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  1. Ping Heppler Floki adjustable length putter in excellent condition. Stock headcover and adjustment tool are included. $165 east of the Miss, $175 west. Trades always considered. Edel Columbia Putter in excellent used condition. 34” length, 68 degree lie angle, 4 degrees of loft. Edel headcover is included and will ship in original Edel box. $99 shipped east of the Miss, $104 west. Trades always considered.
  2. Trades...no promises but I’ll listen. Evnroll ER10 Outback putter in excellent, lightly used condition. 34” stock length. Gravity grip. Stock headcover included. SOLD Ping 2021 Fetch putter in excellent, lightly used condition. 34” length. Ping Strobic headcover is included ($40 upgrade). SOLD
  3. Ping G700 4 iron in good used condition. Ping AWT 2.0 steel shaft in stiff flex. Black dot. Golf Pride MCC Align grip. $89 shipped east. West, please add $5. Odyssey Metal X Milled Rossie in very good used condition. Fat Cat Solution grip. 34” playing length. No dings or scratches. Original headcover and weight kit are included. SOLD thanks Billy! True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts. .355 taper, 1.5” tip prep. These are supposedly 4-PW with two additional wedge shafts. They measure as follows (in inches): 37.25 36.75
  4. Ping G700 irons in good used condition. Set consists of 5-9 irons and three wedges (W,U, and S). Standard loft/length/lie (black dot) with factory AWT 2.0 steel shafts in stiff flex. Serials match on the 5-W, the U and S were apparently added later. Grips are GP tour velvets on all but the 7, W and S which have Royal Classic Vs. The Royals have been air-installed so they are easily removed if desired. These have been my gamers for the last 15 months and show normal wear from normal use, nothing unusual. $475 shipped to any east coast address. West, please add $20 and please don’t b
  5. Callaway Epic Flash 9 degree driver in good used condition. HZRDUS Smoke 70 gram 6.0 (stiff) shaft. No headcover or tool. Normal wear from normal use.l, crown is clean. Winn Dri Tac Midsize grip is in good condition. SOLD thanks Long!
  6. Making Sure my eyes do not deceive me...these are White/Navy/Red?
  7. Circa 2 in that finish is the finest putter I have ever used.
  8. Directed Force 2.1T putter in good used condition. 35” length with Stability Tour shaft and Press 1.5 grip. I took this in on a trade and I do not know the loft or lie, but to my eye it looks to be 70 or 71 degrees. New LAB headcover is included. It has been used and shows some finish west but no dings or gouges. Puts a lovely roll on the ball and feels great but there’s no way I could ever get used to looking at something this big behind the ball. SOLD! Thanks Chris! Ping i200 power spec 4 iron with Steelfiber 95 shaft in stiff flex. Good used condition. Orange dot. Winn
  9. I’ll take the Evenflow White with TM tip. PM sent.
  10. All prices are shipped east o’ the Miss. West please add $5. Putter trades always considered. Callaway original Epic Sub Zero 10.5 degree driver head in good used condition. No tool or headcover. Full disclosure: I bought this head here in WRX and the heavier weight had been harvested from it, replaced with the lighter weight from an Epic Flash. SOLD! Thanks Joshua! Very nice Edel Columbia putter in very good used condition. I purchased this putter last fall, and the specs were represented as 34.5” length, 4 degrees of loft, and 68 degree lie angle. Stock headcov
  11. Evening all. Prices are shipped east of the Miss. West, please add $5. Callaway Rogue 15 degree 3 wood in good used condition. Factory HZRDUS Yellow 76g 6.0 shaft and NDMC grip. Face and top line wear can be seen in pics. No headcover. $89 shipped. Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 18 degree 5 Wood in good used condition. Factory HZRDUS Yellow 76g 6.0 shaft and NDMC grip. Face and top line wear can be seen in pics. No headcover. SOLD! Thanks Jason! Taylor Made Spider Tour putter in very good used condition. 31” playing length with aftermarket 20g weight
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