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  1. They're not wearing any more quickly than any other forged iron I've ever owned. The muscle portion of the iron is like a blade and will receive bag chatter that's in line with a blade.
  2. I was active on the GEA for a few years back in the early 2000s and started looking for other communities as that place started its decline. Found GolfWRX pretty early on in its existence.
  3. Yep, the gray insert in the black Spider Tour is the 80/20 insert. It's slightly firmer than the black Surlyn insert in the red Spider Tour. DJ has the gray 80/20 insert in his IB. The white insert in the Spider X is actually an 80/20, but it feels slightly different than the gray one in the black Spider Tour because the Spider X insert is 5mm thick compared to 3mm in the Spider Tour. For me, it felt a little softer than the black Spider Tour and a little firmer than the black insert in the red Spider, but the Spider X felt sort of dead to me. I didn't care for the feel of the X.
  4. I have to say that I did not care for this shaft in standard length putters. Had it in my Spider X and felt it was too stiff. Had the same reaction when I installed one in a friends Soto. But, I recently built an armlock putter with a CT shaft and it's stiff enough to handle the 370g head I'm using. Very pleased with it at 40.5" armlock.
  5. I've played 6 rounds and have had a couple practice sessions with mine so far (just 5 and 6 iron in MC). Just some minor bag chatter starting. Nothing excessive or out of the ordinary. Exactly what I'd expect for a forged head.
  6. The length comment surprises me, to be honest. I've found TaylorMade to be very precise with custom lengths on my past orders, including my P770-P7MC-P7MB order. What ruler are you using to measure? A D4-D5 swing weight range for an OEM set of irons is really not bad at all. If you want higher tolerances, you need to do what I and many others do and rebuild them yourself.
  7. The original Milled Grind was a two-year cycle product and the MG2 will be entering its second season next year. Given that TaylorMade seems to have moved to a two-year cycle for their non metal woods clubs, I wouldn't expect a refresh of MG2 until Fall 2021 at the earliest.
  8. In the past I've sent my trades right after receiving the shipping label, but with my P7MB-P7MC-P770 order, I noticed the following statement in my order details email: That tells me you should wait until you receive the backordered clubs before sending in the clubs to trade in. In my experience, TaylorMade doesn't charge the credit card until the clubs are ready to ship (I ordered on 8/15, was charged on 8/27), so you shouldn't have to worry about waiting months to receive the credit on your account from the trade-in because the charge won't appear until your clubs are r
  9. Yes it's definitely hot off the face, but that's one of the things I loved when I demoed it. One of the reasons I switched back to a non-groove blade this year is because I switched to TP5 last season and the ball launched a little slower off my other Spiders when compared to the 2017-18 TP5x I had been playing. This putter is not going to be for everyone, but I think it was made for me. Feels like a blade during the stroke, but with a smaller head size like a Spider, and there's just a hint more stability in the stroke than I have with a blade. I need to pull the trigger and get o
  10. I mean, MacGregor had the L.F.F. years ago , so I'm sure your crack marketing department could come up with something for FFS...
  11. I keep making my this point on WRX, but it's worth repeating. Everyone seems to want the badge or the TP line back. Believe me, I loved the TP line (and the badge!) as much as anyone else, but TP concept is a relic of a bygone era. TP clubs were cool and desirable because they had specs that were the same as what was played on tour at the time, rather than the closed faced, .350 hosel crap that was on retail shelves. TP clubs really were different at the start and it wasn't just shaft options like you had with SLDR and R15 TP (e.g., r510 TP). We have it so good now compared to 15 y
  12. There have been a number of wedge tests done on a launch monitor in the last few years. What people have found is that friction between the ball and club face influences spin on shorter pitches than grooves do. So the idea is that a face with sand filled grooves would give a rougher surface that will create more friction. That's what the OP is talking about. Unfortunately, Andrew Rice, the teacher who was testing sand filled groove spin rates back in 2015 has now changed his mind and said: "I used to say that sand increases friction and that is often the case, but I've found it de
  13. Yep. After his last two performances on the greens, one with a new blade and one with old faithful, I really want to see him with an FCG at Winged Foot.
  14. TaylorMade has not left a prior year model in their woods lineup in their recent history. They might have a prior year model on sale while they have inventory, but they don't keep it in the lineup. So while it's possible TM could adopt your strategy, there's no reason to suspect it based on their past behavior. Yes, SIM is great, but so was M2 and that got replaced the following year. It's far more likely they'll continue down the road they started with M1: replace the current model with something that has an incremental improvement to what came before. Or, SIM could have been the
  15. It's likely a combination of different necks and different inserts that make up the bulk of them. So it's somewhat understandable that he amassed a collection while trying to find a gamer.
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