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  1. I thought the shaft was about the same weight in the TSi1 as in the TS1.
  2. I thought the 11 was the same size as the 5 and 5.5, but with the wings on the back???
  3. Just got my set yesterday, can't wait to install these babies.
  4. Don't Buy on eBay, to many fakes. Carls Golfland has them for $36. and its the real deal. Just call and ask, they're not on their website.
  5. They're listed in the Tour Van section because they offer the Tour Velvet Cord in Midsize and only sold on their website. I just ordered some Z-Grip Plus 2, which also is not sold in stores and only on their website.
  6. You need to put it on a scale and weigh it, measure the length also.
  7. I play the 917 D2 5 & 7 fairway wood, but play them at 17° and 20°. Also I have a three wood shaft in the 5 wood and the 5 wood shaft in the 7 wood. Love it!
  8. Hey thanks for getting back to me on the flex. I've been using regular flex in al my clubs, but wonder if the senior flex is the way to go now that i'm 67. I need to have my swing speed check.
  9. I'm about the same age as you, and looking at the same. What flex did you end up with, senior or regular? Thank you
  10. I'm a senior 67 yrs young looking to replace my 917 D2 10.5 driver (regular shaft) to either the New TSi1 or the TS1 and save a few bucks. Are both Draw bias?. Anyone played either of the two and what shaft is in it. Thinking TS1 10.5 with R - Speeder shaft?
  11. My NP 2 T22 is at the custom shop right now and one of the things I'm having done is to go with a raw flange line. I know that there will still be a groove, but I plan on using that to help line up with the ball. I plan on posting some pic's when it gets back.
  12. I really enjoyed reading your review. Couple years back Carls Golfland was doing Free putter fittings using some kind of a machine and the guy kept saying my stroke was more pure than most guys on tour. I had ordered a 5.5 and after thinking about for a while, I decided to cancel and wait until the putters are all in stock. The 11 really has my interest with the flange line sitting higher.
  13. Carls Golfland doesn't have the 5.5 as a Pre-Ordering anymore.
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