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  1. Is it kosher to talk about retailers? For us international buyers many of the online retailers are flat out extortion. High shipping + exchange plus tax can easily run to $150 Australian for 1 polo shirt! Ouch....I’m no tightwad but I’m not paying that!
  2. After a fair layoff... are you telling me my g30 lstec needs upgrading? Or does it just need upgrading if you’re a wrxer?!
  3. Ditch the shaft lean. Stop hinging so much with your wrists and swing the handle. With the ball now closer to being off your front foot and the true loft of the club now in play you’ll be amazed at the control you have.
  4. Hi all, After returning from a long lay off I naturally, as wrx'ers do went to look at new drivers. A rep who used to work for TMAG was there and had a look at my swing. He was puzzled as to why I have a 7 iron swing speed of 89mph and a driver ss of under 100mph (around 98-99). He took some time to look at my swing, thought I was teeing it too high and said I was going after it way to hard from the top and losing speed by the time the club reached impact. As a side product I cannot hit a fairway wood off the deck at all. I cannot find the bottom of the swing consistently with the longer club and early extend to try and get the club head to the ball. Weirdly this doesnt happen with irons (as I feel I can get over the ball and control impact point). I am a half way reasonable player, playing to 5 before my layoff. But trouble off the tee with either a smothered pull or its cousin the early extend cut/ slice is a major issue and scorecard wrecker, resulting in very streaky play. I know the shaft only swing and the hearing of the swoosh at impact point. My question is has anyone else gone through this and found some good drills with the driver? You tube links? Thanks in advance.
  5. is your right hand slipping strong even if you set up correctly? This happens to me sometimes. Look at your right hand after you've finished your swing and see if it is too strong. Hope it helps.
  6. Buzzkill is that all green? Looks a great size! ?
  7. Hi all, Beginning the search for a new ball early since Nike (and the RZN Black) left the hard goods sector :( I notice a few options in the softer ball category primarily Srixon Ultisoft. I have tried a 3 pack of these and they were like hitting marshmallows, though I liked them. The added bonus is the price tag, with the Aussie dollar golf balls are getting very expensive again with tour level balls selling between $70-$80 a dozen. The ultisoft is $30/doz. They are super low compression, for reference my SS is around 104mph, are these going to hurt my game? I am also looking for a ball that is available in yellow (helps my old man eyes!) and is stable in the wind, my home course is a links style wind farm. Looking forward to any feedback. Cheers.
  8. Thanks guys. The crossover is an unbelievable club. Fairway finder off the tee and let's me attack the greens on par 5's. Absolutely love it.
  9. Hi All, So after 10 years of taking the game pretty seriously and having completely bought in to the TM marketing hype, for the first time I've finally gone away from TM. I bit the bullet and got fit by cool clubs here on the Gold Coast. Awesome experience and I decided to be loyal to my game and not brands. Anyway without further ado the new clubs are: D. Ping G30 Ls Tec 9*, Project X Hzrdus yellow 63g - SST Pured 3w. Ping G30 14.5*, Fujikura pro 73g (stiff) - SST Pured 3h. Ping G Series crossover 18*, Aerotech Steelfiber i95 stiff 4-gw Mizuno JPX-850 Forged, Project X LZ 6.0 Wedge 54* Vokey SM6, 8 deg bounce, Project X LZ6.0 Wedge 60* Vokey SM5, 4 deg bounce, stock vokey shaft Putter. Taylor Made Spider si72, 34" with Super stroke 3.0 slim & 50g counterweighted core Grips (ex putter) Pure Pro.
  10. Hey all. Am seriously considering one of these. I have a few questions for all that have hit it. How do these perform off tight lies? Would you think these woukd be easier to launch off the fairway than a g30 5 wood? Thanks!
  11. Had one of those days where they seemingly went in from everywhere. Holed out a 35metre bunker shot that hit the green and then spun straight into the cup. Won the competition with a field of just over 240 players with 44 stableford points which equals a gross 75 off a daily handicap if 11! Needless to say I'm going to sleep happy tonight ;)
  12. Ping g30. Loved the driver so much I bought the fairways
  13. Everyone will have a different answer to this. I have just recently changed employment sitiuation partly to allow for more time on the course. I am now a contractor so my diary is my own. Some days I work my tail off (think 15 hr work days) other times the clubs are in the back seat and I can fit in a 60-90 min practice session, Other days work finished at 11 to allow a mid week competition round in! Agreed with the above poster. You certainly wont remember how good work was on your deathbed. Life is too short to be locked up in an office like a jail during daylight hours.
  14. Not sure, I started at age 33 as a 26 marker. Have hit a low of 7.5 and am currently at a 9.1 I have a lifetime goal of 4.4 and am working really hard with iteachgolf at reaching it!
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