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  1. Neither a humblebrag nor a flex...I too can't bear to use them since they are no more. I brought them back to Costco two years ago for a return and the guy working talked me out of it. I have been considering selling on ebay recently.
  2. That is what I saw as well.
  3. Where do you see price drop?
  4. I play 180+ rounds a year and have played all three balls extensively. I find the 2019 TP5x to fly higher than the other two. For me, the LD is no longer than the other two. Period.
  5. rwbloom93 asked this question and yet no one answered..."Can you explain why the MySpYGolf test data had the ProV1x the top distance ball for 85 mph swing speed golfers and the TP5x below average....but the PXG robot for the same swing speed had the TP5x at the top and the ProV1x below average?
  6. Yes, I have noticed the same thing with both the 2021 V1 and V1X.
  7. A guy at my course plays 00 ProV1s. I assume that is custom. I have also found a 2021 ProV1 with the number 13 and another with 76. i assume those are custom as well.
  8. They give them away to most players. A friend of mine spends winters in FL and is good friends with a guy who played a few years on PGA Tour Champions. He was not sponsored by Titleist , but they gave him all the balls, gloves and shoes he needed. He says they gave him whatever he asked for and never paid a cent. That is their strategy. The others spend a chunk on 5 superstars while Titleist spreads it out so they completely dominant in numbers of players playing their stuff.
  9. If you want to win Majors play anything but a Titleist.
  10. We have all done it. But I would hope you would not come here and post today I hit the new Pro V1 and it had 6000 RPMs of spin and I lost 75 yards.
  11. Yep, TaylorMade released a ball that is 40-50 yds shorter than their competitors. I have played that ball on multiple occasions and had no such issue. My SS is 105. Matt from TXG tested it at 120 mph SS and saw no issues. It is not my ball of choice but suggesting it was 40-50 yds shorter because of the ball is just plain ridiculous.
  12. Believer me, you are full of it.
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