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  1. I still have some along with U-Tri Extra Spin and U-Tri Extra Distance...
  2. You are wrong and apparently do not understand Costco's business model. Costco caps their Kirkland Signature product markups at 15%. So the entire wedge set with packaging costs them around $135. BTW, they cap outside brands at 14% markup.
  3. For anyone interested, the wedges are available online at Costco.
  4. Can I ask where? Here in NJ I have seen nothing in terms of golf (balls, putter, wedges)
  5. And how many 15 hdcp do you know are short game savants?
  6. I blew them up quite large and it seems the new ball has both slightly thinner cover and mantle. Of course it could be the camera angle...
  7. Side by side it appears the core is larger in the new ball. I measured the relative size of the core diameter to overall on both balls and V2 is larger.
  8. Is it possible to post a picture of the front and back of the box? Also, the side stamp on the ball, etc???
  9. I did not notice that those balls to the left appear to be the new 3-pc. I never even realized it reading that thread. Looks like called 3-pc V2.
  10. I tried to return 5 double dozen boxes of the OG KSIG at Costco last night. Customer service rep talked me out of it.
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