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  1. For $449 usd currently, it's a no brainer over all the other brands.
  2. New Battle Ready putters Spitfire and Closer available.
  3. Buchanan Fields in Concord may or may not. Its been a while since I left CA.
  4. Just bought some 0211st to play around with versus my Gen3 T. Wonder when the Gen4 st will be released.
  5. Call their customer service number and report the issue and provide tracking number. They will send a tracer to locate the package at last known spot and get it moving within a few days. Just happened to me within the last 2 weeks. If for some reason its MIA, then you have to follow their claim procedure based on method of shipment. Taking an unnecessary risk refunding the money so soon and not giving it more time to play out IMO. Good luck!
  6. John Hatfield built me this 0418C. Its amazing, highly recommend visiting him at Artisan Golf in Ft. Worth.
  7. I've never seen the arm lock available for sale on the website. Just give them a call.
  8. USPS is still a hot mess. Recently sent a package to a buyer 4 hrs. from me via priority and it took a week to be delivered, while a package sent at the same time, by standard mail, to SOCAL took 2 days. Going forward, I'm only sending UPS/FEDEX. So all the nickle and dimmers on BST best not be asking for their standard $5/$10 off BS per usual cause I'm saying no. I got shipping to pay! LOL
  9. Looks like L.A.B Directed Force tech putter.
  10. TTS for me. I just got a shipping notification from FJ this evening. Looks like backordered no longer.
  11. May Costco Connection has nothing regarding golf. They're, new 4pc., either stuck at sea or they found problems during testing and had to scrub them before release.
  12. AK is getting paid a lot not to play, otherwise he'd still be out there.
  13. The navy Hyperflex Boa look great in person. PGASS had them in stock today.
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