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  1. February 11th (0211) the 0211ST are suppose to drop. Heard there's potentially a 0211FB dropping at some point. Stay tuned!
  2. They're GI clubs like their 0311 XP line. There will be more 0211 irons coming in a few weeks. 0211 will be a service line like 0311 currently.
  3. False! I've been able to play to OG for up to 10 rounds in the past. With this thinking, I guess there's an awful lot of Pro V1 iterations which stink. Banging balls off trees and cart paths will mark up any ball.
  4. Only triple forged?...Blah!!!...5X forged or bust baby...Joking aside, clean, simple and look good...
  5. Huh, I've never been charged by a PXG fitter locally or at HQ.
  6. Good info! I'd suggest stop buying drivers "blind" and take advantage of their local fitters. It's free! But if you're inner ho makes you pull the trigger first, very understandable, you can always ring them up after the purchase to get a spec check and get dialed in.
  7. Just my .02, I wouldn't count on Gen4 irons being released until later this year or early next. We're at the 2 yr. window for the woods, but the irons won't be until 2022. No one at PXG has confirmed irons, just woods.
  8. All the dislike comments crack me up. 90% of these people probably said the same thing about the white R11 released 10 years ago which btw became the #1 driver by the end of the year. It didn't get there by itself! Anyway, hearing these are producing some incredible numbers. I can't wait to get my fitting set up.
  9. They tweeked the face slightly from Gen2. Fitter mentioned last night April as of now. Consistent with Bob's insta comment a few weeks ago.
  10. I like the two tone. Going to need to be really special to knock out the Proto X. Will pick up a 3 & 5 for sure if they perform. My O&D needs to get here soon. Wish they made center shafted. Need an Iron thread with better pics of the drawer. Are those Gen4 or the rumored 0211 FB/ST?
  11. They have potential, but the colorway shown up top is just awful...
  12. They are a modern version of the Ping s55. When I got my Gen3 T last year, I compared my two sets and they're exactly the same size. I posted the pics in one of the PXG threads as well. s55 are not very big and have been a staple in a lot of Ping players bags in the past. You will not go wrong with Gen3 0311T. Just call the local fitter and go hit some and decide whether or not you like them.
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