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  1. Hopefully they make it in lefty too. I have a tour one with the insert and it’s next level!!
  2. I have one with a WH insert and love it. Glad to hear they are making this combo with the Rahm model soon! Hopefully they will bring some to retail in lefty as well.
  3. @easyyy get a picture of the face of Poulter’s T11. Many will be surprised...
  4. Poulter put the new T-11 in play this week at the match play. Keep a close eye on the face...
  5. He was, but he was also taking forever to create shafts. Admittedly, LAGP is way too small of an operation that got thrown into the spotlight too early with Bryson’s immediate success and distance gains. I wish they could address these deficiencies because they are missing out on so much opportunity. Happy to see the Trono as an OEM option this year. Hopefully they can get things together over the course of 2021. Their Marketing and their website need major help.
  6. Tour versions have 2 dots on the hosel.
  7. Righty only unless you go through the hand ground collection for us lefties which is probably ridiculously even more expensive than the retail for the righty ones.
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