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  1. I had a boss at a previous job that I played with many times, never saw him shoot over par even though he only played maybe 10 rounds a summer. He had a full ride to at Temple back in the day, then got married, kids, work etc and golf was on the back burner. He hit shots that I could never on my best day hit. He once hit a 5 wood from 240 out of a bunker to 2 feet for eagle, I was awestruck.
  2. I think its a baseball analogy that has been brought over to golf signifying how a ball sounds at impact which is an intangible thing. I played D1 baseball, as an example you could have 2 pitchers who both throw exactly 90mph, but when you catch the balls one of them is normal and makes a normal sound and the other one literally makes the glove pop and makes a completely different sound even though they are the same speed, we call that throwing a heavy ball.
  3. I've been doing crossfit for 3-4 years now, I have way more strength/stability than I've ever had. Makes golf much more enjoyable when you are longer and more in control of your body. These guys obviously have professional trainers, I can't imagine that they are lifting heavy, most likely light-moderate weight with high reps to build strength but not bulk up. They most likely emphasize flexibility and core, hip and posterior chain exercises to keep them stable and flexible.
  4. mylo


    About 5-6 years ago I played Arrowhead in Clarence NY, a links style course in 45-50mph winds. There is a par 3, I think it's on the back 9 which has an elevated green with bunkers and fescue all around, its approx. 170 yards. Wind was directly into us. I hit a 3 wood, usually my 235-240 club and came up 15 yards short and I hit it well.
  5. I've had a few run ins with them on the course but no great stories but my dog did. My little 14lb yorkie in my profile pic caught one a couple years ago and it was an epic battle. I let him out into the back yard, he saw the goose in the yard and bolted right at it, I didn't have time to stop him as this little guy catches rabbits so he is fast. I yelled at him to stop but there was no reasoning with him at this point. The goose was facing away from him and turned when I yelled but my pup leaped right at it and tackled it knocking them both over, he was biting profusely with his paws wrappe
  6. I do crossfit and get calluses and occasionally blisters but nothing anywhere close to that. Let me tell you when they rip its awful. Dude seriously needs to shave his hands.
  7. I saw her on march Madness, this past Saturday, I think it was CBS, possibly NBC. She was on during a stoppage in play showing golf highlights.
  8. 7-8 years ago my wife was out of town so I had some golf buddies over after a round. It gets dark and we've had many beverages and for some reason we break out a wedge and try hitting balls into the roaring fire pit from about 25 yards. I have a huge yard with no neighbors backing onto us so this is no big deal. None of us are anywhere close due to our condition. We are about to finish our idiocy when I decide to hit one more from about 60 yards. I open up the wedge to hit a high shot in and hit it perfectly, it goes into the black sky and we lose it. A few seconds goes by and all we hear is a
  9. I'm in Fort Erie, we got hammered, parts of my driveway were knee high with super heavy, wet snow.
  10. I've got 2. My very first year of golf in 1997 when I was 19, I was a baseball player all my life had the baseball grip with a massive banana slice with the driver, the kind of slice that if you aim it 30 degrees left you might hit the fairway. Playing a twilight round with a buddy at Lakeview in Mississauga, Ontario we come to 18, this is probably my 3-4th time playing. Its a long par 4 with the parking lot running down the left side of the fairway starting about 100 yards out. With my slice I aim just right of the parking lot as I'd never missed a drive left before. I hit the purest drive
  11. I play with a few guys somewhat regularly that are 300+ on their drives consistently. I'm usually 275ish but get 1-2 out there to 300 per round when I catch it and they're straight. We are in the minority as most guys I play with are 250 tops.
  12. 7-8 years ago I was in your shoes, came close to breaking 80 many times and had the game but never could get over the hump. Went on vacation with a buddy and played 18, had zero expectations as we were planning on having a few beers during the round. Got to 17 and realized that I had no idea what my score was, I was 5 over. Parred 17 and 18 for a 77. We decided to play another 18 as we both played well and shot another 77. I discovered that when I put no pressure on myself, just have fun with it, laugh off the bad shots and enjoy the good ones that the good scores just happen.
  13. Trying to help out a friend who's 15 year old son wants to take up golf. My friend recently lost his job and the family has fallen on hard times. I'm giving him a bag, putter, wedges and woods, just need a set of irons, preferably something CB. I'm going to be taking him to the range and playing a few 9s with him once he gets the hang of it. Thanks in advance.
  14. I was there on Saturday and watched 16, it played very differently that day than Sunday. The pin was tucked on the left side only a couple paces on the green. A lot of players laid up or if they missed the fairway they had no chance to get it close. It was a risk reward hole Saturday and just easy on Sunday.
  15. I was there today. Saw Bubba knock his approach on 16 to a foot for an eagle, then 10mins later Garrigus knock his approach to 3 feet for eagle. It was a great respectful crowd all day!
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