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  1. Tour Response is a cast urethane...
  2. https://www.golfwrx.com/654335/jordan-spieth-witb-2021-may/
  3. The Quattro had nothing to do with the Titleist drama. Titleist sent Costco their standard threat letter about making false claims and patent violations. Costco then sued Titleist in response to the threat. In response, Titleist countersued Costco. They settled out of court. https://golf.com/gear/ball-wars-titleists-parent-company-countersues-costco-for-patent-infringement-false-advertising-over-its-kirkland-ball/
  4. 60 dozen and you might be able to make it? Do you lose 6 balls each time you play? I have around 20 dz of the original left. Great ball, especially for $15/dz.
  5. Actually, if we ranked golfers based on their performance from 1/1/21 thru today, YJS would be #1 with a win, a 3rd in the only major and 6 top tens. Not decent, not pretty good... #1.
  6. JS has 5 top tens in his last 7 starts including a win. DFS PFD be like:
  7. Actual strength of field data disagrees with your assertion. The SOF for the Valero is equal to both the Honda and Sony as well as better than the ATT Pebble field. It is much better than the alternate field events. Also, he did not change coach, caddie or wife and yet he did recover to win again. In fact, in his last seven starts he is playing like one of the better players in the world: 4, 3, 15, 4, 48, 9, 1.
  8. Came here to post both of these guys. If either could put they would have won a ton more.
  9. I wish I could find the thread from a few years ago where the guy said mark it down YJS will not win again. Sure he has struggled, but he has found his way out of the desert after 3 years of wandering.
  10. Always has my vote for worst ball ever made.
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