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  1. I'd be interested in the head if you'd be willing to sell separately.
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the wrench, head cover, and manual are all included in the sale. Thanks...Cesar
  3. [quote name='Benjithx' timestamp='1341669599' post='5231888'] I have the same combo and it is one of the best setups I've ever hit. Stupid Straight and Long! Someone needs to jump on this before I buy it... [/quote] Thanks Ben. I agree, somebody does need to jump on this. It's taking every fiber of will power in my body to not hit this club. It goes against everything I know. I'm just very happy with my current driver and don't even want to be tempted by it. Would rather put the money towards some new irons.
  4. Hey Folks, I'm selling a brand new, never been hit, Callaway RAZR Fit 9.5 Driver with a real Diamana Ahina 70 x5ct X flex shaft . Comes with a white Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN standard grip. Club was custom ordered through Callaway and is fully protected by their warranty. Just arrived this week. Even with their recent price drop, this club/shaft combo would still retail for $524. I'm asking $400 shipped to Continental USA. ***SOLD*** Payment via Paypal please. Sorry, no trades.
  5. +0.6 - R11S 9* w/ Fubuki Alpha 73x. Launches great and keeps the spin down. Solid distance on mishits and the straightest I've hit to date.
  6. I just reshafted my RBZ Tour 14.5 with a real 'Ahina 80X and took her out for a test drive today. WOW! Hitting it 20 yards farther with 10-15 of those yards coming via carry. Previous 3W was a 910FD 13.5 set to 14.25 with the "made for Titleist " Ahina 80X. Loved that 3W too, but it's no comparison between the two. RBZ has won me over. Also got a RBZ Tour 5W with an 80X Kai'li in it. Hit is pretty well, but still tinkering with it. Tipped the shaft and now it's too light (C8). Gonna add some lead tape to get it up to where the 3W is (D1) then I think I'll be pretty close to dialed in.
  7. w/ Diamana Whiteboard 73x shaftHi Folks, For Sale: Callaway Razr Hawk Tour 9.5 Driver w/ w/ Diamana Whiteboard 73x shaft. Club was custom ordered directly through Callaway. It's been hit less than 10 times and is in perfect (like new) shape. Shaft is standard 45.5". Serial # is 9002196794. Comes w/ headcover Asking $375.00 $325.00 OBO Shipped to continental US. No trades please.
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