5 4 3 4 3 4 4 4 4 35 5 4 4 3 4 5 3 4 4 36 71 5 5 3 5 4 4 5 4 3 38 5 5 5 3 6 6 4 5 5 44 82 Average Drive 250.0 Percentage 4/14 29% Greens in Regulation Percentage 4/18 22% Putts Per Hole 32/18 1.78 Par 3's +2 +2 Par 4's +8 +8 Par 5's +1 +1
  11. Wie at +9 /16 T73 looks like a trunk slam and back to Hawaii.
  12. Hey bggolfing, If you want to balance the weight you might think of doing it this way. Balance Certified. The company is not run very well but the product is great.
  13. progolf4life what is a Ping Hoofer Vantage Hayes Pacers Team Bag Orange/Black ?
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