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  1. I'm 'IN' .... that driver is so RAD!! (to use a phrase from the '80's).
  2. But how many times have we seen that when a player is finished, and there has been contradicting video, an official is there waiting at the scorer's tent to show them video? So why is 'looking at video' out of the question? Where do those guys that get video shown to them, where does that video come from?
  3. Yea, but it's kind of like having had several bouts with the IRS over taxes and continue to do them yourself; why not have an accountant do your taxes the next time (i.e., after all the cough/cheating issues Patrick has had, why not just have a rules official come over and examine the ball, don't touch it until he does?.... he tainted the decision).
  4. And what I don't get, one of the interviews with Reed where he says "he asked if the ball bounced and was told no, and says something like "because if the ball bounces, then it can't be embedded"...... and then they show another video showing the ball clearly bouncing and moving forward on the bounce.....so at that point, why is there not a penalty?
  5. I signed up for the newsletter at the bottom of their web site How can it help my game? I'm 66 but still athletic and somewhat muscular, but my swingspeed has slowed down over the last 15 years to where my driver ss is around 88-90. I've started some workout routines (running, dumbells, core) but I need to work on swinging 'faster'. Been thinking about these types of devices, but with my wife as an avid golfer, we were debating on which one to buy (different weighted heads) but the MaxSwinSpeed looks like you can dial up/dial down the weight by screwing on/off more of the weights
  6. Why would this not affect the flex of a shaft (if putting it on something other than a putter)? I've seen some posts that it doesn't affect flex, but I'm not so sure of that. Isn't that the way they make graphite of different flexes, adding more wound layers of laminate?
  7. I went to the Cobra web site and I only saw....ok, maybe I didn't select 'custom' or some such.
  8. I went to a 'Star' grip (the one with little holes all over the surface, black/tacky feel), it's fairly fat, I think it's midsize but it doesn't say on the grip and I use it with 4 wraps so it's stout. Did that after my wife came back from the local golf shop complaining of how her hand hurts (she had this trigger finger thing, but cortisone shots helped) and the guy at the golf store gave her a couple of grips to try and she likes the wider grip so she brought home a bunch and had me re-grip her clubs....while I was handling them, I sort of liked the feel as well, and I had her get me 8 and
  9. Dang, these are beautiful.... unfortunately only for Right-handers!! Nothing for Lefties? and such a limited shaft selection?
  10. Is that a changeable weight that is held in by the screws? Interesting....wonder if it's the same size throughout the set? (I would think so).
  11. Left Hand 52* loft Recoil 780 SmacWrap F4 Oversize Grip + 3 wraps
  12. OK, at first I thought DJ's brother had an extra one for Harding Park, but when I read it, it said it was from last week. So how does that help? ("...but it worked out well", lol...how is that?) "Following his round, Johnson explained that he misplaced his yardage book, which on a course like TPC Harding Park can be a liability. “I think it got to the bottom of my bag but I didn't want to take all my clubs out on the golf course,” he said with a laugh. Johnson’s caddie, his brother Austin, had a spare yardage book and DJ's 5-under round propelled him into the lead at 9 under par. “I just use
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