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  1. I'm a big fan of the TSi1, using a TSi1 driver 10° and the 5 & 9 fairway woods. I put in play a TSi1 Hybrid 26° and love it so much i'm thinking of changing the bag to TSi2 16.5° & TSi1 20 woods and a TSi1 23 & 26 hybrid.
  2. I'm 67 years young, and using the T300 6-PW, AW 48°, GW 53° all in stock graphite regular flex. I could've played Senior flex, but liked the dispersion better with the regular flex. I'm also using a SM 8- 58°-12. You really can't go wrong with the T300's, they feel great and get the job done.
  3. Don't know about the woods, but I ordered a Vokey wedge with graphite on a Monday and received it the following Monday. It was all stock, just needed graphite.
  4. A TSi1 hybrid, It was always a hit and miss thing with me and hybrids, but this club has been a life saver. Now looking at picking up couple more.
  5. If you're looking to get the ball up in the air faster then the TSi1 is for you. I play the TSi1 Hybrid, but i'm 67 years old. I play the TSi1 line and it has help me a lot this year, especially the Hybrid. I currently carry TSi1 driver 10°, TSi1 15°, 18°, 23° fairway wd, and a 26° Hybrid to replace my 5 iron, but looking at changing it to TSi1 D 10°, TSi2 16.5°w/TSi1 stock shaft, TSi1 7wd 20°, and the 23° and 26° TSi1 hybrids.
  6. I went with the TSi2 4-16.5°, TSi1 7-20°, TSi1 23° & 26° hybrid and it all worked out great.
  7. I ordered the Vokey on 9-13-21 and they shipped it 9-16-21, can't believe it. It was all standard loft and lie.
  8. I placed a order for a Vokey sm8 58° 12-D all standard with graphite shaft on September 13, 2021 and it shipped September 16, 2021. I should get it early next week.
  9. I play the T300's (2021) all w/graphite and just order a Vokey sm8 58°-12 D w/graphite, which would give me a 5° gap from the 43° PW to 48° GW to 53° W and then to the 58° Lob wedge. Just keep it in mind that the T300's are wider gaps than the T200's.
  10. Received the clubs today, I ordered on 8/13 everything stock.
  11. My T300 w/graphite shafts 6-Aw is out for delivery today, thank you Carls Golfland.
  12. I thought it wasn't welded. So you can buy the 11 or 11.5 pull the hosel and replace it with the 5.5 slant neck hosel.
  13. Well I found out today that Titleist notified all shops that there might be a delay in the new irons, because they had to shut down a plant because of Covid. Cant anyone verify this?
  14. Aug 13th, 6-AW (48) with stock graphite reg and standard loft & lie. This is spec's from when I got fitted for my AP1 718's but had Nippon 880 chrome in regular flex.
  15. I received a tracking number for my T300's last night, but that doesn't mean anything. it still can be a week before they ship.
  16. I'm glad you like it. I love the 23° 9 wood and just ordered a TSi 1 Hybrid 26° to replace my 5 iron, can't wait to try it.
  17. I think Scotty will come out with one more special putter. A flow neck PHANTOM X 11.5 The reason that I think that he will bring out a flow neck on this putter is that on the custom site, theres no option to have a sightline put on the top line of the X11 or X11.5. You can have a dot but not a sightline. Here comes a 11.5 with a flow neck and top sightline and no markings on the back flange.
  18. I love these TSi1 fairway woods (18° & 23°) long and straight. I like the light weight, I feel that I can really go after it and hit some of my longest wood shots to date. It took a little while to get use to the driver, but its working really great now.
  19. Is it just the 4-5 irons that will have the hollow head in retail or the whole set?
  20. Is the whole set going to be a hollow head or just the 4-5-6 or something like that. The Ap1 718 4-5 was a hollow head.
  21. Just a follow up on my TSi1 thoughts. I ended up with a TSi1 driver 10° and the 18° & 23° fairway woods.
  22. Yes $67 for a new shaft, but you also get a $37 grip. So $30 for a New shaft install is really good price.
  23. Looking to increase my swing speed (79-80), so I'am wondering if the TSi1 is the way to go. Really like to hear from users of this driver.
  24. I just wanted to follow up on my 2021 Ping fetch that I ordered with the adjustable shaft.. I placed the order on May 23, and received it today June 08, just 2 1/2 weeks. I'll let you know if I experience any problems picking up the ball.
  25. I know this isn't a G425, but its a Ping product. I ordered a Ping 2021 Fetch with the adjustable shaft on May 23, and received it today June 8th. The only problem is they didn't include the adjustment tool.
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