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  1. Is this a giveaway? Do I get something for giving you guys FREE business advice? Put a store in Wisconsin for Petes sake! I've never been to a Carl's Golfland store but I've heard they are spectacular. Ordered from you guys online tho. Wish I could help.
  2. I would go to South West Ireland and play the Tralee Course, Waterville Course and Ballybunion Old Course. My dream foursome would be Me, Rory, Jordan Spieth and Jason Day.
  3. I chew copenhagen, drink alcohol and ride in a cart. Only way I like to play.
  4. I would love the 60 gram Stiff please. Thanks for the opportunity.
  5. I have the same problem. Like others have said, watch Monte's short game video. The right arm stalling is a big reason for my woes. It would slow down and I would flip my wrists causing fat shots and skull shots. I am slowly learning to use the bounce of the club and keeping my right arm moving. You can try moving your ball position more toward your left foot also. I rarely have the ball farther back than the middle of my stance.
  6. Where are you located (City, State - US Only Please)? Merrill, Wisconsin How many rounds of golf do you play each month? Ten What’s in your current shoe brand/model of choice? Why? Footjoy Dryjoys Tour. They fit me perfectly but are starting to feel heavier the older I get. What is the most important factor in buying a shoe? Definitely fit first then looks. How do you discover new golf footwear products (i.e. social media, Tour, TV ads, etc)? TV and GolfWRX Have you reviewed an items for GolfWRX before? If so, please explain. NO If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoin
  7. I like how they say, "This product may be an ARP club."
  8. [attachment=3046648:Screenshot_2015-11-27-15-34-23.png] Nothing says Wisconsin like beer, Deer and the Brewers!
  9. [quote name='Circaflex' timestamp='1446252332' post='12531018'] [quote name='bearcatnut' timestamp='1446237386' post='12530188']Like my post stated, i'm confused with what exactly the difference is. If you have any input on that, feel free to respond. If you just want to rip me again without answering the question, don't bother.[/quote]well the difference could be quality, craftsmanship and color. If you pay 10 bucks for a real grip only to find out it's a fake 10cent grip from China there is a reason to be upset. I'm not sure why it's hard for you to understand why someone would be upset w
  10. [quote name='bearcatnut' timestamp='1446228963' post='12529548'] Can someone tell me the difference between a real SS and a fake? Will the fake make you miss more putts? Shouldn't that be the only thing that matters? I'm always confused by the fake grip posts [/quote] Are you confused by the fact that a person paid for a real SuperStroke grip and didn't get what he paid for or are you confused with something else?
  11. [quote name='scooterboy59' timestamp='1443706285' post='12394974'] I used to say @#$$%%%^ and all the bad words that are available to speak. I stopped cursing in 2005 and now I use words like peanut butter and crackers, sugar, or my name in the Bat Dad style. [/quote] This is funny. A girl at work brought up a YouTube video of Bat Dad. Her name happened to be Jennifer, so unfortunately for her, I now like to sneak up behind her and scream, "Jen!" Scares the crap out of her! My buddy likes to say, "Cheese and rice." He's Roman Catholic. Better than taking the Lord's name in vain I suppose
  12. Just look at my feedback! If I had to add up all the money I've spent buying clubs and selling them for a loss, I'd probably cry. But, there's just something intoxicating about trying new stuff, particularly putters. I putt really well with a new putter. Then, after 4 or 5 rounds, the magic wears off. Get a new putter and it's magic again. I wish I was one of those guys who kept their putter for 10 or more years. My goal is to keep the same clubs for all of 2016. Of course, this was my goal for the last two years and I failed miserably. Did I mention how intoxicating it is to try new
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