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  1. Sounds like a swing issue
  2. Military press is great. Shoulder is most mobile joint in body and anything that strengthens the musculature of the shoulder is going to make it more stable and less prone to injury.
  3. Ya he’s not a casual like 1-2 days a week kinda guy, but I would say very average for someone who goes 3-4 times a week. Agree about chest vs shoulders and arms
  4. That’s not really high standards... I would agree he is basically an average gym bro. If you look at all adult age males like 18-40 that go to a gym he’d probably be smack in the middle
  5. Bryson also never really got big, he got fat. There's a difference.
  6. I think you have no idea what an NFL linebacker looks like. BK could be mistaken for a punter maybe
  7. Rory is legitimately tiny, an objectively small human and obviously hits it hard. He is lean but still tiny. Gym is more so for injury prevention than golf performance gains. You can't look at Zalatoris or Thomas and say you need to be strong to hit it far. These guys have pencils for limbs. Lot of BS regarding physical fitness training for golf.
  8. Well they are just hitting better shots than you, getting closer to the hole and then likely are better putters, so they make more from a given distance than you do. But your prox stats from 30 yards sound fine honestly and if anything may be above average relative to skill level. But that isn't that big of a statistical difference. Like 20% to 40% seems huge, but if you are hitting 9 GIR, that means basically 2 more times a round you'd get up and down, 2 shots. Obviously we want to get better at everything but as you miss less greens it becomes even less important. I
  9. Scratch golfers aren't getting up and down that often. Like sure as you get better general percentages increased but it's not like a scratch golfer is up and down from 30 yards every time. People overestimate the importance of short game and underestimate the importance of ball striking
  10. Disagree. I don't know why you think a different head can't result in a big change but that a shaft is going to be some huge thing. Ya he might need a shaft change too but I would certainly start with the head.
  11. Heads have a much more significant overall effect on ball flight than shafts do. Ie maybe they try a 5-7 wood with more loft and lower cg. Tons of 3 woods now are geared for off the tee max distance and lower spin, which harms people trying to hit them off the deck or people with less swing speed. It's pretty rare that a regular flex shaft takes you from not hitting it in the air to a senior flex being perfect. Shafts are frankly typically overrated in the significance of change they can elicit. You make big moves with clubhead, ie loft and CG placement.. You then fin
  12. Head is way more important and shaft is completely variable ie just because one shaft works for me doesn't mean it works for OP. However head characteristics will generally transfer pretty well. So a shallow faced wood with low CG like ping G series or recent cobras would be great.
  13. Would pick a club where longest worst shot can't get into water. Looks kinda tough in this circumstance due to the path though.
  14. I would lay up short of the water, depending on how narrow the chute is, but it looks pretty narrow. Long hitters probably hit it the water with some frequency going for it in two.
  15. he also did some interesting stuff like he was preparing for that rough for weeks before the event. He would hit balls out of the longest rough he could find near ranges and see what his numbers were on launch monitors. So the speed is one advantage but I also think he was just more prepared for it than anyone else, hence how he could hit some of the low spin shots out of rough that would run up onto green. He simply knew how the ball would react better than most.
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