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  1. There may be others who could give better advice on this one. I was fitted for Project X in my irons, so for me the graphite PX are fine. But for others PX can feel boardy, tip stiff and hard work.
  2. Got out on the course last night for 10 holes to test. Overall I am very impressed, I noticed others have said they didn't like the feel but for me I really enjoyed it, it does have a muted thwack sound, very much like my old Adams idea pro black. I compared to my Callaway X Forged UT and the sound difference is quite pronounced, the Callaway has a metallic, hollow tink which I really don't like. I also find the UDI more forgiving, easier to elevate from the deck and does not dig easily. I've attached some images against my Callaway UT, you can see blade length is actu
  3. Ordered from Jamgolf.com Came the next day before the official release date. If you play off 18 I would be cautious of the SIM UDI as the forgiveness is limited. The SIM DHY as you suggested may be better, cheaper option which is still fantastic is the Adams DHY, can be had for 30-50 quid on ebay.
  4. Had my first hit with my 2 UDI & Thump 100 X. This slot has previously been filled with either a Callaway X Forged UT, 18 deg with PX steel 6.5 or my trusty Adams Idea Pro Black. First off, the sound and feel is excellent. Compared to the Callaway UT it is much more solid and muted, actually similar to the Adams pro black. Heel to toe it is longer than the Callaway UT and I would say the forgiveness is also better than the UT. Shots hit slightly skinny still felt good and got up with little distance loss. For me, it was very easy to elevate, launched up quick
  5. I'm in the UK and my UDI turned up this morning with the Thump 100 X. Looks very sleek and much better finish then the GAPR. Hoping to try at the range today and then on the course tomorrow. Currently have a Callaway X forged UT 18 deg that I'm looking to replace as it sounds very hollow and tinny.
  6. Thanks, tried it at the range against the stock Tour 65 in X. Felt much smoother and produced a flatter flight for me, actually felt very similar to the standard Fuji Pro 73 I have in my fairway so going to give it a go this weekend.
  7. Picked this shaft up off eBay for my G400LST to match the Fuji Pro 73 in my fairway, but the markings differ and it says KURO 75. Anyone have an idea what this shaft is and what I can expect?
  8. Not my intention, commonly it is sterotyped people with an above average IQ struggle to perform simple manual tasks, not the other way round. More to do with finding it strange it looks like he could round the head of the screw off in the process. You'd think given the frequency of using adjustable clubs he'd be pretty proficient - or ask TM to check / torque appropriately?
  9. https://www.youtube....h?v=dq_NOYW_kBg @ 22 seconds DJ starts to adjust his M1 Driver. Firstly surprising he's adjusting this on the fly just before the Masters Secondly, looks like he's struggling to use that wrench properly!
  10. Been working in East Asia for a few years now, there is a very wide choice of grips - Iomic, NO1, Elite etc. I've never seen this colour-way of Iomic, I currently have some Blue 2.3 Sticky, black end cap, white lettering. My gut feeling, if I saw this colour-way I'd think it's a fake. Any one seen this colour-way before?
  11. Channel shut down as well. Damn, I get up to watch my morning 'Golf Fix', boom - shut down. I wouldn't mind so much if the PGAtour didn't produce such horrible highlights and pointless Youtube content. Anyway, if anyone spots a replacement, please post.
  12. Totally agree, I wanted to get a Piretti, but like you there are just too heavy. Removeable weights could be an option to suit all maybe?
  13. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJkYtGNsK-QwC-xkjN5yvhg You're welcome
  14. Looking for some help. Planning to pull a Matrix White Tie shaft from an AB TP Mini Driver with goal to install in a 2017 M1 3 wood (which I won -hence wrong shaft!) If I do this, what if any additional tipping is required? I'm concerned the prep area from the bonded hosel will be above the adapter sleeve. Thanks for the help.
  15. I was at the Myanmar Open yesterday and followed Todd Sinnotts group, definitely an Epic Sub Zero. Guy is a beast, hit it pin high on a 350 yard par 4, into a light breeze with almost no roll. On 13 he hit 3 wood, 9 iron. Hole is 460 yards, uphill !!
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