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  1. yes which is totally fine, everyone obviously makes execution errors. You did all you could and made the right decision, just hit a bad shot at the wrong time. It happens to all of us
  2. Yes exactly, any situation where you're choosing to lay up to a hybrid or 3w into a par 4 is something that should be questioned and probably doesn't make sense from an adjusted risk perspective.
  3. Leaving 190-200 into the wind on a par 4 is a pretty terrible lay up generally for a better player. So you have effectively a 225 shot into a hole with water left or right the entire way? Think being more aggressive off tee and sometimes hitting it into the water or the bad bunker is almost always a better choice than that. You're basically never making birdie from there and making a ton of bogeys or worse. The problem with these assumptions is just because you hit the fairway with a safe lay up club doesn't mean you won't totally botch your approach shot. Having 220-230 into a par 4 with trouble the entire side of a hole is not an easy approach shot for any level of player. If your 3 wood leaves you 150 into the wind, ok whatever but once you start getting to long iron/hybrid territory, that can go pretty wrong pretty quickly, even for good player. Generally wouldn't want to aim where the ball has to curve to avoid trouble but if you're a fader and there is stiff wind off the left on that first hole you may have to and just be ok with hitting it into the water sometimes if the wind dies or you just pull it/hit it straight.
  4. Practice it more. At some point you just aren’t going to be good at stuff with limited playing/practice time. If I play basketball once a month I’m probably not going to be good at shooting the basketball Essentially no good players are playing once a month
  5. No pga tour player hits 80% fairways and anyone close is way shorter than you. If you hit it 300+ and 50/50 fairway that’s pretty good for an amateur golf like + handicap level
  6. Really no one comparable
  7. what does this even mean? It's not using equipment to compensate. Why don't you use a 4 iron from 50 yards then? Tell me how that works
  8. they are the same thing. In what world would you improve your skill but not your score?
  9. yes it will because the right tool for the job is easier to pull off. Hitting a 54 degree wedge from 50 yards with a bunker or false front short, and this person sucks at hitting partial wedges? Good luck.
  10. actually not what he said, if you re-read the post, he literally says " not translating well on the range." and that he can do in a mirror, but never says with a ball. if you can do it on the range you can do it on the course, you just need more reps. that isn't what the OP said their problem is.
  11. divots should essentially always point left unless you have an extremely right swing path. They are after impact when the club is moving left. If your divot points right as a RH golfer you are in a bad spot generally.
  12. but I’m telling you he doesn’t understand the root cause or he would be able to do it hitting a ball.
  13. Tons of pga tour players who play draws. He can’t hold greens because of his swing or speed not bc he draws it. If dogleg rights are that bad and he hits it that low then it’s probably a hook not a draw.
  14. Yes it’s tough but my whole point is people often think of these things literally like they need to feel like they don’t extend at waist or etc when really it probably has to do with improperly rotating and tilting. Knowing that you stand up isn’t the thing you need to know to fix the problem. You need to understand what you do in your swing that causes your body to stand up. it’s like the hordes of people who try to shorten their swings yet don’t understand the underlying mechanics they can do to shorten their swing instead of literally just feeling like they swing shorter. You have to understand the underlying concepts to truly address the issue.
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