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  1. [quote name='pinhigh27' timestamp='1443554780' post='12385568'] [quote name='Redhill' timestamp='1443553676' post='12385430'] Who is Tom Wishon ? Never heard of him. Is he one of those guys manufacturing knock off clubs ? [/quote] yeah hititlonger.com is clearly a better source than the guy who owns a club company you better put some rebar in your driver or you are giving up yards. better cotton-ball it as well. my goodness [/quote] Whats the brand name of his company ?
  2. Who is Tom Wishon ? Never heard of him. Is he one of those guys manufacturing knock off clubs ?
  3. [quote name='TomWishon' timestamp='1443463853' post='12379114'] [quote name='Redhill' timestamp='1443220596' post='12368122'] CT is a component measurement of the COR number and below is a link to some simple data on it. Basically a CT score of 239 = COR score of .83 and a CT score of 257= COR score of .837 which is the maximum allowed upper end. [/quote] This statement above is not true. A CT measurement of 257 usecs is equivalent to a 0.830 COR. A CT measurement of 239 usecs is equivalent to a COR of 0.822. You can rely on that as fact because I have been designing clubheads sin
  4. When I have watched his swing at first I thought that he did have much of a back swing. Reason was it was so fast. He is able to move it big time and has the great accuracy with his irons. If he could get on a putting streak he would be unbeatable. He does has a dry and somewhat twisted sense of humor. Noticing Rory coming back from his ankle/foot injury made me think about other PGA players that have had noticeable injuries and the fact that it does take a wee bit of time to return to 100% of their former game. Those lads play at such an extreme level that they need to be solid physica
  5. Day, Stenson, and Spieth are all slow and a few time warnings are needed. It seems to rattle Spieth the most as far as affecting his play with some bad shots. In my opinion much of the slow play is attributed to Jack. He was S L O W and showed the world how this slow play is the goal of every up and comer. It became a symbol of thoughtful meticulous preparation and review for each and every shot. Unfortunately much of this slow play example has filtered down to the Joe and Judy Golfer of today. I got stuck behind a older couple a couple of days ago and ended up waiting on each and ever
  6. [quote name='killer21' timestamp='1443232607' post='12368896'] Yes, that is what I was wondering. There are also heads dated 2013 with COR test labels on them and the old COR numbers. I thought they switched to the 3 digit micro second numbers now to measure eg.257, so shouldn't this type of number be on the label? If the COR numbers are in the .60 to .71 range is that well below the max or are these still good buys? And is it better or worse than a retail driver? I guess unless you test a retail driver and compare you never really know. Also why don't the guys write neater on those lab
  7. With the coming release of some new models by many of the OEMs there seem to be a fair number of "tour issue" heads and clubs showing up on Ebay and other sites. Many of these offerings do not have the CT score listed on the tour department label or the CT scores have been blacked out. CT is a component measurement of the COR number and below is a link to some simple data on it. Basically a CT score of 239 = COR score of .83 and a CT score of 257= COR score of .837 which is the maximum allowed upper end. Many of these "tour issue" club heads and clubs are showing CT scores of 224-238 +-
  8. My experience with them has been limited but I find some of the information that they spit out useful. Launch angle, spin rate, club path, face angle, side spin and club head speed are a few that I look at but then again with a shovel full of salt. Some are more accurate than others and some are juiced to produce sales, IMHO. The carry distance and roll out are non existent to me as I take the useful data, as I consider it, and move outdoors to see ball flight. Knowing that I have a swing path fault and face angle fault can be helpful in correcting swing flaws outside that show in the air
  9. [quote name='mikpga' timestamp='1443185959' post='12365654'] Has nothing to do with your swing or your clubs actually... it's ALL about what color grip you have... [/quote] Dadgum it...that was one of the more important elements that I have overlooked. Thanks for the tip and I'm off to the LGS for some new grips to straighten out the game. Color preferences on the grips ???
  10. With shafts the answer is so fleeting. Every OEM has different methods for evaluating shaft stiffness and labels their shaft as they want with some input from marketing. Everyone wants to be playing stiff or Xstiff shafts and OEM can and do upgrade the labeling of some of their made for shafts. I've seen many made for shafts put on a old flex board that popped a middle regular but where labeled stiff+. I like the idea of shaft profile having a lot of input into a shaft buying decision. From my experience a soft butt on a Xstiff shaft can come across with the feel of stiff shaft and perf
  11. I've got 5 really good drivers and shafts that are all about 2-4 years old. Some of the shafts are Kiyoshi White, Speeder 6.2 TS, Aldila Tour Green, etc. and have found that it might not be the equipment but rather the swing. Is that possible ? Game was good at the start of the summer and took a nose dive and is now starting to resurrect itself into lower scores and more satisfactory round of good solid contact. When the game soured I KNEW it had to be the equipment so instead of rushing out and buying new stuff I looked to the inventory and shuffled around the driver and the irons only.
  12. On one of these threads around here about the Pettersengate there was a video of Pettersen talking to Sorenstam after that hole in a heated fashion where Anna was telling Pettersen that you don't do that, Pettersen's response was a classic thread of F%$7k bombs about winning the hole and a very defiant walk off. She could and should give vocabulary lessons to Eldrick; she made him look like a rank amateur. Isn't wonderful what a peaceful nights rest will do to your paradigm ? Comes now Pettersen with the PR prepared by very heart felt apology. The part I liked the best was in the opening
  13. [quote name='bscinstnct' timestamp='1442889065' post='12347934'] [quote name='ryanarneson' timestamp='1442883490' post='12347362'] When even Petterson's own teammates are saying she was over the line *AND* she gets blasted by Laura Davies in about the most savage and brutal way I've ever seen a golfer get taken to task, well, I'm going to come down on the side that she didn't quite get what sportmanship is about. Most of the people hiding behind the rules are rules mantras appear to fall short as well. Hell, watch this video. Annika Sorenstam, a team assistant captain and no stranger to th
  14. Who makes Ping's tour shafts for them ? Themselves or outsourced ?
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