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  1. NO WAY should these be an Asia-only drop as the IG post seems to suggest https://www.instagram.com/p/CHNXAXOnnJO/
  2. Now that you need to have a tee time booked before you can even show up at the course, it seems to be harder and harder to book on the course's site or whatever 3rd party a course has contracted with to handle their online tee time reservations. As an example for what I experienced just this past week: LA city courses allow reservations on Thursday for Saturday of the following week. Log in at 6a and by the time I get through due to site traffic, almost all of the early AM times are gone at the more popular LA courses Los Verdes allows 7 days in advance starting at 5a. Log in on Sa
  3. If a signature athlete got signed, they’ll probably want to have a line developed around them and there in lies a potential issue. Will the athlete be content with wearing a line of retro-themed Js which is what the majority of golf consumers wants or does NG/JB roll the dice investing in developing a whole line for the athlete, which may not move product in the marketplace?
  4. Based on the track record of TPTB at Nike Golf giving us what we really want to buy, I’d say it’s .001% chance of the golf AJIV getting released.
  5. can anyone kindly give me a tl;dr on the original ksig 4-piece ball? i found a few boxes during a garage cleaning and am wondering if they're still good for play. for reference, i normally play the tp5x and loaded up on the 2018 version when they went on sale. thanks!
  6. i was in there right when i got the j23 notification for cool grey, carted a size 11, but before i could complete checkout product was already sold out. bots won this restock
  7. i've worn them to play over a dozen times. i wipe them down after the round, sometimes needs a little elbow grease with a wet towel for some stains and they still look as good as new. the only part that shows wear are the laces, but that's an easy swap.
  8. Los Serranos opens on Friday and now accepting reservations on their site. Go get 'em!
  9. mine didn't squeak. nike's return/refund policy is very generous so you have about 30 days to try them out to see if it goes away.
  10. the 1s, 3s, 6s, 9s, 11s, and 13s are all good examples of retros altered to make them more appropriate for golf. i still consider those to be based on "authentic" retros. Not complaining since I still like these 5s and will keep them in the rotation. was just agreeing that not much more thought was put into making it a golf shoe other than having spikes on the sole.
  11. it was mentioned a few pages back that it seemed that no real thought went into creating a golf specific design for the 5s. like all they did was just screw golf spikes into the sole of the retro jordan 5 low and called it a day. even though i really like these, played 2 rounds already with them and haven't had any issues, i agree with the previous poster. compare these for yourselfhttps://www.kicksonfire.com/air-jordan-5-low-fire-red-official-images/https://www.kicksonfire.com/air-jordan-5-low-golf-fire-red-official-images/
  12. looks like ndc is prepping the reserve invites.https://twitter.com/J23app/status/1232461474402095104?s=20
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