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  1. Joe is great to deal with. I have a widebody coming my way soon. Communication, etc is very good. fit and finish is second to none. perfect center of gravity as well, which is nice... good luck !
  2. I certainly hope you did not put any money down.... im still upside down since 2015( recouped most of it through the years) but its been 5 years of written emails with excuses after excuses for not having my putter or cash in hand. ....... Good luck
  3. Byron no longer lives in California. He has moved to White, Georgia.
  4. Thanks, i disputed it yesterday, thank you. !
  5. I ordered a putter in January 2021, with an estimated delivery date of March....Still waiting. Have asked for an update( IG, email) for the last 2 weeks and crickets......
  6. Its a high toe classic blade. Only done by Custom order..
  7. I have a G6 carbon, minimal stamping. David was great to work with and turnaround time was very good( less than 1 month) as he had stock in hand. In regards to full customization, i don't know as I kept the plumber neck and added just a few stamps, reduced a bit of weight...nothing crazy. He apparently uses a softer carbon steel and it just feels amazing( super soft and solid with good feedback). Will post a pic later this week.
  8. Chris, it was very nice speaking with you at length the other day. Now that you are once again fully immersed with DLG/Machine, i have a glimmer of hope that i will get my putters + refund back soon.... Going forward, let Dave handle the custom putter making ****only****...otherwise its going to be another dog and pony show once again. Best, Olaf
  9. + 1 for Nick Bova at Hamilton Farms in Jersey. Went to see him 2 days ago. worth every penny and the drive as well from Lower Fairfield Cty. Will go back in the Spring. I met Paul Kenney l years ago in Stamford, but Nick is in a different league. One of my issues was the takeaway, but not many here in CT could tell me the cause. Nick spotted it right away and explained things . total AHA moment.... Good luck.
  10. Its a possibility, just been busy the last year with raising my 1 year old and a lot of work travel. Will have to look into that.
  11. Sept 6th,2019 i received a text Travis would be shipping my putters that week. On October 16th i texted back asking for shipping information and once again, total silence. My orders were placed Spring 2015/2016(cant remember at this point in time) right when he was in the midst of "reorganizing"..... Long story short, paypal would not refund me $$ as the deadline was 180 days.. problem was, i kept getting "almost done" teaser pics plus warm and fuzzy emails that kept me calm.. In any case, its been a s**** show with no putters in hand and out $ 2800/$2900... have a great weekend everyone !
  12. My best acquisition so far this year hands down was a putting lesson from David Edel. Also went down to a 325 gram putter headweight and that turned on the switch on the greens. Confidence at an all time high right now. Can't thank David enough, he was very generous with his time and his knowledge.
  13. Robb, that early version of the Heritage... is it cast or milled ? Thanks Olaf
  14. Are the head and hosel different materials, or was he going for different colors on purpose? entire head is stainless steel. I asked him for more yellow hues on the neck...
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