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  1. All prices include shipping via USPS. Add $5 for shipping west of the Rockies. No trades at this time. 1. 50, 54 and 58 degree Callaway Mack Daddy Forged. KBS 610 125 Wedge shafts. 54 and 58 are 35.75" and 50 is 36". $140 2. Diamana S+ 70 stiff shaft with Titleist tip. Measures 42.25" from grip butt to adapter tip. Plays to stock length in 915F 15*. $40 3. Titleist 915F 15* head. Near new condition. $old 4. Fujikura Pro 73 Tour Spec X-Stiff shaft with Titleist tip. Measures 42.25" from grip butt to
  2. The Fujikura website will provide you with the current line equivalent of your old shaft. Just look under legacy shafts.
  3. The ST+2 Hybrid only has "two extra wraps" under the lower hand, as opposed to "four extra wraps" on the Sonar+ and MCC Plus 4.
  4. City, State? Chicago, Il Handicap? +0.3 Current hybrid/utility iron head? Titleist 818H1 19* Current hybrid/utility iron shaft? Tensei White 90x What flex Nippon Modus3 Hybrid GOST shaft do you want to test? Tour S Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes
  5. If I recall they are around 125 uncut. I just measured with the grip on and the weight was about 165 grams, so less the grip weight the cut shaft is around 100-115 grams.
  6. All prices include USPS priority shipping. Add $5 west of the Rockies. Not looking for any trades at this time. 1. Rifle 6.0 taper tip shafts. 4-PW. The shafts are pulls from a set of P790s built by TrueSpec. Longest shaft measures 38.25' from tip to end of grip. Played .5" over standard in the P790s. Lamkin 3Gen Ace grips. $150 125 OBRO. 2. Iomic Stick 2.3 Camo (Set of 5). BNIP, only took out one to capture a picture of the cap. Ordered directly from Iomic USA. SOLD 3. Wellpoint 13ft Putting Mat. Fast speed option. 2020 version. Only putted on
  7. Played there Memorial Day weekend. It was in rough shape then, figured I’d give it a month to recover from the flood damage. Sounds like I’ll be staying away a while longer if not for the rest of this year.
  8. Thanks. That’s what made most sense but just wanted some confirmation.
  9. I’m going to be regripping my clubs soon. I like the reduced taper feel but the GP +4 wasn’t for me. I recently tried the new Lamkin +2 grips and liked the feel, but not a fan of the multi-compound material. After reading Howard’s post about building a +4 grip https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/913717/building-up-a-grip/p1#entry7918195, I’m wondering if I were to go the +2 route would I add the two extra wraps starting at the head end (the 2.25” and 4.5” strips) or at the butt end (the 6.75” and 9”). I’m already going to use three layers of build up to get to a .930 (+1/32”) diameter.
  10. I tried Recoils. The recoils felt softer and if I recall had a higher ball flight. I was fitted into the Steelfibers twice, first time when I swapped out the 6.0s in a set of p790s and again when I switched to X-Forged. Two different fitters, both settled on the SF 110 CW.
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