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  1. Now, this is a a legit complaint. Same thing happened to me recently. No malice intended, they just didn't know. Kudos for keeping your cool.
  2. Yes, it’s worth it. Interesting layout, great views, great service, great conditions, and memorable. Lots of people in the area keep their Bulle Rock tags on their bags.
  3. I'm about to play a course that has a hole bordering the driving range. There is a netting separating the hole from the internal driving range. There are no stakes. The scorecard doesn't have any mention about OOB on this hole. If a ball were to end up against the netting, would this be free relief from an immovable obstruction or no relief from a boundary fence? Thanks.
  4. I leave range balls all the time, like if I just want to hit 10 warm up shots. The jug thing doesn't work. A hat, a club, headcovers, even a bottle of water would be different. If you had left balls on the range and somebody was hitting them when you came back, what would you do? Right. Get another bucket. The guy was wrong.
  5. I started this thread to see if people agreed with me or if I would be told to lighten up. We were just paired up. The round was slow and just shy of 5 hours. The hold up was in front of us all day. That is a good point about hitting vs. looking for a partner and then hitting. In this case, my ball was in front of one of the other guys and I had to wait for him anyhow. So, I helped my partner look. As you said, at least they came over. I would have understood a wave and “We’ve gotta run” more than stopping me from putting. Their next stop was the bar.
  6. How likely is it they didn't know the bag had been hit? Was the owner holding the bag when it got hit? I once hit a golf cart on an adjacent fairway. The holes were tight and close. Because of the shadows and sun, I didn't know I had hit it, until my friend told me. Of course, I raced over to apologize.
  7. Yea, that's probably another topic. Agreed, I don't like shaking hands right now, but I didn't refuse the gesture. I have hand sanitizer with me.
  8. All day, we had to wait on the group in front for nearly every tee and approach shot. Not terrible, until we hit 18. There, we had a legit 10 minute wait to tee off. One of the guys we were playing with loses his cool, yells at the group in front and finally hits - not into them, but right behind them. I drive around the par 5 18th, helping my partner look for his ball. Not excessive, but we did look, maybe 1-2 minutes. Put my 3rd shot into the bunker behind the green. Everyone else is at the front of the green. I walk to the bunker and have to wait while somebody is putting before I can hit my bunker shot - okay, that's fine, ready golf. Hit my long bunker shot to 20 feet. Suddenly, the 2 guys we are playing with are taking off their hats, coming over to shake my hand and then they leave. I go back to putt thinking, would it have killed you to wait 20 seconds for me to finish? I didn't say anything. Of course, I 3-putt. Too touchy, or was this bad etiquette?
  9. I am planning our annual 4 day trip from Baltimore and recently came across Rock Harbor and Shenandoah golf courses in Winchester, Virginia as possible destinations. I wanted to keep the commute at @2hours. Last year, we went to Williamsburg, which is fabulous. I-95 traffic on the way home . . . not so fabulous. Ocean City is off the list this year. I started looking at southern PA, which we've done before and does have some great golf. The handicaps range from 8 to 36. In general, the guys have more fun at easier courses. They are also cheapskates. So, Greenbrier is out. I've never been to Winchester and would appreciate any info. Thanks.
  10. Theoretically, there is an advantage to the player for not fixing a divot. The following players have to play a tougher course. Yes, that is not in the spirit of the game and I suppose technically illegal if done purposely. But it’s why I think granting relief should be allowed. If we can define a burrowing animal hole, we can define a divot. If the ball is below the surface of the surrounding turf, I say call it an embedded ball.
  11. I have a different opinion. Price is only part of the equation. Some golfers want less spin. If you are looking for straighter shots, or perhaps more distance, surlyn/ionomer is an attractive option. For years, I played the balls that were considered to be just below the urethane balls - Burner TP, NXT tour, Callaway Superhot, Gamer, etc. At times, these balls gave me a lot of confidence, and that is something worth paying for.
