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  1. OK, I remember mentioning removable driver shafts uhm....well before they were introduced by the major brands and got laughed at (on an earlier message board that I was on before GolfWRX (I think there was some off-brand at the time that had them). Now they've moved to fairways, and to hybrids. So what about irons? They have screw-in heads for irons on fitting carts, are they not playable (ok, got to get USGA to allow them)? What if you get the shaft that you like and just want a new set of heads? Is this something we will see in the future? Just wondering out loud.
  2. I guess I'll start playing with shaft length and weighting.
  3. Yea, I can go heavier too (have Regular and Stiff versions with heavier weighted shafts and even though they keep my shots straighter, they're also shorter distance)
  4. I have standard length shafts in my driver and fairway woods (5-/7-wood). I'm left-handed and rarely hit to right-side trouble; my natural shot is a left-to-right draw. With driver I might start over the left side tree line and come back to the fairway. I control my draw by how much I hit to the inside of the ball (7-8 o'clock), or try to hit right behind it (9 o'clock) to minimize my draw. My problem happens, routinely enough (1-of-4?) that my shots are more into the left side rough (nice shots, just left; I'd like to move them a bit more to the right, towards the fairway). Most of these are nice shots, but just further left than I prefer. I've choked down on the grip to alleviate that and it somewhat works (doesn't start as much left as it would using the full grip), but I don't like the feeling of choking down on the grip with the grip stub sticking out, and I'm thinking of shortening the driver/fairway shafts perhaps 0.5-0.75 inch (they are standard lengths). I'm thinking that with the full standard shaft length, the head is arriving a bit late at the ball and that's what's pushing it a bit further left than I'd like. Also, I'm using senior flex shafts for better distance, so that might be why as well, as the head is lagging back, arriving at the ball a bit later than my regular flex shafts? And all of those shots are decent shots/patterns, but they are just a tad more left than I'd prefer. Any suggestions?
  5. I see this everytime, whether mowers are out there on the greens (OK, I can see wanting Hole #1 mowed first/early) but other times during later in the day, why do they have to go in the Hole #1 to #18 direction: watering greens in the middle of day during summer, or this past week where they were adding sand to bunkers with a spreader and then machine raking them, holding you up for 5-8 minutes or more....but to have that interference on 7 of 10 holes? It's annoying. Why can't simple on course maintenance during play be done in the Hole #18 to Hole #1 direction? .,.... whereby you only interfere with any particular group just one time? Seems I always get the guy watering the greens in the summer hole after hole for 4, 5, 6, 7 holes. And last week with the bunkers, the guy with the sand spreader adding sand and then followed by the guy with the raker, for at least 7 holes. Go backwards and no group will get you more than once!!!I have brought that up to management during golf business meetings and seems to fall on deaf ears. Is there some reason for not doing so?
  6. Just curious if Cobra King Forged Tec and TM P-790 are nearly identical type of irons?
  7. I remember that.... when I started playing (at ~age 28 in ~1982) I remember ball after ball, 'smiles' all the time complaining about these 'cheap balls', lol. Must have been my bad swing early on making me make 'smiley factes' on the golf balls....maybe 8 in one round.
  8. Yes, we all post scores. That's a good idea because we all play MGA's as well. So maybe letting him know, "hey, you may do that here, but don't try doing that in an MGA, it's not allowed". Maybe conscience will get him to stop at that point. Personally I don't care, unless that is some kind of non-conforming trick ball that maintains a line or something.
  9. Haha... I do the same thing. I knock over the big bucket and let a bunch of balls spill out and I cull out and use the worst looking balls with my PW, 9/8/7 iron and save the better looking balls for driver/fairway woods.
  10. Got a player in our group that switches out a different ball when putting. Not sure if I should call that out or not. Anyone else do this or allow this, or is it fair game to call it out?
  11. Congrats to both of them, good looking couple, and I like everything about him. Well poised, not outlandish, no over the top comments about others, no negative presence on Twitter, etc., and by the way, plays a great game of golf. Another person like that is the one that won the tournament, Mr. Hovland. These are the current year Jordan Speith's.
  12. Evolution is supposed to be about changing to something better; I guess when it changes to something worse, it's perhaps "de-evolution" or 'devolution'? My 'devolution' started about 3 years ago. My wife had pain in her hands (trigger finger thing) and holding the golf club was difficult, so a local golf store proprietor gave her a tack, thick (oversize?) 'Star' grip to use (doesn't say midsize or oversize on it?). I put it on one of her clubs and she liked it; then she wanted it on more of them. And she was hitting fine and also got some steroid shots to reduce the effect of the trigger finger syndrome (there's a name to that and surgical vs non-surgical solutions). Anyway, I ended up putting more of those grips on all her clubs...and I must say she does well with them. While doing that, i was holding the clubs and even I kind of liked the feel, not like holding 'pencils' of standard grips, these were noticeably fatter and I was able to get a strong grip on them.... so I put them on my clubs as well and went on my merry way for the last couple of years. Recently, I couldn't hit my driver....I went from guys in my sunday group complementing me on my driving to snap hooks, flares, you name it...it was killing my scores and it was so irritating as I shot some nice scores in August during one of our 2-day MGA's (78/80 or something like that). So I started to examine grip, posture, swing plane, etc. This week, I went to the driving range 4 days (lunchtime, since I work) in a row and spent the entire 1 hour hitting my driver, changed settings, shafts, and then examined my grip. I started using a loosened grip instead of the king kong death grip. Amazing difference. I was actually able to fade my drives which I couldn't do with the strong grip (the strong grip gave me nice draws, but never a fade). I was amazed at with such a loosened grip, the ball would go right down the middle of the range time after time...and farther too. As I thought about it, it seems that the looser grip, I'm likely able to get a faster wrist un-cocking than with the strong grip and I bet it leads to a faster swing speed. I'm going to have to test that out on our club's simulator and quantify the strong vs loosened grip vs club head swing speed. Evolving to something better!
  13. I know I've heard people, myself included, talk about hitting it so differently on the range vs on the course. So this weekend, I'm not able to hit my woods on the driving range. I think I commented that the balls feel like I'm hitting rocks, nothing...hybrid, 5-wood, 7-wood; driver a little better but the feel/sound what harsh. Then I get on the first tee (par-5) and drive the ball OK, so I pull out my 5-wood and from my range work I'm rolling my eyes to see where this ball goes...and smash/zoom... zipped it straight down the middle (down hill) and I'm laying greenside with a nice chip to 4 feet and start out with birdie. Did this about 4 more times with my 5-wood, and each was a great boring, nearly straight shot. On the range, I couldn't hit even one good one out of 12 balls (only reason I hit so many, was I don't like to put a club away on a bad hit...but after 12, I said freakk-it, it ain't working today for whatever reason, i give up). Could the range balls be that bad that? This is a private club but again, if they don't replace the balls often enough, I guess you could be playing with stones.
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