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  1. Gonna pick one up to continue troll of buddies...They are "thrilled" when they lose money to the OG K-Sig...
  2. Costco is saying in Golfwrx story 3 piece in November, 4 piece in 2021. I wonder which is true!
  3. snagy2000

    2020 US Open

    Looks like Branden Grace.
  4. CPG is now affiliated with Outkick...
  5. Why would you think they use hot melt? The Protos are designed for different weights to be put in the head to help with various ball flights and swing weight. Looks like the 3 wood is designed the same way. For those buying PXG clubs, I would suggest getting fit by one of their local fitters if you're worried about dialing in stuff like swing weight.
  6. I bought the Gold ones last year to use chipping/putting and in my hitting bay. Took them out to course once and they were hard to see on the ground. Pretty sure the black would be even harder to find.
  7. snagy2000

    Pxg gen 2

    I'm partial to the Mustang style putter over the other PXG offerings. I like the smaller head profile, plus the performance and feel for me are outstanding. Look good, feel good, play good!!!
  8. snagy2000

    Pxg gen 2

    Lydia Ko has a black Gen 2 Lucky D center shafted putter in play at the ANA.
  9. 2021 eta early October. I've searched for a catalog, no luck yet.
  10. Happy, yes. Weight, not one bit. Just better pocket space to keep the little items I do carry. The straps on the 3.5 are a lot better than the 2.5, easier to get on and off.
  11. Vice Pro Plus feel and perform great for me, I can't say the same for the Snell's I've tried. The new 2020 Vice Pro Plus is an improved ball which I'm seeing more distance off the tee. I believe the bigger core is leading to these results. With either four-piece ball you're not going to get a considerable amount of performance difference from one ball to the next, just get the one which feels and performs best for you.
  12. I made the switch last year into the 3.5 LS after using the SM 2.5 for their first 2 generations. Main reason was the straps are better, you don't need to upgrade them. As far as using them on push carts, works great although it seems to move around more on my Clicgear 3.5+ than it does on my Caddytek. This is due to the Clicgear strap design and not a bag issue.
  13. Thinking about playing Hyatt Hill Country, any feedback on courses current conditions?
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