  12. I have played another round and a half with the Titleist Tour Speed and it really flies. For the last several years, Darth, I have been of the same opinion. Why pay premium prices for a ball when I can get equal performance with just a different name stamped on it? And that is why I am surprised that I love this ball so much. I have played the occasional K-sig that I found. Didn't hit it further, didn't pitch it better. Reviews on this board questioned it's distance, so I was never inspired to buy any. It's the same reason I gave up on the Gamer urethane. I can't afford to give up distance. Again, I do think the Tour Speed is a little overpriced and I understand why some will avoid it for that reason. When the B330-RX first came out, I couldn't hit it dead straight. My shots always had a little tail-off at the end. When I played the PRO-V1, my 7iron shots would launch toward the center of the green and then take an unexpected sideways detour. Many of the better golfers on this board believe that you should just pay the $7 more and get PRO-V1s. That is why I stated that I think I am the golfer they were thinking of when they made the Tour Speed. For me, it's a better ball. I completely agree with Darthfaders suggestion above on how to compare golf balls, regardless of which ones.
  13. Over the years, I have gone back and forth between the lower spinning urethane covered balls, and the 3 piece ionomer balls. Although currently playing urethane, I do think there is a time and place for the surlyn/ionomer balls. Otherwise, they wouldn't sell any. Urethane purists will tell you that there is no way an ionomer ball will compare, and that is true regarding spin. But after a few rounds of losing 7 ProV1s at a time, you start to look at alternatives. The 3 piece ionomer balls do give you a little more spin than the pure distance balls. At one time, I played the old Taylormade Burner TP, which has cult like status around here. It's not around anymore. A couple of years ago, I tried out the Callaway superhot 55 - I'm not a fan. Then someone on this board suggested the Srixon Qstar - even though it is a 2 piece ball. I thought it matched up very well against the 3 piece balls above - a distance ball with some spin when pitching. It remains my back up ball if I want to go back to ionomer. (Anyone remember George Carlin?) If you are ordering these, don't forget the Srixon Qstar Tour in yellow is not the same as the Srixon Qstar in tour yellow.
  14. I've played 27 holes with this ball and it's my new favorite. But, I think I'm the player they had in mind when they made it. Mid 90s swing speed. 101 if I really crank it. 26 hcp, but most of my trouble is the long game. Lately, I've been playing the AVX and Qstar tour. Feel is firmer than the Qstar tour, and there is less spin on full shots. Trajectory is definitely higher than the 2019 AVX, and I think it's higher than the 2020 AVX. Putting is where it really shines. It sticks to the face a hair longer, or at least seems like it does. I was able to see some spin when my pitches hit the greens - more than the AVX. I expected the durability to be bad, but it wasn't. Conditions here were wet, and I only had one full wedge that was from the fairway, but the cover held up. I bounced one off a tree and there were a couple of tiny scratches. I richoceted one off some rocks and it put some marks in the cover. In a casual round I still would have played it. I was going to post pics, but 5 holes later it hit the lake, which is why I stated above that durability is the least important factor to me. I usually lose one or more during a round. The cover did discolor quickly, but remained playable. I've been though my PROV1 phase. I love pitching them, but I need straighter off the tee. Some will say I'm wasting money at my handicap, but pitching and chipping are the part of the game I really enjoy. So, I gravitate toward the lower spinning urethane covered balls. The original callaway chrome (not the current iteration) was probably my all time favorite. They are overpriced. New Q star tours are $33 and last years models are $26. I would have expected these to be in the $36.99 range - which is still overpriced, but . . . upcharge for the name. At $40 they are a bad value. They are also my new ball.
  15. Durability is almost a non issue to me. It is rare for me to make it through 18 holes without losing a ball. If the compression, length, and spin are good for my game, I’ll deal with the chewed up cover. I realize that nobody is going to agree with me. But that’s how I feel. I’m currently playing the avx and qstar tour. I'm hoping it falls somewhere between those 2.
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