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  1. Congrats on good rounds. I wish I was able to play but we have several feet of snow.
  2. Spieth's swing looked good today, especially with his irons. He is back playing much better than any point over the last three years.
  3. A long time ago I was a member of the original Ham and Eggs on Golf community... my username was GolfBallHo. My wife still threatens me about having multiple thousands of golf balls in stock. I no longer spree buy like I used too but I can't help buying a dozen of each new offering to try out.
  4. Actually, I worded that badly. I tried to return 10 dz which is half of my stock of 20 dz.
  5. Agreed. I attempted to return half of my remaining stock (10 dozen OG) a few months back until the Costco rep asked if I was insane. He said if I want to sell them he will give me cash for them on his break. I decided to keep them despite my wife's sighs. So here I sit with a couple of feet of snow on the ground and 20 dozen KSIGs waiting for spring.
  6. How was it misleading garbage? The Spalding Tour balls were $18/dz at Walmart for the last two months. Their price returned to the normal $24.97 about a week ago. Don't know about his other posts, but I know this one was correct.
  7. Everyone needs to remember "It's the consistency." Probably a benefit of the "Reformulated 2.0 ZG Process Cores..."
  8. Rangé are overrated. I usually choose 20 - 30 from the multitude (i.e., several thousand) of golf balls I have in my stock. Some days I play a bag of oldies but goodies meaning premium balls from say 2003, 2004, etc. Some days I play current models. All depends how I feel. Lately, I have had success with the OG KSIG, B-XS and the current AVX.
  9. None But I do bring this filled with 20-30 balls in varying conditions.
  10. I think that is a typo: https://www.golfmagic.com/equipment-news/dustin-johnson-whats-bag-travelers-championship-winner If it wasn't a typo then it did not last long. After the covid break, DJ returned playing the TP5x. JAN: https://www.taylormadegolf.com/clubhouse/11133-new-year-new-gear-for-team-taylormade-at-kapalua.html?lang=en_US MAY: https://www.golfmagic.com/equipment-news/rory-mcilroy-dustin-johnson-rickie-fowler-matt-wolff-bags
  11. https://www.golfwrx.com/640613/dustin-johnson-witb-2020-masters/ DJ plays TP5X
  12. For clarification purposes, is "very decent" <, = or > than "will satisfy you?" Also, why are saying original 4-pc was not good?
  13. Played the V2 for the first time today. I found it: Longer off the tee than V1 Longer with my short irons than V1 (spins less with no ballooning) Short game was similar between V1/V2 Durability was similar as well which is not great as it scuffs Conclusion: Decent ball for a great price.
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