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  1. Very well stated……..pre-ordered Friday, these are going to play fabulous, Titleist really stepping up with great products.
  2. I used it on a couple non-Edel putters, really liked it ……great feel and gives a good balance feeling with fingers wrapped evenly around it.
  3. Review: https://www.golfalot.com/equipment-reviews/titleist-t200-21-irons-review-4898.aspx
  4. I play the DG 120 S300 in the Ping i210’s, really like them………….tad lighter than the DG S300, older version which is why I bought them………I do play the DG S400 in wedges……..I want to try graphite in this new T200 set, still weighs 110 grams so I am thinking it should be ok……thank you……
  5. Just pulled the trigger on the T 200, sight unseen, 4 - P, steel fiber i110 shafts (up charge). First time playing graphite shaft, but hoping this is one my last sets………..58 yo, playing to about an 9 handicap……loving recent Titleist products, drivers and hybrids. Not concerned about all the talk bout the back of the iron, could care less if it performs. The TSi3 Driver is much more muted than the TSi2, but I still play both drivers because I like the performance.
  6. Is the sole of the T200 similar in width to the T100? I read that the offset was similar, I suspect the sole is a little wider, but curious about bounce? I could see the bounce on the website……
  7. Pure neglect from what I see, I would not accept a return or honor a warranty. What do your irons look like?
  8. Any idea what the bounce is on these irons? I am a sweeper……looking for low bounce…..
  9. Can you tell me howmuch difference there is in the bounce between the T100 and T100S?
  10. How was the turf interaction on the T100 compared to the i210s which have more bounce?
  11. I came from Wilson FG62 Blades to the Ping i210, and yes, the 210’s (Pings) have considerable mire bounce in comparison.. I am a sweeper and play tighter fairways in parts of TX , so the less bounce irons are a better choice for me. I love the i210 in 8-PW, but low irons like the 4-6 have too much bounce causing thinner shots.
  12. They lost me with the George Floyd question after the round in the interview with Cameron by Golf Channel…..really?
  13. 6’6”, 36”……irons…..+1”
  14. I have one if interested, brand new Lmited.
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