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  1. Almost there. Today I added the ball washer and the PRGR launch monitor. Flags at 30, 25, 20, 15 yds.
  2. I have 105 club head speed with driver. It’s fine. If and when the netting fails I’ll pony up for stronger net, but this will last quite a long time. For 80 bucks the frame is worth that alone
  3. Oh no. It's all you need. I hit everything down to PW. The 10' width is perfect for a standard driving range mat.
  4. Here's a brief review now that the snow melted enough
  5. Out of the box just a couple min. Easy up and down if you don’t want to leave it up
  6. This thing is worth every penny. 10x7. Solid construction nice sturdy net.
  7. I found this by accident. I ordered it. Coming Friday. I’ll let you know https://www.homedepot.com/p/GoFloats-10-ft-x-7-ft-Golf-Practice-Hitting-Net-GOLF-NET-10X7/304923692
  8. I like most of Manzella's stuff but this is a recipe for disaster IMHO
  9. Most who suffer a case of the lefts have the same tendency. They start by moving the shoulders and arms first in a “one piece” takeaway, neglecting the need to rotate the right hip at the same time. This hip rotation keeps the “arms in front” of the body. Sometimes it’s due to the thought of taking the club head straight back the first foot or so of the swing... Do that without hip rotation and you are immediately stuck.
  10. Most of the time I see that people pull the shaft too far inside on the takeaway in relation to what the body is doing. That will cause the path to err inside out path coming into the ball causing the issue
  11. ^^^^^ one of the best videos out there
  12. Actually that wasn't the main reason I mentioned that but if it works... I actually meant it strictly from a depth perception stand point and "intention". Even in chipping you want to enter the ground or brush the ground in front of the ball on a shallow slightly descending blow. Unlike iron shots, not 4" in front. The arc still should bottom where you are looking or intending the strike to happen. If you are looking at the top of the ball for instance, your brain is still trying to put the club there. Sometimes your intention could be even on the ground behind the ball as Mickelson does some
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