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  1. You absolutely could drop 100 yards short term. This stuff is so hard to change and you are so far to one extreme of the spectrum. You're hitting it 350, is hitting it 250 to improve your golf swing the end of the world, short term? That's the point, it entirely could happen. Grip changes are huge and can drastically alter how you feel over the ball and swinging. A year down the road, no I don't think you will be down 100 yards. Short term, entirely possible. There are stories of ben hogan literally topping balls on the range working on stuff after he was leading golf tournaments
  2. It's a lot compared to most people but when your goals are to mash it and play in scrambles, it's going to feel slow. All your current outcomes are pretty much centered on how far you hit it, so when you compromise that to swing better it's going to let you down unless you look at the bigger picture or change your goals. TBH it's just a mindset thing. You want to rip it in scrambles and play launch monitor golf with a +10 AoA and an HSP that is 15 degrees right. No one in the world plays golf that way. If you want to play golf better (aka hitting the ball more consistently), those
  3. Everyone swings faster without a ball, there are no consequences when there is no ball. The question is do you want to be good at golf or do you just want to hit the ball far. Making swing changes won't make you shorter long term and could even make you longer long term, but you're not going to be swinging 120 mph while you are making huge changes to your swing (which as monte said you need if you want to become more consistent). You're going to have to way slow it down, it's going to feel extremely uncomfortable going from literally the strongest grip on earth(this is not an exag
  4. Not sure what the turnover is or how big the club is, but 16 people ahead of you is quite a lot. Unless it's a big club with a ton of turnover, 16 people could take a season or more to leave before you get to truly sign up. Details are very important, like how close to where you live, the practice facility, the membership avg age and skill level, obviously cost, etc. Joined a pretty blue collar type place last year, awesome young game with numerous scratch and better players, super relaxed crowd, everybody has a good time, good pace of play, good layout. Conditions are fine but no
  5. most place allow 9 early in morning and late in PM. It's really not feasible for them to offer it in the middle of the day as it leads to logistical issues for them. Have seen other places do like twilight dollar a hole specials and etc.
  6. How is that good for amateur golf that someone yo-yos in and out of amateur golf to win events and play in majors, build their game up and go right back to being a pro? I would say someone who regains amateur status after being a pro and then wants to turn pro 3 years later is a mockery of the whole process. Top local amateurs aren't paid but top national amateurs certainly are. They take clients out and play golf 5-6 days a week, it is literally their jobs while working as "consultants" for various insurance and investment firms.
  7. There are more than one or two career amateurs now or guys who are flirting with am status and turning pro once they win something. Look at O’Connell who won us mid am in 2018 and literally had European tour school planned before he was in the event and then said he was going to turn pro after the majors he got into. Is that good for amateur golf ? Frankly, it’s a joke.
  8. I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad, just don’t call them amateurs. I support paying college athletes and etc , just don’t call them amateurs and have them compete with the guy who is an accountant and plays 3 times a week. The whole point of being an amateur is you don’t get paid to play the game. College kids are essentially amateurs in name only. I don’t think Matt Wolff gave 2 craps about his schooling at OSU , which is fine, it’s just a weird paradigm we have with the current structure of college sports.
  9. Sorry misread what you said, was thinking of the other poster before you
  10. This blatantly allows adidas or nike to give a ton of money to an elite high school kid to get them in the pipeline early instead of just clubs, balls and gloves and it allows these cocktail guys' companies to just outright acknowledge the relationship. I'm not sure what about either of those situations is amateur golf. They're not. Those people are professional athletes, who are playing a game to be paid. Essentially the only reason people turn pro is to make money. So if you're saying that amateurs can now make money from sponsorships I think you're going to see a lot more "care
  11. What does that even mean? I read the stuff about his sponsorship and the tax deductions, but that is not how the situation is unfolding in modern day. In modern day there are all these like 30 year old "insurance salesman" and other gigs in name only who are literally paid to travel the country and play in golf tournaments. If you look at the USGA mid am, quite a few of the guys who are frequently contending fit this criteria. The whole point is it's hilarious that payment for a golf lesson is considered to be a defining act that makes you a pro or making over 750 bucks from a tou
  12. The sponsorship stuff is the shakiest. So now we are going to have college kids and cocktail ams with sponsor obligations and etc? This just furthers the cocktail tour which is one of the biggest issues with amateur golf. Companies can now explicitly sponsor these amateurs in name only and there's 0 issue. What is the point of amateur status if a company has no restrictions in what they can do for you. Who cares if you make 1200 bucks from a tournament or get 75 bucks from giving a lesson, while you could literally have a job where your entire responsibility is to be good at golf
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