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  1. Looks like I just wasn’t using enough acetone. Think I’ll try dousing the cloth in more acetone and try the painters rags / old t shirts as well. Appreciate all the feedback.
  2. Any product recommendations for finishing ferrules with acetone? Every towel or wipe I’ve tried leaves material behind that sticks to the ferrule. Even tried the lint free Kim Wipes from the GolfWorks thinking those would be better. What are you guys using?
  3. You have two clubs covering a 55 yard gap at the bottom of your bag. I’d strongly encourage you to ditch the 50* wedge and replace it with 48* & 52* wedges. Especially if you really don’t find yourself needing to fill that 185-190 yard gap based on the course you play regularly. Honestly, even if you needed a club for that longer shot I still think you’d see the biggest gains by fixing the huge gaps in your wedges. I’d also consider strengthening the lofts of your 9i & PW by 1-2* to help even out your gaps through the bottom of the bag.
  4. I’ve got a 40 lb anvil and a couple good quality sets of stamps but the workbench I stamp on gives a little too much and I get a little bouncing of the stamp when I strike it. Anyone have good advice for how to stabilize and firm up a surface to stamp on? Can build something from scratch if needed.
  5. Yes still using it. Has been great but I do use it indoors so other than temperature extremes it doesn’t get any moisture or direct sunlight.
  6. I did get the bending bar with them also so I’m part way there. For what I paid for them I figure I can wing it and be happy with the purchase but it’s a unique setup for sure.
  7. I just acquired a lot of 7 Slazenger by Kirk Currie putters on eBay. These came from the fitting cart and have shafts that are needing to be bent and cut to length. Was wondering if anyone had a copy of the instructions that originally came with the cart?
  8. Be careful with the blow on method with those grips. The lower half is very thin and you need to make sure you have the pressure low in the compressor and also keep your hand wrapped around the bottom half of the grip while doing it to prevent bulging.
  9. Turf is installed and we are loving it! 15x30 is huge and perfect for chips and pitches. Just rolled it out over a concrete floor and due to the drains in the floor it gives us multiple natural breaks. It’s perfect. Takes chips and even lofted pitches well. I would estimate it to roll about a 10 on the stimp. I’d prefer that it rolled a little faster but it seems like it’s either get a turf (carpet) that rolls fast and doesn’t accept chips and pitches well, or get one that will but won’t be as fast. All in all very satisfied with the quality and performance of the product.
  10. Delivery is scheduled for Monday. I’ve been waiting like a kid at Christmas for this turf!! In their defense though I did order it the Saturday before Christmas and with it being the week between Christmas and New Years I’m sure there were a number of days they were closed. Plus it’s almost 300 lbs so it has to be delivered by a freight company. Can’t wait to get it set up and test it out. Will update ASAP.
  11. Ended up going with ProPutt. Read way too many comments from various places saying the StarPro was just too slow. Ordered a custom 15x30 piece of turf. Hoping to receive it next week. From what I could find it rolls about 10.5 - 12 depending on the batch being delivered. They guarantee 10.5 but said most of the recent batches are measuring close to 12 but they’d rather under promise and over deliver. I’ll update once it’s received and installed.
  12. I’m currently looking at upgrading from an 8x18 BirdieBall mat that I’ve laid into a platform I built. Have the space to go bigger or keep the platform and just add better quality turf. Can’t seem to find any head to head comparisons out there but I’m looking currently at StarPro and ProPutt turf primarily. Open to other options but just want the best quality I can find. Cost isn’t a huge issue. Have a large pole barn with a concrete floor so space isn’t an issue either. I’d like to also be able to chip and pitch to it and wondering if that will be possible if I just lay the turf directly onto
  13. What’s the best way to buy or swap merchandise on here that protects both parties?
  14. Waffled back and forth between the Mitchell and True Blue but went with TB just because it offered more versatility by allowing me to do clubs other than irons (specifically putters). Bought a good spec gauge from GolfMechanix too just because I like having that extra assurance but I realize that could be overkill.
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