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  1. Any smartphone works fine, most can do 120-240 fps video with reasonable quality. On the stills you're probably talking about artifact from the camera's shutter speed being too slow. I'm not sure how you're trying to say the shaft is flexed forward before the level of the knees, but that would somehow be a late release when the clubhead is multiple feet from the ball?
  2. Not that's not what a proper fit means at all. I'm saying if the shaft is reasonably appropriate for the player, then it's not going to significantly deflect forward and cause high launch and spin. To support this concept, there are professional long drivers who play regular flex shafts in their competition drivers and swing 155 MPH with good LM stats. Kyle Berkshire the reigning world long drive champion does this. So while what Wishon is saying is probably technically true, I don't think it has significant practical meaning.
  3. You keep saying trackman describes it and the article you send me talked about was written by wishon about the shaft being able to flex forward more the later the release and increase dynamic loft. https://www.golfwrx.com/62891/the-practical-facts-about-spin-and-shaft-design/ "The later the unhinging of the wrist c0ck angle and the higher the clubhead speed, the more the shaft can arrive at impact flexed forward. The more the shaft flexes forward, the more the dynamic loft of the clubhead is increased. The more the dynamic loft of the head is increased, the higher the
  4. the lob wedge will be closer on average than the pitching wedge, resulting in a significantly increased change of making the putt and making birdie.
  5. You're talking about two different things. Someone who is flipping doesn't have a late release. A flip is an early release. I still have no idea what you're talking about with a late release adding spin. If someone has their hands way forward at impact they're going to have low dynamic loft, they're going to tend to have steeper AoAs and hit the ball high on the face. Gear effect will have them launching it high with low spin when they don't hit it centered as a tendency.
  6. You'd miss the green from 150 as a scratch golfer more than you make birdie. PGA tour player from 150 in fairway takes like 2.9 shots on average to hole the ball. 3.16 from rough. I don't know what you mean by no real sense. As you get closer to the hole, the expected strokes to hole the ball decreases.
  7. a 68 degree wedge isn't going to save you multiple shots per round. Learn to open your wedge or hit the ball better.
  8. pinhigh27

    Bad look

    I swear old men have a leg aversion , they truly are horrified by seeing other guys legs. That can manifest by wearing shorts(hence why tour players can’t ) or apparently wearing short socks. who freaking cares
  9. are you measuring your putts? if you have 12 1st putts under 20 feet that would be pretty unusual for a good golfer
  10. Unless every single birdie is a par 5 hit in two I’m not sure how one gets to 8 under without trying to make a putt . Or is this some thing about trying to start ball on line with right speed vs “ trying to make it “
  11. Why can’t it be both? Yes the equipment is better for distance but instruction and fitness have improved . Guys are aware of the importance of distance and every player on tour besides Fitzpatrick apparently is noticing. it’s a multifactorial issue, I don’t understand trying to distill it down to one thing
  12. Because we understand how the ball flies now and everyone isn’t hitting spinny shots . This isn’t a problem, it’s because of information. And your quote is a bit exaggerated, I doubt many 75 yr olds are hitting it as far as they did when they were 50 The other post in this thread was someone bemoaning their new 9i going as far as their 7i 30 yr ago, when in reality the lofts are probably same. I saw a trackman shot of a 16 yr old kid swinging his 6 iron 105 yesterday, how exactly does someone explain that by anything besides swing instruction and athleticism among golfers
  13. It’s not a false negative it’s a representation of how they did vs how their peer would be expected to do in the same situation. They’re not going to be negative if they’re not 100% unless they literally hit it to 2 feet on every hole for a whole round which obviously no one has done you can certainly win without a hot putter. Making a bunch of putts from 50 yard wedge approaches isn’t a hot putter. The difference between being a great approach player and a poor one can be a few feet over the course of a season on average so it’s not like the amazing approach players a
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