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  1. I was a backer for V1 and V2 and still rotate between both as I log 125+ rounds annually. Both versions are good IMO, however I don't use the TFS in V2 because I prefer the remote and its easy to operate. Both units have held up well and I haven't needed to replace any parts except for the pads on V1 brackets due to wear and tear from pulling the cart will getting a ride in once. For cart(s), I've mostly used a Caddytek 4 wheel and Clicgear 3.5+. Both carts work great, but the wheelie bars are needed on the Clicgear for steeper hills due to the top heaviness of the cart. I recently sidelined the Caddytek 4 wheel due to wear and tear for the Caddytek 3 wheel swivel and couldn't be happier. Caddytek carts are very underrated IMO.
  2. Roegels BBQ on South Voss (https://roegelsbarbecue.com/)
  3. LOL, says arrival Thursday...
  4. Little more info on XF fairway & hybrid lines... https://www.golfdigest.com/story/pxg-gen4-fairway-woods--hybrids-add-forgiveness-and-rails-with-x
  5. I have Gen1 Mustang C and it's nice, but for some reason the Spitfire is catching my eye for center shaft. Upon further review, I'll probably go that route or Bat Attack over the other two. Also have a brand new Stability shaft I was eventually going to drop into the Gen1, but now I'll hold off and plop it into whichever BR I go with.
  6. Narrowed it down to Mustang, Spitfire, Bat Attack and One & Done. I don't like long aiming lines, so this eliminates mostly all the other BR putters.
  7. John is outstanding at his craft. The in-person fitting was awesome and produced the best putter I've ever owned. I ended up getting a 0418C with a stability shaft (pics are in another thread). Long putts outside 10 feet stop right by the hole or drop in. It's weighted wonderfully and my confidence with it is off the charts.
  8. There's going to be a ball shortage, well for non-wrxers that is, play the card when questioned...
  9. I'll take comparison photos when mine arrives. Their verbiage indicates face is larger & taller, but we shall see.
  10. As long as they stay away from the Houston area, I won't get served with a retail restraining order...New equipment releases, more retail stores definitely signs of a struggling company...
  11. Gen4 with AD DI 7 opened 1 1/2 to 13.5. Its a bomber! I'll open this as well. If I can get nearly same distance with a little more forgiveness, me will be very happy!
  12. Same here, will put it up against the X...
  13. Just when I thought I wasn't buying anything else for a while...Who was I trying to kid...
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