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  1. Looking at putter covers for a new flat stick and have been looking at these. They seem really nice and quite unique.
  2. It takes about two weeks for the greens to get back to where you dont see the bounce when you put. You can still tell they had holes punched in them but will not be that bad at two weeks. It will take at least three to get back to normal maybe a month.
  3. wmorgan05

    Best MB poll

    Best irons ever built by any company MP 32s. Tried all of the other ones and still came back to these.
  4. I was wondering how you liked the mp t 11 with the spinner shafts in them. I spin my wedges alot already but i have square grooves. Wanting to go to conforming grooves to get less spin just wondering if the spinner shafts make the new wedges spin as much as the square grooved wedges.
  5. What kind of paint did you use to paint that? Or did you have it professionally done, either way its sick looking. GLWS
  6. The R11 Pure-Lite is the best looking golf bag i have ever seen. I would use it on a daily basis, and hopefully i get to. Thanks taylormade and Golfwrx.
  7. Nothing our family owns a golf course and one of my buddies works at a company that owns 20 plus courses and i play all of those for free too.
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