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  1. I went to the Cobra web site and I only saw....ok, maybe I didn't select 'custom' or some such.
  2. I went to a 'Star' grip (the one with little holes all over the surface, black/tacky feel), it's fairly fat, I think it's midsize but it doesn't say on the grip and I use it with 4 wraps so it's stout. Did that after my wife came back from the local golf shop complaining of how her hand hurts (she had this trigger finger thing, but cortisone shots helped) and the guy at the golf store gave her a couple of grips to try and she likes the wider grip so she brought home a bunch and had me re-grip her clubs....while I was handling them, I sort of liked the feel as well, and I had her get me 8 and
  3. Dang, these are beautiful.... unfortunately only for Right-handers!! Nothing for Lefties? and such a limited shaft selection?
  4. Is that a changeable weight that is held in by the screws? Interesting....wonder if it's the same size throughout the set? (I would think so).
  5. Left Hand 52* loft Recoil 780 SmacWrap F4 Oversize Grip + 3 wraps
  6. Probably because it is still more 'familiar' then the recent experimental forum.
  7. OK, at first I thought DJ's brother had an extra one for Harding Park, but when I read it, it said it was from last week. So how does that help? ("...but it worked out well", lol...how is that?) "Following his round, Johnson explained that he misplaced his yardage book, which on a course like TPC Harding Park can be a liability. “I think it got to the bottom of my bag but I didn't want to take all my clubs out on the golf course,” he said with a laugh. Johnson’s caddie, his brother Austin, had a spare yardage book and DJ's 5-under round propelled him into the lead at 9 under par. “I just use
  8. After yesterday's 2nd waive (Friday) round they interviewed a player (I forgot, maybe Rory?, no it was someone who was married and with kids because he said perhaps someone who's not married and doesn't have kids can practice all he wants in deference to Li Tong). Anyway, they got onto Li Tong toward the end of the interview and the player said, yea he saw LiTong on the putting range while he was teeing off on his 1st hole; then the announcer goes to a real-time shot and there's LiTong still on the practice range, on the chipping range chipping putts and the player was flabbergasted.... I hop
  9. I was just going to recommend getting a bag with a cooler pocket. And/or empty out one of your bags' larger pockets and retro-fit that into an in-bag cooler. Got to do what one has to do to get by.
  10. Hmmm...and I used to game a set of irons with Adams CB2 forged/KBS Tour 90 (stiff) just 2 years ago along with JPX 900 hot metal with NS ProModus3 Tour 105 Stiff. The KBS Tour90 were 102.5 gm shafts were easily playable for me yet I like the way the ProModus would release (also 106 gm), but I couldn't load them that well. Right about that time, I had a bout of tennis elbow and was coming off of that and went to a local noted advanced fitter and put me into the Recoils (68-gm regular, soft tip). Cursed him for a few months, but finally can play those irons (my HC went down actually). But re
  11. Well, thanks for all the suggestions. Wow, you guys are like the McGyver's of golf equipment. And to think I shy'd away from mentioning what I was thinking... like pouring (or injecting with a 25-50-ml syringe and long thin tube) silicone glue down the inside of the shaft to distribute it evenly or spread out as much as possible.... that you'd think I was crazy. But that heat shrink tubing method seems like a way to distribute it evenly... but wonder if it would affect flex (probably doesn't have the stiffness/stength of those laminate layers?).
  12. OK, I'm using Recoil 760 F3's. I kind of like them (until I find something better). My S/S with 7i is 85. And to me, 70-gm, 80-gm, 90-gm Reg flex graphite shafts from the same manufacturer/brand don't play the same even though they may be all 'Regular flex'. I still yearn for something heavier but don't like the 'stiffness' of heavier graphite. Is there such a thing as a 95-105 gm senior flex graphite shaft? (I'm thinking the thicker walls of a 95-105 graphite shaft will play as stout or better than a Reg flex 70-gm iron shaft). Would the alternative be to put some kind of inserts in my cu
  13. 'Leverage'....ok, that's the word I was looking for. Last week, I switched out my driver shaft to one of my 'shorter cut down shafts' (-1.2 in). Even though it was a 'stiff', and my driver swing is 90-92 at best, I saw no difference in distance, but I did notice my impact feel was more 'powerful'(?) and my dispersions were half what they were with the longer versions. That's why I like the same hosel adapter that Callaway has stuck with for at least the last 6-8 driver iterations... I get to keep a bunch of shafts that I can change out, and some that I can play around with (i.e., cut down).
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