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  1. Has anyone have any luck with these? I wear a cadet large glove and looking for something larger.
  2. Watch this video, I have the after market wrench from Amazon and it works great. I've never had a weight that I couldn't get out using this method. YouTube: Removing Stubborn Scotty Cameron Putter Weights
  3. > @acemandrake said: > How do I add weight to the head of an original Odyssey 2-Ball putter? > > Do I just use lead tape? If so, do you have any recommendations/preferences on how to apply the tape? I have a original 2 ball filled & tour line and a original 2 ball mid (cut down to 32.5") that I can part with.
  4. > @ckay said: > > @WillyL said: > > Any worries about the black finish? > > On the putter or the shaft? I've had a lot of black mist Camerons, and it will never be streakless. It is what it is, I may blast the finish off at some point. > If you are referencing the shaft, it should be durable enough until it makes contact with something that chips it. If it starts chipping I will just reshaft it with the chrome one. I have had Scotty PVD shafts and those chipped as well. Chrome is just much more durable. How did you remove the paint form the grip, if so
  5. Played with the new T22 NP2 today and I got to say it's the best feeling putter I've ever rolled. Like to see a comparison of toe hang between the NP2 and the Fastback 1.5
  6. > @drscott266 said: > I just got mine finally, and I had no plans to game it (Toulon Las Vegas is dialed for me right now), but after a few putts I seriously like this T22. The grip is on the small side but seems to work for me... your results may very. Be aware that this stock grip seems pretty light, so it will affect swing weight if you go with a likely heavier superstroke. The stock grip is 81 grams, the same as the Pistolero 81 grams. I weighed both today, after pulling off the grip on the T22.
  7. Anyone liking the grip? I must have really big hands, because it's hard to get a good feeling. Thinking of swapping out for a Super Stroke.
  8. I should receive my NP2 today, shows out for Delivery. Cant wait!
  9. City and State (US Only): Canton, Michigan Handicap: 12 Current Irons: Titleist 718 AP2 Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: Clean Sleek Look If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? Yes
  10. Is the weight a bright copper color? I have a 25 gram set which is supposed to be a OEM SC copper weights, but they have more copper color underneath than on top. Anyone else have one and can post a picture. Thanks
  11. Did anyone order from Morton Golf Sales, have your heard anything?
  12. > @NikkoAZ15 said: > Contacted my local club yesterday who has a Titleist account and received a call from them today that they can get me a 34” Newport 2 by September 15th so without hesitation I told them to put in the order. That being said, I was hoping for the Newport so if anyone who received a Newport but was hoping for the Newport 2 and is interested in a trade lmk. I know it is a bit silly floor me to post it this early but I’m sure there are some out there in a similar boat There's two wave's, the first is August 16th and the second is September 13.th.
  13. > @spk7 said: > They’re so nice, i dont know if it’s worth it whenever I already have a Newport 2 tho But the feel is incredible with the TERYLLIUM face.
  14. Try Amazon, that's where I've found some and GolfWorks sells them to.
  15. > @Rory4Pres said: > Does the fastback t22 have 30* of toe hang? No, It's going to be more like 70° of toe hang. This was from Scotty Custom shop, they said that because of the way the hosel was seated on the head. You can call them and double check. In order to get the degree symbol to work, hold down the shift and option key and press the number 8
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