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  1. Lots of the over 50 set play in regular events every year, Both Freds, Lehman, and several others. I'm sure the alternates that don't get in are a little bent that someone is taking up a spot but you don't hear a peep out of them. I've always thought the old dudes should stay on the Champions tour. The Masters is cool because the're not really taking a spot from someone trying to keep or improve their status.
  2. What do you guys think Bernhard Langer's son or Calc's wife or Fred Funk's son or Tom Kite's daughter did when they caddied except carry the bag like a golf cart?
  3. You dont hit a provisional if you don't think it.could be lost. Balls go missing on golf courses and I virtually have never seen anyone take the walk of shame except in a tournament round.
  4. One of the guys in our little group rips that glove off after each and every shot just so he can straighten out all the fingers and put it in his back pocket just right. Everyone has to make sure he is done with his little ritual in order to not get sharked mid back swing. I have never worn one.
  5. Thanks everybody for not doing anything to help your distance vision on the course. I don't mind finding your ball for you on every hole. Just kidding... Ok not really, I'm sick of looking for other peoples balls. That being said, on to glasses. I have worn progressive lenses for thirty years due to three cataract surgeries in my twenties. They have come a long way. I have went with the distance part only for golf a bunch of different times and every single time have switched back to the progressives. Right now I'm loving the transitions drivewear. They adjust to light conditions but don't totally lighten up indoors. They cut the glare and seem to make my eyes feel better. Costco has treated me well, I have two pairs of them. Good Luck whatever you try.
  6. Russell Henley has a personal trainer, a swing coach, a nutritionist, and nothing but time to try to make the cut at his next Masters. There are thousands of men on professional tours just like him.. Good luck with your journey.
  7. I'm pretty sure the wives, kids, friend and family plan type caddies don't do any yardage, club selecting, green reading or help with strategy. Times are tough, keep the money in the family.
  8. I have a Ping G10 5 wood head that I need to reshaft on the cheap for a friend of mine. I have a Tfc 100D regular driver shaft that I want to use, but was wondering if I should tip it some before inserting into the 5wood. What do you guys think??
  9. Check out some fishing rod building supply places, or a local custom fishing rod maker. Mudhole.com is a good place to start for cork handle supplies.
  10. Thursday she hit 15 greens and only made one birdie. Today 11 greens 7 birdies. Made one bogey at a par 5. She's good for the LPGA.
  11. Add a time clock to the score and you have a sport. Think Biathlon and speedgolf. Average walking speed of 1 mph. cmon, man
  12. We give putts all the time in my group to A. Speed up play. B. stop players from adding a stroke to every hole where they are not putting for anything important. I know more than one player, who, with nothing on the line will back hand a two-footer for par, then go write down a bogey. Just a couple a day like this add up to another handicap stroke or two at tournament time. I would really piss off one fellow giving him puts all day in practice rounds, cause I knew he was a fixin' on missing them!!
  13. That is a beautiful set-up. How is the trolling in the front yard?? Sea-run cutthroat, coho and chinook in the fall ?
  14. I played in a 4-man best ball and we had four 8-14 caps and shot 143 for two balls counting and beat nine other sucky teams gross.. One ball per hole might have been 67 or 68. They would have to play good to beat you. Don't tip it back and give them the best chance. Sounds like fun.
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