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  1. Brand New in Box still sealed. Srixon ZX7 Irons 5-PW Modus 120 X-Stiff Standard Length and Loft 2* Flat Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips SOLD
  2. DJ has staying power. Nothing bothers him on the course and according to Butch he’s as dumb as a box of rocks. I wish I had more of the former attribute and less of the second. Spieth and McIlroy seem to have the same demons and voices in their head. Very strange for two players that were hailed as the next “Tiger” at one point. Perhaps the masters is a career killer for some.
  3. Grip it and Rip it!!!! Sincerely, Lobster Claws
  4. FortWorthPro on here is great.
  5. I don’t think I have ever seen a Near Mint or perfect condition putter with a hole in the shaft.
  6. “Flip it”? LOL. I have been on this site since it started and several other sites before that. I have bought and sold more clubs and golf equipment that I care to remember. I have never purchased anything with the intent of flipping it for a profit. And, the Yonex Super ADX Blade putter market is not exactly a great spot to make your fortune.
  7. Thank you all for the quick replies. rjcejka is the members profile name.
  8. I recently purchased a Yonex Super ADX putter in the classified section from a member here. The pictures were not great but the member stated this putter was in mint condition and barely used. I received the putter today and the condition was no where near what was described. I paid $110 including shipping which I thought was a great deal considering the stated condition. I have included pictures and would welcome any feedback. The seller was appalled that I would want to return the putter. And yes, that is a hole in the putter shaft in the pictures.
  9. A ton of good posts in this thread. I play competitively and used to play in pretty big cash games with +5 to 5 handicaps. I’ve been anywhere from Scratch to a 7 handicap for years. I carry a 5 handicap on a local mini tour. Played the game for 40+ years and have bought way too many golf clubs over the years. I think Blade and TigerInTheWoods mentioned it in some of their posts. Golf Equipment is very individualistic in terms of what is the proper fit or fitment. A 15-20 handicap usually has different ideas of what they want compared to a 5 handicap and below. As mentioned previously, even
  10. Thanks for the reply. I was referring to the style used by those three players specifically. Which is the Laguna/Zing style. I just thought it was interesting that three of the best putters use a similar style, also one not used by many other players today.
  11. Great thread. I noticed that Faxon, Loren Roberts and Stricker all use a version of the Scotty Cameron Laguna style putter? Is this a coincidence? Crenshaw with a 8802. I believe Faxon is the only one of those four that use a plumbers neck. Just wanted to see if anyone else noticed this and if it is just coincidence.
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