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  1. I'd be curious to go back and look at the Taylormade Tour Spider thread when the first images went public. I think once could argue that putter changed the game. I've always been a newport/monterey guy, but I love the Tour Spider and I can't find anything that makes more putts. It took a lot to get used to looking at, but now its pure confidence. That said, the quality of the materials and how its manufactured leave a lot to be desired. Say what you want about Cameron, the quality and attention to detail are never compromised... whether you like the styling or not. Now back to the regul
  2. Curious on this as well. TM Tour Spider is listed as 38*... assuming somewhere in that ballpark??
  3. I agree the paintfill is a little tacky, but its a fully machined flow neck mallet. I think Toulon is making one, but other than that the most popular Callaway and TM models are all made of cast material offshore. I think perhaps a raw stainless finish may have looked a little more premium, but for those of us that like the quality of a fully machined putter like a Cameron or Bettinardi but want the performance flow neck mallet, this hits the mark. Now to see if my pro can get his hands on one and what the price tag looks like. Guessing $600 range?
  4. ...a sprinkler head perhaps? Maybe a tree? Looks like it wasn't a clean break either way, LOL Custom neck from ping WRX. I think the story goes they took a long neck and took a chunk out to get the weight and toe flow correct. The info is on hear somewhere. Kinda hoping this is the year a lefty finally wins the US Open. Been a minute I hadn't read that, but it makes sense. I'm surprised they couldn't just mill something for him to those specs, but I assume they know what they're doing. FWIW, I prefer the narrative of him smoking it on a tree and having to have it repaired:) Agree
  5. That putter looks like it has two different necks welded together. There's evidence of a weld and the mill marks go different directions. Seems kind of odd though... can't image what would be behind that??
  6. Coming from years of unpainted stainless putters the first thing I have noticed it the paint on the bottom showing wear after the first few rounds. Our greens have also been sanded and I'm getting sand stuck in the groove and the face is getting some wear which I don't see on stainless putters. Overall I don't think it will be a problem but its certainly going to show wear on the sole more than any unpainted/coated putter. I also carry my bag and more concerning is the rubbing marks on the shaft and I can't see the black holding up at the point where it rubs in the bag. I have the black Sp
  7. Pretty sad story. I had not heard the story of how Tom Watson and Jack confronted and then help Feherty... for me this somehow captures a part of why golf is so special. Not that it couldn't happen in the NBA or NFL, but the brotherhood and camaraderie from the PGA Tour to the local club is unique. Thoughts with David and his family! http://www.rollingst...d-at-29-w495452
  8. I would personally prefer a flow neck like the 2.5... doesn't need to be welded to achieve the same look. He did make the head 10% smaller though, so not necessarily recycled parts. It also sounds like they feel like the bent shaft is a "more elegant" look. I'll be curious to see if the guys playing welded neck putters jump to this slightly smaller head... then which shaft setup. The article from Cameron is below FWIW. https://www.scottycameron.com/articles/titleist-introduces-new-scotty-cameron-futura-55m/
  9. I think I might send my off to have it done as the result looks great. Would you mind commenting and how you found the change and is the improvement worth the effort? I had been waiting on the spider release as I'd been a 1.5 neck guy forever. I was a little underwhelmed when I rolled the spider. About that time, Thomas was going nuts in Hawaii. I had used Slighter before- he turned my Kingston KP1 into a 1.5 neck. It's an awesome putter, couldn't be happier. Tom spec'd it out just exactly as ordered. Two observations - it told a while to find a grip that really made it come
  10. It took about a week and he charged me ~$350 for the modification, full refinish, the added sight line, and paintfill. Its a Futura X5R, specifically its the older (2015 I think) because it has the SST body/face. The newer models have the aluminum face which feels too soft for me. His website is http://www.slightergolf.com/, but if you check out his FB page, there's a lot of examples of his work. I'll PM his e-mail address.
  11. I've been using a TM Tour Spider for a couple months now and while I love the flow neck mallet and think its perfect for getting putts started on line, I've struggled a little bit to get the speed down from long-range. (DJ, Rahm, etc... don't seem to have an issue, but I think the insert is kind of jumpy). I've always used a Scotty with a milled face and flow neck (Monterey 1.5) and when I saw what Justin Thomas was rolling I thought it was the perfect combination of a flow neck and stable body, but without an insert. The issue was not wanting to take a second mortgage to buy one! I did so
  12. So I picked up a Cameron Futura X5 on eBay and I have a hair brained idea to remove the shaft and shaft spud and then replace with a flow-neck spud (think Justin Thomas putter). I have access to a machine shop, so making/bending the new spud should be fairly simple. I've done it w/ a couple of standard putters but simply welded them where the old neck was. This putter has a hole there which should allow it to be epoxied first before full commitment... hopefully it would allow it to be put back to original setup if the experiment fails. The question is how easy it is to remove that spud on
  13. Not positive, but that looks like it could actually be slightly increased offset to me. Based on the weld carrying over onto the back of the putter slightly where it normally stays on the top (second pic). To my untrained eye, I would say its a little shorter neck than a normal NP2. I'm not mad at that stamping though! It's reduced offset bc what you are seeing is that the head was moved forward from it's normal position on the neck, thus, reducing offset. If offset was increased, there would be more weld carryover on the front of the head bc it was moved back. This guys has a pretty
  14. Not positive, but that looks like it could actually be slightly increased offset to me. Based on the weld carrying over onto the back of the putter slightly where it normally stays on the top (second pic). To my untrained eye, I would say its a little shorter neck than a normal NP2. I'm not mad at that stamping though!
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