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  1. Scratch SB-1 4-PW DD, KBS C Taper 120 S - $500 Tour AD DI 6S Driver Shaft no adapter - $185 Project X HZRDUS 6.5 76G Titleist adapter - $85 Nippon Modus Tour 130 X 4-P shaft pulls .355 - $150 Titleist 712U 2I Nippon Modus Tour 130 X - $110 Titleist Vokey 258-12 Raw & 252-08 Oil Can - $100 Ping Cadence Shea 35 inch - $100 Open to Trades, I'll consider just about anything other than anything cavity back, regular shafts, game improvement type of stuff.
  2. It was the best club I've ever owned in my life. Gamed it for 8 years, cracked the hosel in my 3rd year of college golf. Absolute nightmare trying to replace it.
  3. Wear spots on 7,8,9. There is also a small ding in the 6-iron shaft near the grip..won't affect play. Asking $450 + shipping
  4. Is Tiger playing with the new pro vr irons? Couldn't tell
  5. About a week ago i was told that i change my putter more than my underwear.
  6. Yes, i have a friend who plays college D2 and isnt that great. I will wax him anyday. But there is also people i know that don't have any scholarship who are shooting consistenly in the 60s. Its all about playing well in the big jr tournaments.
  7. I have played both. I did not get the heavy feeling your talking about with the xv. Although i do have to say the z-star is my favorite ball and is soo soft and flies forever! Great feel, great distance, great spin, great ball!
  8. I'm in the exact same situation as you, and no chance. To get into D1 your going to have to make alot more birdies and less bogeys. You have to consistently shoot high 60s low 70s in big name tournaments to get a scholarship.
  9. I was just happy to avoid the bunkers! I took a double on a really long par 5. took me 4 shot to reach the green.
  10. Is it just me or isn't it supposed to be all black on the bottom? There's silver?
  11. 5 overToday I was so frustrated at how bad i've been playing lately I figured I could play better with one club. I did! I am a six handicap and usually five over the front nine. today all i used was a six iron for putting and everything and was only five over. Missed three putts under 5 feet with the 6 iron but other than that was playing pretty well. i must of looked like an idiot just walking around the course with one club but it was fun and was able to hit alot of feel shots. Has anybody else just went out with one club before?
  12. I feel like alot of high handicappers at my course have a new oddyssey, while the lower handicaps/better players have a really old scotty or ping in the bag.
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