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  1. Oh FUN! I like my bag as it is. I am not one for new gear every year, at least since I had kids. Fairway woods, I'm old school the t-60 in my bag is a cannon. But it has a deep face so it isn't for everyone. I would probably look for the SQ woods if I had to change. I have a 5 wood, I will swap that out for the 60* depending on the course. Usually I open up my 56. I'm not totally sold on the new woods based on my experience with the hybrids... Hybrid: I had the CPR IRON WOOD until a couple years ago. It was old, it was red, but it worked great. When I bought the Covert 2.0 driver, I g
  2. [quote name='TWO2SEVEN' timestamp='1441721026' post='12280504'] I am new to golf, I struggle with getting the ball in the air, especially with my driver. I know the ball isn't the most important factor in this, but does anyone think either of these will help? I have been using the Nike Mojo, and I like the feel, but if these will help with a little I will pick them up next time I need balls. Thanks! [/quote] If you are just starting out, I would say the Mojo is fine, maybe one of the PD series. No need to spend more than you need to on balls, it won't make that much difference. Play
  3. I liked the Epoch tees...zero friction are okay. But it doesn't matter to me. Plain wood is great (and free). You can't see the tee under the ball. I always feel funny...and laugh at others...when they have to search for their tee like its a PROV1! Wood tees....no worries.
  4. [quote name='tatertot' timestamp='1398430942' post='9167715'] VERY NICE! I got my GoLo 5 yesterday as well. Other than the different colored sole plate and weights, what's the difference between the standard 3 and the "Tour Only"? [/quote] Difference of a Circle T and about $1200 I might imagine...
  5. Yeah it's a minimum offset high arc style putter. If you dont putt on an arc you wont like it. If you putt SBST and try to keep the face square to the line the whole time you wont like it. Cant wait to grab one of these off the BST for cheap. Everybody is assuming they are FB. Let the putter move on an arc and open/close on it's own. Put it in on auto pilot is the best way to make that happen. You cant try and manipulate it like a CS model. Was really considering one of these, despite the rounded look. I would prefer a squarer head for my SBST putting stroke....seeing the toe hang t
  6. I have my eye on the black bag tag & the hat clip ball marker. Without a ball mark on my hat I am lost. Touch my bill to mark every putt... I'll pick one and go with the black bag tag... Thanks Guys!
  7. My current gamer would go in my driver museum.... Thanks Nike Golf! Thanks GolfWRX!!![attachment=2191927:image.jpg]
  8. [quote name='myspinonit' timestamp='1397917969' post='9124775'] [quote name='rmeron' timestamp='1397908598' post='9124079'] Thanks for the info. What exactly is a bounce factor and why is it important, do the specs show degree of bounce so you can make a decision? My new Adams tight lies irons have a PW and a GW but no SW. I can get only one sand wedge, what would you recommend in the Adams line-up? [/quote] I suggest you read this thread [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/993823-wedge-buyers-guide/"]http://www.golfwrx.c...e-buyers-guide/[/url] Also go to the Titleist and Cleve
  9. I have the 3 iron-wood at 21*. After getting the new Covert Tour, I had a gift card and opted for a new hybrid. After ~5 swings in the hitting bay the CT 2.0 hybrid was my choice. Felt real solid. I unwrapped it at the range at Bandon...and it was a different beast compared to the CPR. The CPR Is light and hollow feeling. The Covert 2.0 is heavy and SOLID. I really questioned my choice...even took my CPR back from my brother in law after gifting it to him. Really rethinking my new hybrid may need to return it...my T60 woods are NOT moving outta the bag...the CPR may be locked in too
  10. I have a BagBoy that does the job well. Like you a Club Glove bag was out of consideration due to price. The BagBoy has been good to me for years...although the strap/clip broke last week...I think it may have been TSA revenge for my zip ties...
  11. [quote name='Fade to Black' timestamp='1396034319' post='8970251'] Inevitable I would say. Companies can now just produce one head with adjustable sleeve instead of multiple heads (eg. 9*, 10*, 11*). Saves on manufacturing costs. [/quote] It is not just the manufacturing, it is the planning. Trying to figure out how many heads of each loft to make is not easy. Now they make only 1 head and the adjustable sleeves to go with it...
  12. Whatever happened to the Pro Launch Platinum? That was a great shaft....
  13. nunee


    Welcome to the party. I have been waiting for everyone else to show up.
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