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  1. 1. Nike Flat Front Tech Pants or Flex Pants or whatever they call these pants now. Size 33x30. They are essentially new; some have been worn once or twice and some haven't been worn at all. I have no idea what "year" these are but they are more recent and not from like 2015 or something old. Lovely pants but I ordered the wrong size and never returned them. If you would like more specific pics just let me know. $OLD Black, khaki, midnight navy, light bone, and dark gray. 2. Nike Therma-Fit 1/4 Zip, gray w/ some black on sleeves, s
  2. Besides a random love affair with the TM M2, I've always had Titleist drivers as they just seem to fit my eye and I hit them well. 983K, 905T, 905R, 910D3, 913D3, and then 917D3. 907D2, 915D3, and TS3 were trash and caused me to revert to the prior model. 917D3 is still a fairway finding missile. I actually bought a new 917D3 on clearance for $199 after I tested the TS3 and was less than impressed. I knew I needed a new 917D3 as my original 917D3 would've been worn out by now 4 years later. Anyways Titleist is due for a good one now!
  3. Gosh I hope the TSi3 is as good as the 917D3 was/is. The TS3 was trash; the 917D3 still in the bag for me. We will see if this new line can push the 917 out!
  4. Yes, I may do this. Please see the post I just posted above this one. Would I epoxy the weights into the tips, let dry, and then reshaft? Or epoxy it all at once? Worried about lack of air flow with dried epoxy so heads will pop out when trying to reshaft.
  5. 4 - 246g - Add 1g shaft tip weight to get to 247g 5 - 250g - Add 4g shaft tip weight to get to 254g 6 - 258g - Add 3g shaft tip weight to get to 261g 7 - 265g - Add 3g shaft tip weight to get to 268g 8 - 275g - OK 9 - 282g - OK PW - 291g - OK So this would even out head weights at the very least.
  6. Thanks for the input. I've got all the tools to reshaft properly; I've done it before a few times. I prepped all the tips and got rid of all the old epoxy in the heads and the shafts.
  7. Thanks for the input. I measured the headweights on my gram scale below: 4 - 246g 5 - 250g 6 - 258g 7 - 265g 8 - 275g 9 - 282g PW - 291g So is +/- a few grams from your "7 gram slope" really that important to a golfer? Serious question; would love to hear your thoughts.
  8. My point in all of this is what do a few grams of weight actually do for the golfer? I'm not talking theory or what makes people feel good. I'm talking real world playing golf on the course. Messes up ball flight? Shaft flex is different? Spin factor changes? Ball speed changes? I need concrete things here not just "swingweight is important" or "you need to add those few grams".
  9. Looks like California line circa 2012
  10. Thanks for the info guys. I have all the tools needed but I do not have a swingweight scale. As mentioned previously the shaft tip "weights" are useless without a swingweight scale as they are used to ensure head + shaft + grip "weight" all match. I checked all the lengths before I purchased them; Ping and Mizuno have the same standard length and both use .355 taper shafts. I'm not that concerned with a few grams of swingweight variances due to manufacturing tolerances; I think that's a bit ridiculous to worry about unless you are a PGA Tour pro. EDIT: I do have a gram scale I
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