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  1. Do it all through Paypal, what's the problem??
  2. [quote name='Drudersh' timestamp='1398531018' post='9175697'] Dude, you've bought from me. And we had a great transaction. [/quote] Absolutely we did, but had you said something as ignorant then as you have in this thread, we wouldn't have done a transaction at all. I'm just asking that you step back and look at your comments, and see if you think that was alright. I still wish you GLWS.
  3. [quote name='Drudersh' timestamp='1398530822' post='9175683'] If you had legitimate interest I'm sure you would have sent a PM. The fact that you chose to use the the reply section when you obviously already had your mind made up about its origins is what leads me to believe that you were simply trying to be arrogant. I got the putter from eBay and was told it was "Tour Issue" by seller. I will now inset quotations around these words in the add so everyone can remove their thumbs from their noses and get a life. [/quote] Clearly you're the one who's completely out of line here, so while I take my thumb out of my nose (whatever that means), please feel free to get a clue.
  4. That's the exact Byton I've been hoping to see on here and grab, but I wouldn't buy it from you now, that's for damn sure. Nice job of being a complete jerk that no one would want to buy from.
  5. "Latter" not ladder... Sheesh.. Since we're all being childish, I'll play spell check guy Seriously, what's wrong with the question? It's perfectly legit.
  6. Can ANYONE explain why this guy hasn't been banned yet? Seriously.... I'm curious to know the thought process behind this "logic". I would think by now his IP address would be blocked out and that a database search would've been done to find any other profiles he might have created and blocked them as well. This has happened before with the same guy in what?....2009? I understand we have almost the entire first page of the BST dedicated to ensuring that the owners of the site can't be held responsible for any stuff that happens on the BST, but when you've had a single user come back multiple times and screw people over, you could be in fact guilty of gross negligence. Instead, we spend time "cleaning the thread up" by removing posts that talk about what a crook he is. I'm sorry, I love this site, but that kind of stuff is absurd. Good members get in trouble for calling out a crook! How on earth does that make ANY sense at all??
  7. [quote name='rjp322' timestamp='1398433667' post='9168045'] [quote name='RookieBlue7' timestamp='1398430659' post='9167673'] I'm just curious if rjp still sides with Kressler too? You know, cause he deserves the benefit of the doubt and all. Smh. I just have messages blocked [/quote] I posted in that thread at the conclusion I didn't. Your reading comprehension is really terrible because you have missed the entire point I have made in this thread. Goodbye thread, this will be my last post in this thread. [/quote] Great final post! Your first sentence makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but we're used to that from you. Goodbye, and good riddance. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!
  8. Throughout this thread, you're the only one arguing and as is typical for you it's because you think you're always right. If that's not absurd enough, you come into a thread and try to show people that they're wrong for blocking someone. I'm not quite sure who the hell you think you are, but you're not in charge of these members, and if I or someone else wants to block someone because of their dealings on the BST, that's my and their right. You don't like it, fine... Make your point and move on. Take a look at your posts and see how immature and childish you look trying to control how other people act or what their choices are. And for real... Quit talking about "you guys" and all of your other over simplified opinions. In other words... Get over yourself.
  9. I hope this answers your question. This post is hidden because you have chosen to ignore posts by rjp322. View it anyway? But occasionally, when I need a really good laugh, I click the "View it anyway?" Just to see how you're trying to right the world this time and it's fun to see it backfire in your face 99% of the time. Brilliant bleeding heart liberal like you,I figured you knew you could still read posts from those that are blocked. Go figure.
  10. [quote name='Lord Helmet' timestamp='1398356709' post='9160867'] Hey thanks. You wanna go get all the details, fine. Me, could care less. Backed out, scammed, whatever, you seem to have some sort of connection or soft spot for them. While I agree there are 2 sides, I had read enough to know the buyer wasnt someone I wanted to deal with. So they are blocked. And now, so are you. My time is valuable. [/quote] too bad I can only "Like" this once.....
  11. rjp322 - people don't want to deal with others that can manage to look at a good description, and can't or don't care to read it. I know I don't have time for people like that... doesn't really matter what was said. People that behave like that cause problems down the line. Call it a "mob" mentality if you wish, but IMO, that's pretty lame. No one was threatening to go to his house, or anything that would show a mob mentality. Give it a rest already... as pointed out you were the same way in the KKressler thread, and that guy was a TOTAL bum!
  12. [quote name='See The Line' timestamp='1398355317' post='9160615'] There's way too many better options out... I won't even bother with footjoy. They've never impressed me or my feet. [/quote] Like what? and please don't say TW13 or 14's.... just pitiful..
  13. Probably something like this, but unlike Tigger, I wouldn't get it back. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux5ZEQBsfos&feature=player_embedded"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux5ZEQBsfos&feature=player_embedded[/url] I'd LOVE a BLACK Covert 2.0
  14. That is one of the BEST looking putters on the market IMO. Great seller too !! GLWS!
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