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  1. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/vice-expands-urethane-cover-ball-lineup-to-include-value-conscio
  2. Yes, grabbing market share and no middlemen to deal with since DTC, allows them to adjust pricing...I paired my Gen4 X with a Graphite Design Tour AD BB which I've had for years and its a straight bomber...
  3. I don't think the bounce is high. All single digits until the PW at 10. They slice right through the turf and are awesome out of deep rough. Hidden gem IMO.
  4. Funny how people can't take valid criticism of a company's new club...I never once said it was a distance club... All I said was making it power spec isn't going to add 15 yards difference...Strengthening a club one or two degrees is only going to add three to six yards for most people, depending on how much you strengthen it, therefore your product has potential issues compared to competitors, which should not be overlooked when deciding to whether or not to purchase...
  5. Dispersion is driven by many factors, just not the club head. Hitting the 6-iron instead of a 7-iron into a green is awesome, said no one ever...SMH!
  6. I don't understand why someone would want to make golf harder for them. Plenty of players irons which perform better than these have shown to perform. Slow ball speeds equal less yardage and longer approaches. Your money, spend it however you want. Good luck!
  7. Power spec isn't going to make up 15 yards. I've hit these and they did not produce good distance numbers. Other reviews on the internet show the same findings as me. Overall, that's a big concern I feel people are glossing over because they are the new flavor of the month. It shouldn't be!
  8. That would be way too soft...More like a pured range ball in 40 degree weather...Click!!!
  9. The difference in loft, may impact it 5 - 6 yards. Couple it with the increased ball speed and you could easily get to the numbers I was seeing. Point being, why spend that money on i59 or even Gen4 right now, when Gen3 holds it's own IMO.
  10. Put my Gen3 up 7i against the Ping i59 7i today at PGASS with identical shafts. They're basically the same club head size with very slight differences. I was seeing 10 to 12 yards more carry with faster ball speeds by 2-3 mph off the Gen3. The i59 had a slightly firmer feel, but felt dead with no pop off the club face. Going to revisit Gen4 irons at some point, but in no rush since Gen3 are very good IMO.
  11. I know I know...If they were, I'd scoop them up...Just going to wait a little longer for the 0311 ST Xtreme Dark to hit my "motivation" point...
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