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  1. Super Speed Trainer Never used. Plastic still on two grips. Slight scratch on one shaft. Show in pics. SOLD Sports Sensor Swing Speed Radar Never Used. SOLD Seamus Sugar Skulls Putter Cover Slightly used. $100 Shipped Ping I210 4-UW DG 120 Stiff Stock Shaft Black Dot Standard L/L/L Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips Only used on the range twice. ***Not looking for trades*** $825 Shipped
  2. I've done two Edel fittings. One for just the putter and then another putter fitting and a wedge fitting. Wedges were really good but I couldn't get over the looks. Same with the putters. Feel, look, performance of their putters wasn't for me. I was also fit at Artisan and bought a putter from them that was much better. Fitting was completely different and well worth the money spent.
  3. Both are really good shafts. I feel like the Ping 65gm shaft is a little more accurate and lower launch. The CK isn’t as Counter Balanced as the PRO version. Launched higher for me than the Ping and Pro Orange. I played X in the CK Orange and stiff in the Ping. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Going with the LZ’s!!!
  5. Has anyone tried the 785’s with PX LZ shafts?
  6. BigD

    PXG One & Done

    Any feedback on feel of the PXG makers you guys are using compared to the One and Done? It says on their site that it is aluminum and Tungsten. I have tried Cameron aluminum putters in the past and they felt horrible. Wondering what these feel like.
  7. Would you say the 125TX plays identical to the X100 in terms of stiffness? I had the 105 S hardstepped and loved them. But, I typically play better with a heavier shaft. I thought about either SS the 125TX or the 105TX to get the weight closer. I am just concerned about how stiff they would be. I can swing X100 SS1, maybe even straight in. Thoughts?
  8. Only G410LST Fairway and wedges left. Price drop on both.
  9. Ping Glide 3.0 50SS, 54SS and 58TS Stock Shafts. Standard LLL used only three rounds SOLD
  10. FatThinNeverIn: Monte is the expert but I will take a crack at helping as I have had the same issues in the past. Backswing could use a little work. Too flat and club is still moving as your shoulders stop. Getting the backswing in a better position has helped me a ton thanks to ITeach and Monte. Here is a old video from Monte:
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