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  1. PROJECT X HANDCRAFTED EVEN FLOW BLUE SHAFTS W/TM TIPS DRIVER LENGTH- 75g 6.5-X, 44.25” uninstalled, tipped 1” (standard), TM Tour Issue TP RH 1 Degree Sleeve, Lamkin Tour Black Cord 58 Round Grip Logo Down $125 SHIPPED CONUS, NO TRADES 3 WOOD LENGTH- 85g 6.5-X, 42” uninstalled, tipped 1.5” (standard), TM Tour Issue TP LH 1.5 Degree Sleeve, Lamkin Tour Black Cord 58 Round Grip Logo Down $115 SHIPPED CONUS, NO TRADES HYBRID LENGTH- 85g, 6.5-X, 40.5” uninstalled, untipped (standard), TM Tour Issue RH Rescue 1.5 Degree Sleeve, Lamkin Tour Black Cord 58
  2. It’s neutral. More to add weight and deaden the sound than to influence the CG bias.
  3. TOUR ISSUE TAYLORMADE M6 10.5 HEAD ONLY HEADWEIGHT: 200.4g (head has been hot melted, sounds incredible) HEADCOVER: New m6 headcover included NOTES: “+” symbol on hosel. I do not have the original spec sticker. If in need of a shaft, I have several X-flex 70ish gram shafts I could part with for an additional price. CONDITION: Easy 9/10. PRICE: SOLD! LEFTY WATSON GOLF “THE HANGER” TRAINING AID CONDITION: Never used to hit balls. Lower thread is a slightly sticky when tightening/loosening, but does not affect use at all. Basically brand new otherw
  4. I went 3-4 770 and 5-PW MC. So much for my backup set of 750’s I had in waiting! Lol
  5. These. They made 3 sets apparently. Akshay and JT Phillips. They were fully milled. Also, it wasn’t all that long ago, so not much chance for them to have made them even if they wanted to.
  6. It’s Christmas for us lefties! ?? Robert Macintyre’s back at the Kingdom.
  7. It’s Christmas for us lefties! ?? Pic from Robert Macintyre’s IG.
  8. I still don’t understand why they don’t throw us lefties a bone with Phil and Akshay using it. Come on Callaway!
  9. Interested to see what profile it is. They have a profile Dufner uses, a profile Bryson uses And a 3rd prototype I’ve seen. They may have built him his own shaft that has a similar bend profile to his Ventus Black but with the stability and higher ball speeds LAGP is quickly becoming known for.
  10. Tour Sim MAX is similar to the tour M6. Much deeper face and smaller profile with the hot melt port.
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